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Territories are the basic building blocks of Warzone. Each territory is always controlled by a player or neutral.

Bonuses are made up of a collection of territories.

At the start of a game, every player gets a number of territories that is set up in the settings.

Territories are the key for winning a game. The more territories you have, you'll get more bonus armies which can help you to occupy your enemy. However, if you lose all your territories, you will be eliminated from the game.

When we play, we can see many colored territories. Grey territories belong to neutrals, colored belong to players (or AI's) and territories on which we can't see number of armies are fogged. They can be neutral's or player's territory.

The map with the biggest number of territories is Imperator Rome map, having 4000 territories and 820 bonuses. The Hex Earth has 3.2 thousand territories. However, the map with the smallest number of territories is the Duel map, having only 2 territories. It shows a pirate and a ninja dueling.

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