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Clan: The Legacy Legion

Number of members: 16
Tagline: Tagline? Sounds lame
Created: 8/20/2020

Bio: Here we do legacy diplos and stuff and etc. If you want an invite to the clan, talk to the Legatus. DM on Discord or just ask in a game. In this clan we can organize legacy games easily if we get a large player base, and just have a nice little community.

Clan Member Title
Literally Saxony Legionnaire
David Centurion
Grandie22 Legionnaire
TheSunbro Legionnaire
Jazzius Centurion
Kittenz Legionnaire
Lucky111 Centurion
Daiel Legatus
Moderncrusader77 Centurion
Asmodeus Legionnaire
Panzerwaffle Eagle Bearer
HK-47 Dead Man
Nugget Legionnaire
dangerdill Legionnaire
Salarok17 Legionnaire
Karl Franz Legionnaire