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Clan: Discovery

Number of members: 10
Link: https://discord.gg/SZdkWuR
Tagline: Let us go on a journey...
Created: 3/18/2018

Bio: Hello, newcomers and mainstays alike, and welcome to Discovery. Discovery is the more casual cousin of Fifth Column Confederation (FCC, https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=17), which is a clan that aspires to build promising players into strongly skilled ones. Discovery aims to introduce new players to this community in a friendly, no-obligation, low stakes approach, while presenting the basics of Warzone Strategy to those who show interest in it.

Discovery offers the following features:

-A shared public discord chat with FCC, along with private channels.
-A shared promotion/relegation league
-Casual tournaments
-Game requests with fellow members of FCC and Discovery.

Discovery Requirements:

-Join the Discord Server
-Bootrate lower than 20%
-A friendly attitude!
-Inactive for no greater than 30 days.

As discovery grows, this clan will evolve to fit the desires of its clan members. If interested in joining, please join the discord link above.

Clan page graciously donated by Xenophon. Thank You!

Clan Member Title
The Endless Zero Aura Guardian (M)
pluttysleb sloppyfatginger
OVER S∞∞N Xenophon (M)
Nikos Foundas
Trevor Smithy
Cordite Shredtail2 (M)
Octane Octane (M)