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Clan: Outlaws

Number of members: 38
Link: https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=262
Created: 7/17/2016

Bio: The philosophy of our clan is simple: we want to constantly self-improve ourselves to become one of the best clans in the game. Our members are encouraged and given the tools to grow their true potential.

Our clan community offers a friendly atmosphere and a vision of becoming top players. We hold our clan chats on WarLight and Discord!

As our Tagline said. Be the type of person you want to meet. Fairplay is very important to us. Cheating in any way is absolutely inacceptable for any member of our clan and that does include any cases of stalling!

Apart from playing against other clans competitively, we have many internal clan events for Outlaws members to battle against each other for pride and ranking. The two main events are our internal Promotion/Relegation league with 3 Divisions (A-C) and DOLT (Definitive Out-Laws Tournaments) which are single-elimination tournaments.

We compete in Division A of Clan League and look forward to this event as we see this as an opportunity to showcase what we have to offer against the top clans on the site. To add depth by having constantly developing players is a keystone for our Clan League team. We have secured podium finishes in the last three clan league seasons.

If you are a player who has the ambition to become a top player and willing to put the time + effort in through training games and talking in our Discord chat, Outlaws will be a catalyst to your player development as proved by our members here who have improved significantly! This is the place to be for improvement.

Events We Encourage Our Players To Participate For Improvement:

* 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Seasonal and Real-Time Ladder.
* Multi-Day Ladder
* Our Discord Chat as you learn better in a social group.
* P/R League on old 1v1 Ladder template
* AWP Tour
* Clan League
* Internal Clan Tournaments. (P/R League and DOLT)
* Quickmatches

If you're interested in joining Outlaws (and/or for other questions/reasons), please contact Edge or Bonsai.

Clan Member Title
Krzysztof Chu chu Motherfuckas
Edge Mahomie
Lucien Müller Bonaparte
Stales78 Team-minded
schwarz weiß
Terence Kill Buddy Spencer
ianwin Winner!
Bonsai BANZAI maddafakka
Njord Viking
Drama -queen
Buffo (SVK)
Doron Hoh Bald
Tukuro Paella
TheRiverStyxie CSgo
Yaxvi Cloverleaf
Tainted Monk Miyagi
aoc Effervescent
sevius Sokolski
Arcturus Mr.Polite
Odin Denmark!
Gyver Mac
Bohun With Fire and Sword
Facetroll Virtuality
Double D. Overwhelming
ZZA Pizza
DH Inspector Callahan
samuel29 Prophet
Skaarfungandr the Mighty Night King
Maschder Twitch
MarkusBM Dogpoo
canthahwon Le Canthahwon
snoesnoe Bearcat
Tango Swiss Knife
Super Mega Awesome
Mustang Majestic