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Clan: M'Hunters

Number of members: 63
Link: http://tinyurl.com/MH-strategy-guide
Tagline: Social and competitive
Created: 9/18/2014

Bio: We are a group of competitive and semi competitive WarLight players aiming to carry the board game feeling of playing risk with friends over to online Warzone. For M'Hunters, the social aspect comes first and the environment in which we socialise is competitive Warzone play. Some of our guys might love to talk smack during their games however you won't find us camping the boot trigger.


Member benefits:
- Clan chat game + Skype & Discord groups to find reliable players or someone to chat
- Game play analysis
- Clan tournaments
- Our very own MH promotion relegation league


Prerequisites for joining:
- Reasonably low boot rate
- Main accounts ONLY
- Skill level above rubbish (Please read our linked strategy guide. We can't accept guys being to lazy to make a 6th pick in autogames.)
- No weirdos like ladder stallers or speedy booters
- Explicitly NO level prerequisite. We are open for determined newbies


How to apply:
Please send a message through mail with a couple of linked 1v1 game (that showcase your skill) to one of our council members: either Melethron, Mylo, Digital or Norman. We usually decide on new applicants within 48 hours. Don't worry, we don't bite too hard.

Special thanks to our ex-council-members

★ - MH P/R League's Division's winner
Currently retired clan legends:

fifi - https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=1822261234
Chromeo - https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=2223757316
Aldehyde - https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=5214807910

Clan Member Title
closed acount DECEBAL
Keyser Soze nwo spy
Emu Pub The Bird
Kryger pls dont liv
Berenbossen les francais...
sb sneaky bastard
JeyKey Dalek und Prolet!
Bottleneck A++
Pete Hansen King of noobs
DrApe ★titie
hobo ★★ tramp
Leo41 Fencer
AJ Chiller Just chillin
Hazlenut someones nut
Ollie and Sven
Leopard ★on the loose
AyanM ★The founder
TBest tseBT
mpleite [PT/EN] warning: male player
Krys mr.berightback
mtuborg lost son
NewCompte old new
Mike Gold Hunter
Melethron A True Bajsbarn [CM]
Ysayell1 Prolet
forksandwich ★seriously?
gamer pro strats
Rogue NK Lucky Hunter
Bas-tian Schwein-steiger
Mylo new maschine [CM]
Renegade Seeker
clhkph wut
(CZ-SK)eXitus Giant from Moravia
DangleSauce yes, that Sauce
Cluster ★★clusterpick only
Kelevra ehm. well, somthing?
Sakata Gintoki we know maayan
Norman ★DalekCommander [CM]
ekostas pays taxes (lol, no)
Valcroth random one
orascio Arash the singer
blobblob looking for love
[IM]YouMustBeKidding Stasi 2.0
LTEmperor Forrest Eagle
andi andi
Aldehyde random player
Sir Ruzvelt teddy bear?
mousomer PwerPuff analyst
ATroskan UNusual
Chromeo Lone Wolf
Kornel_PL communist hunter
fifi MH ChuckNorris
lemon yellow lemon treeeee
Jonto Nocuous Turtle
ℝ Schütterlich Translate hunter
Bechaa no understaand
Jack hit the road...
Toranaga african bro
Gatekeeper he never sleeps
Digital ★★The 69th![CM]