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Created on06/02/2009
Level Requirement0

Earth is one of the featured maps in Warzone. Level 3 in Singleplayer mode is played on this map. Creator of this map is Grundie. It has 153 territories, 27 bonuses and 2 distribution modes, Cities and Warlords Distribution. It's been rated 1039 times. Average rating of the map is 4.0857/ 5.

[edit] Details

This is the list of bonuses and territories contained within them:

  • Europe: Europe, Scandinavia.
  • Africa: North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, South Africa.
  • Asia: West Russia, Central Russia, East Russia, Caucasus, Middle East, West China, East China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia
  • Australia/Oceania: Australia
  • Antarctica: Antarctica
  • South America: South America
  • North America: Greenland, Canada, West US, East US, Central America

[edit] Reviews

Great map, although it suffers from some imbalance problems. Over all still very enjoyable and one of the classic maps on the site. 5/5

Review by Knoebber

It's not as balanced as Medium Earth, but it allows for different strategies and longer gameplay. Recommended more for FFAs than 1v1 or team games.

Review by The Duke of Ben

This is a good map. It makes you think harder and in different ways than the conventional map set-up.

Review by Azhrei

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