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Created on12/15/2009
Level Requirement0

Europe is one of featured maps in Warzone. Europe Challenge is played on this map. This map was created by Troll. It has 206 territories, 32 bonuses and 2 distribution modes: Cities and Warlords Distribution. This is the best rated Warzone map, having an average rating of 4.5352 / 5 from 1250 ratings.

[edit] Details

This map shows a continent of Europe. The only European countries that do not appear in this map are Andorra, Vatican, San Marino and Liechtenstein. Almost every country is a bonus for itself, except Western Balkans, Eastern Balkans, Benelux, Baltic states and Romania.

Western Balkans are made of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Eastern Balkans are made of Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania. Benelux is made of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Baltic states are made of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Kaliningrad. Romania is made of Romania and Moldova. Russia is the only country divided into more than one bonus (Northwestern, West Central, Western and Southwestern Russia). Cyprus is divided between Greek Cyprus (part of the bonus Greece) and Turkish Cyprus (part of the bonus Turkey).

[edit] Reviews

Review by [WM] szeweningen:

Arguably the most well-balanced map in the game. Small imbalances in bonus values are distributed in a way that does not interfere directly with the distribution (there are hardly any locations that players are committed to).

For 1vs1 games it does well with standard strategic 1vs1 setting (with wastelands).

For 2vs2 games it tends to be too big to provide an effective way for coverage, but does very well, especially in random warlords distribution.

For 3vs3 games there is no better map available. Preferable standard settings are 4 territories in-distribution on random warlords or random cities, no wastelands and no cards (3 is also acceptable). The incredible structural balance provides not only great potential for high-level games, but also enables effective map coverage in the picking stage.

4vs4 games are also strategically interesting, but with more than 8 players, the map gets too crowded.

Review by InVein:

Obviously a great map, but I think it might be beneficial to increase the number of armies that Ukraine, Germany, Italy, and France give. Currently, their bonuses are not large enough to try and attract people to capture them. However, if the reward was greater, more would take the risk.

Review by Cameron Pribyl:

It's a great map, but the balancing is just a tad off. The more central European bonuses should be a bit heavier; the more bonuses around the edge of the map have a bit of an advantage, but it's not like anyone can pull an Australia either and win outright. All things considered, it's pretty well balanced. I highly recommend this map.

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