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Clan: Polandball

Number of members: 17
Link: https://m.reddit.com/r/polandball/
Tagline: Polan must into space
Created: 10/3/2016

Bio: Welcome.
Join, and get Polan into space.
If you PM Reichtangle or Yannick and you meet the criteria (bootrate below 30%, level above 20), I will let you join. Additionally, if you come in the top 3 of a recruitment game, you get an invite.

What we do:
Have discussions.
Dank Memes.
Ib of rais funds so POLAN CAN INTO SPACE

Join today (if you have an boot rate of 30 or below)!

Now, Polandball is officially a serious Diplomacy clan as well.

3 senior members: Japanball (japanball), Reichtangle (reichtangle)and Major General Smedley Butler(anarchyball)

Ex-senior members: [Lenin] Vlad the Lad (new zealandball), DomCobb (israelcube) and otisdiver (germanyball)

Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/252510431930330/

RIP in peace Grand Master Japanball, who has left this clan/is about to leave the clan.

Clan Member Title
MapGuy123 Earthball
Reichtangle reichtangle
Zyneburg Norwayball
Yannick De Mal Belgiumball
RememberTheAlamo Gaulball
Girkel Tamil Eelamball
Ignius Dragneel Macedoniaball
SHARK20 Seychellesball
beastmaster64 Saudi Arabiaball
Brendangamer11 German Empireball
Ritviz Indiaball
Neo Mapper Romaniaball
??? !!! Chileball
ItsAki Serbiaball
Hunnieda Mapping Beneluxball
Man Waffle