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Warzone Discord Directory: 12/13/2021 07:01:59

Level 59
I'm reviving the old Discord Directory (https://www.warzone.com/Forum/437885), which has been archived.

Feel free to share any other links or corrections, or to comment about private Discords (which I didn't include in this list) that are highly active. 👉 indicates recommended Discords that everyone should be part of.

The list below was last updated 2022/03/02 23:37 UTC
👉 The Diplo Community (33k messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/7KdEDKd3uG - official Warzone diplomacy Discord
Nova Roma (21.5k messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/gNAN8QrZat - unofficial Warzone diplomacy Discord
👉 Warzone Public Chat (4k messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/mxuAst7Kdu - official Warzone Discord
Warzone Dragons (3k messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/UCjwhVF
warone chillzone (3k messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/gfepHAp - a less-moderated Discord, may have offensive content
👉 Warzone Mapmaking (800 messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/RUQWx4S - the friendly mapmaking Discord that answers all questions
Friendly strategist lobby (45 messages/mo) - https://discord.com/invite/6wvFEXV - associated with Creme de la Meme clan

Community Projects
👉 Clan League (5.3k messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/mA2BnFp - for Warzone's biggest community event, the Clan League
Farah's Ladder Elo Project (225 messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/ZFMbADS - for investigating alternatives to Bayeselo on the 1v1 ladder

knyte club (34k messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/kMNJcfDgJ9 - for https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=345
👉 FCC/Discovery (11.5k messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/zzng5BKjeM - for https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=346
Varangian Guard (525 messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/afGAWMQ - for https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=376
GRANDMASTER Clan (375 messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/s4z4BvgPw5 - for https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=556
CORP (300 messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/E4Ncduw - for https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=257
Warzone Playpen (50 messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/aWKjype - for https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=350
The Last Alliance (30 messages/mo) - https://discord.gg/asRfTvzntH - for https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=349

Ghost Towns - <30 messages/mo
Community Projects
-B's CLOT - https://discord.gg/GmMVpDs - (for http://wzclot.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com/)
Reserve Clan League - https://discord.gg/bgBdW5VgFc
Nations Cup - https://discord.gg/9yexQEb - (tends to be inactive when the cup is not running)

MrTrolldemort's Fan Club - https://discord.gg/99vEvVu
Min34 Lair of the Minions - https://discord.gg/mKMwWEc

ACE - https://discord.gg/7a4A7av
Excel - https://discord.gg/7pCsbN6Ym8
GV/EU - https://discord.gg/Mv4yKZe
HAWKS - https://discord.gg/x4DRDhG
ILLUMINATI - https://discord.gg/APdpkJX
Owl Dragoons - https://discord.com/invite/D2j9gDw
REGL - https://discord.gg/KPdhfap
Relentless Hordes of Shambling Corps - https://discord.gg/h9WHzSK
Saber-Rattlers - https://discord.gg/5dqNDwV
SNinja - https://discord.gg/wYJVVJG
USSR - https://discord.gg/tsuS8ns
VALYRIAN STEEL - https://discord.gg/AuRhF7N
Verification Process
Many Warzone servers require you to "verify" your Warzone profile by linking to it. This is just the link to your profile- e.g., for me, it's the one you'd go to if you clicked on "l4v.r0v" on the left of this post, or the one you'd go to if you clicked on my name and then navigated to my profile from a game.

The URL looks like https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=<some numbers>

Just paste that in the #verification channel (or equivalent) when asked. If you need help with this, please ask below in the thread and someone could help you figure this out.

Edited 3/2/2022 23:53:32
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/13/2021 07:23:58

Level 58
Add Excel. FYI, GM discord doesnt have 150 messages a month. Its dead now.
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/13/2021 09:09:22

Level 58
you misspelled warone chill zone
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/13/2021 09:48:03

Level 58
when did sabers have a discord. i was never informed of that while i was there! ;p

also how does discovery have so much chat compared to everything else

Edited 12/13/2021 09:48:52
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/20/2021 01:54:29

The Endless Zero
Level 57
also how does discovery have so much chat compared to everything else

FCC/Discovery management pushed for constructing an active discord. Also the TSFH lot were very active in their own right and provided an activity boost when they joined.

Edited 12/20/2021 01:54:50
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/20/2021 02:02:32

Level 59


and #trivia... (which I excluded from the 20k/mo estimate)

and a few very chatty people:

I personally account for 17% of guest-visible non-trivia activity in the FCC Discord.

Edited 12/20/2021 02:04:38
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/21/2021 06:15:54

Level 61
Wow diplo discord>CL discord. For shame...

Then again, I suppose diplo discord is full of RP dialogue

Edited 12/21/2021 06:16:25
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/21/2021 08:13:32

Level 58
it's cause the diplo community is full of 14 year olds and that's the sort of age where people create drama over nothing
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/21/2021 12:59:33

Level 59
As opposed to Clan League, an event created by a 14 year old during every season of which people create drama over nothing.
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/24/2021 01:30:43

Level 61
Grandmaster Clan has been pretty active recently ;)
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/24/2021 04:07:05

Level 59
Update 2021/12/23: Redid the measurements with a recent time window. Some results are very different from last time because they are from a different time window and now I actually have the correct guest access roles in these servers.

Also I updated Nova Roma's invite link since the last one was broken.

Raw notes from querying servers for message counts after 11/23
The Diplo Community: 20254 messages after 11/23, minus 165 in #bot-channel, minus 20 in #welcome -> 20000 messages/mo (way higher than 750 I measured last time)
Nova Roma: 35647 messages after 11/23, minus 13753 in #casino1, 3688 in #casino2, 729 in #akinator -> 17500 messages/mo (higher than 10k I measured last time)
FCC + Discovery: 36700 messages since 11/23 minus 19,000 in #trivia, 2124 in #music-trivia -> 15500 messages/mo (lower than 20k from last estimate)
Clan League: 8332 results after 11/23, minus 86 in #real-time-ladder, 6 in #clan-id-list -> 8200 messages/mo (higher than 5k from last time, probably since new season is getting started)
WZ Public Chat: 4751 messages since 11/23 minus 1782 in #hugging, 13 in #harmonbot -> 3000 messages/mo (lower 5k last time, because I included #hugging)
EXCEL: 1499 messages after 11/23 minus 42 in #rank-command, 66 in counting-to-1000, 60 in one-word-story, 20 in bot-command, 97 results from WarzoneBot -> 1385 messages/mo (lower than 2.35k last time)
knyte club: 1353 messages since 11/23 in #main (the main guest-visible channel) -> 1350 messages/mo (lower than 2k last time; the server activity has actually risen significantly but in private channels)
Warzone Mapmaking: 1077 messages after 11/23 -> 1100 messages/mo (bit lower than 1300 last time)
warzone chillzone -> 1086 messages after 11/23, minus 33 in #mee6 -> 1050 messages/mo (lower than 1300 from prior estimate)
GRANDMA clan: 732 messages after 11/23 minus 25 in #rank-command, 3 in #counting-to-100, 5 in #bot-command -> 700 messages/mo (much higher than <30 from prior estimate)
Varangian Guard: 626 messages after 11/23 -> 625 messages/mo (way higher than ghost town last time, because I have proper guest access)
Warzone Dragons: 4413 messages after 11/23, minus 4063 in #hunting-grounds, -> 350 messages/mo (ballpark of 300 last time)
TLA: 385 messages after 11/23 minus 30 in #mod-logs, 27 in #rank-competitions -> 330 messages/mo (bit higher than 150 last time)
Friendly strategist lobby: 119 messages after 11/23 -> 120 messages/mo (little less than 150 last time)
-B's CLOT: 1283 messages after 11/23, 1253 from WarzoneBot -> 30 messages/mo (little lower than 150 last time)
Saber Rattlers: 17 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
Shambling Corps: 12 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
REGL: 0 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
ILLUMINATI: 2 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
Owl Dragoons: 10 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
CORP: 27 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
ACE: 15 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
GV/EU: 8 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
HAWKS: 16 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
SNinja: 27 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
UUSR: 0 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
VALYRIAN STEEL: 11 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
Warzone Playpen: 26 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
Reserve Clan League: 9 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
Warzone Elo: 15 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
Lair of the Minions: 9 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town
Nations Cup: 0 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town (way lower than last time, since this estimate is for last month only vs. monthly average for last year last time)
MrTrolldemort Fan Club: 0 messages after 11/23 -> ghost town

Edited 12/24/2021 04:11:44
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/24/2021 05:14:05

Level 62
Poor Trolldemort;
Isn't the number of messages in diplo servers inflated by some kind of roleplay server games? That would break the #messages~activity assumption for them.
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/24/2021 05:19:42

Level 59
I filter out activity on low-value channels. If you know which ones I missed, I can add them for next time.
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/28/2021 00:25:57

Level 56
The Diplo Server didn't host any server only roleplay game yet. We only now just created our first larger scale server only diplomacy game.
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/28/2021 05:51:30

Master Turtle 
Level 62
Are you able to count messages in channels that you do not have access to? Such as member or officer channels?
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/28/2021 06:14:51

Level 58
Nope, its only the guest access... Otherwise, all numbers would be up by 5k or something(50k for fcc+disco)
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/30/2021 15:14:04

Level 61
Please ban yourself! Your list doesn't include the bestest Warlight discord which is the WarGamingLive discord! You should feel bad!

Come to think of it, it's probably couz it's private server. Oh well, carry on then!
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/30/2021 15:16:05

Level 61
Saber-Rattlers Discord is dead. It was intended for a community event I was doing.

Also I have few links in my clan forum. https://www.warzone.com/Discussion/?ID=450527

Edited 12/30/2021 15:25:45
Warzone Discord Directory: 12/30/2021 18:13:59

Level 59
Joey no one can see that unless they're in your clan.
Warzone Discord Directory: 1/11/2022 01:18:11

Level 47
nova roma on this list feels so wrong but i guess technically
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