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Created on11/26/2010
Level Requirement0

Africa is one of the featured maps in Warzone. It shows a continent of Africa. This map was created by sue. It has 330 territories, 47 bonuses and 2 distribution modes; Warlords distribution and North vs South distribution. Currently, the average rating of this map is 4.2507/ 5 and it has 383 ratings; this is the 13th best rated map in Warzone.

[edit] Details

This map shows a continent of Africa and every single country in it. Some countries are not divided into many territories but they're only made up of one territory, for example Tunisia. However, some countries are so big that they are divided into 2 or more bonuses, like Namibia (Northern Namibia and Southern Namibia).

[edit] Reviews

Review by The Chameleon:

4/5. Great big map. One of the best maps for cards or auto-distribution.

Review by TemplarSM16:

I like fighting on large continents, especially this one. You get a sense of massive war and it makes the game that much more thrilling. This map can take several several several players.

Review by bman7:

A great map, the first one I played on, but sadly very few people ever use it.

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