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NameDouble Earth
Created on03/10/2010
Level Requirement0

Double Earth is one of the featured maps of Warzone. Insane Challenge is played on this map. The creator of the map is Fizzer. It has 292 territories, 52 bonuses and 3 distribution modes, Cities and Warlords Distribution and Top / Bottom distribution. It has 203 ratings. It's average rating is 3.8867 out of 5.

[edit] Details

Double Earth shows an Earth doubled, except that southern part of Argentina has been cut off. The names of the territories and bonuses in this map are e.g. N Europe and S Europe. 'N' means it's in northern part of map and 'S' means it's in southern part.

[edit] Reviews

One of the most fun maps out there, Double Earth offers a richness in strategy like no other. This map is a lot like the Earth map, but Antarctica has been removed, and, as the name implies, Earth has been doubled, so Nunavut connects to Argentina, Svalbard connects to South Africa, and Anadyr connects to Tasmania and New Zealand. Compared to Fizzer's other featured map, the incredibly lazy Medium Earth, Double Earth is incredible. The only map that is better than this one is the absolutely phenomenal Quad Earth map. Final rating: 5/5

Review by Platypus {TJC}

Can be very unbalanced, depending on spawn positions.

Review by GalladGil

Very long but very fun always put barricades on choke point and u can win easy.

Review by ratlabory

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