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Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 15:40:18

Level 62
Alright now that we have lineups we can make real predictions. Lineups can be viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RpIMi16M8CBSioEAQmZNsGqAC3kMoIYsutHIWS_7e64/edit#gid=257646870

Clans by division

Div A: ONE!, Lynx, SNinja, Outlaws, WG, M'Hunters, FCC

Div B: Master, GG, 101st, Hawks, Stats, Blitz, BIA

Div C: VIW, Corp, Discovery, Polish Eagles, Hydra, Lu Fredd, French Community

Div D: Celtica, The Boiz Army, German Warlords, The Last Alliance, TSFH, NWO, USSR
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 15:45:21

NoName 2.1 
Level 60
i’m very happy to see Polish Eagles in our division C!!! Gl all and thanks to Farah to organize it.
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 15:52:43

NoName 2.1 
Level 60
One question guys! We have ZBD, NoName and Gyca for india 3v3 and Johnnygoodboy, Koros and sanjo91 for DRoR but i didn’t see it. Maybe in the spreadsheet there are some line up wrong.
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 15:56:40

Level 62

Looks like they just got swapped I recommend contacting Farah and/or posting on the official thread. This is just a fun predictions thread.

Edited 8/30/2020 15:57:03
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 15:57:49

Level 61
Fixed it NoName.
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 16:26:24

Level 62
Doing my predictions for A now, I'll do B, C and D in order over the next few days.

The Favorites

1. One! The defending champs are even more stacked with Pardon, Tornado, and Dragonseance adding to what was already a powerful roster from last season that has too many stars to list. They also have most players on one slot only meaning that they have the potential sub in stars as called for and aren't overloading anyone.

The Challengers

2. Lynx, the runner-up last season I see as One!'s best competition this season. AI is one of the absolute best in the game and is 3 slotting again. Hades, alexclusive, Wini, krunx are also heavily featured and can do some serious damage.

3. SNinja, CL11's champs lineup is again thin and relying on 3 slots by rakleader, hergul, max, and almosttricky, but if rak turns things around from last season they could make a serious run at first.

Comfortably Not Relegating

4. Outlaws, division A mainstay has fielded to me what looks like an odd lineup. The 1v1s look strong, but the teams seem to feature 1 puppetmaster and multiple puppets. Will it be good enough in A when other clans are fielding multiple strong players in teams? We'll see.

Relegation Battle

5. WG, yep I expect WG survivors of two brutally close relegation battles to be in this spot again. I won't comment on our lineup.

6. FCC, I honestly expected to have div B's runner-ups dead last but am impressed with how they structured their lineup. Xeno on both 3v3s and Octane in 3 slots gives them a chance to survive.

7. MH, This lineup is full of people who would be very good in the B division that they dominated a season ago. It's also full of people that I think will get crushed in A. Maybe they surprise again, but I think the lack of star power will show in this division.

Edited 8/30/2020 16:28:31
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 17:10:01

Level 60
My Predictions
Div A:
ONE!, 4th
Lynx, 2nd
SNinja, 1st
Outlaws, 3rd
WG, 5th
FCC 7th

Div B:
Master, 2nd
GG, 4th
101st, 1st
Hawks, 3rd
Stats, 6th
Blitz, 5th
BIA 7th

Div C:
Corp, 1st
Discovery, 2nd
Polish Eagles, 4th
Hydra, 6th
Lu Fredd, 5th
French Community 3rd

Div D:
Celtica, 2nd
The Boiz Army, 7th
German Warlords, 4th
The Last Alliance, 5th
TSFH, 3rd
NWO, 6th
USSR 1st

How Did I Predict This You Might Ask?

I Just Threw 4 Dices and The Higher The Total Number The Higher The position
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 17:22:14

Level 61
can only be bothered to predict Div A:

1. Lynx
2. ONE!
3. SNinja
4. FCC
5. WG
6. Outlaws
7. M'Hunters
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 17:24:58

Beren Erchamion 
Level 64
I vote any prediction that doesn't have Lynx in second be thrown out.

Edited 8/30/2020 17:25:07
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 17:32:24

Level 61
spam B to break the curse of 2nd
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 17:32:33

Level 61
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 17:56:44

Level 59
Edit: B

Gut predictions

A: ONE!, [Lynx], SNinja, Outlaws, M'Hunters, WG, FCC

B: MASTER, GG, Blitz, Stats, 101st, BiA, HAWKS

C: French Community, Discovery, Polish Eagles, VIW, Lu Fredd, CORP, Hydra

D: TSFH, TLA, Celtica, German Warlords, TBA, NWO, USSR

Edited 8/30/2020 17:57:42
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 18:54:09

Beep Beep I'm A Jeep 
Level 64
I predicted all the tournaments for division A.

I am kind of surprised with my result, especially with MH, but here it is:

ONE - 173 points
Lynx - 152 points
FCC - 115 points
Sninja - 108 points
WG - 106 points
Outlaws - 100 points
MH - 62 points

Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 20:26:55

Level 58
I am kind of surprised with my result, especially with MH, but here it is:

I guess our mistake is that our guys don't post so much funny memes on the Warzone discord server since this is apparently needed to get recognized as a pro player.
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 20:54:39

Level 63
so should that be interpreted in the way that we should except an above 30% win rate this season?

Edited 8/30/2020 20:57:08
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 21:14:53

Level 62
I find that making individual tournament picks tends to compound biases over making overall picks.

@Norman, how do you think MH will do in A?
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 21:28:10

Level 58
@Njord: The guys who sabotaged our play as we relegated aren't any longer in our clan.

I don't want to check enough sample games from the opposition lineup in order to rank our chances appropriately. Here is however the outcome of last season:

Our guys mostly aren't active in the Discord Warzone community, so I understand AI if he doesn't recognize their names and thus assumes they aren't very good. Our preparation last season was spot on and the consensus was something like "FCC winning both promotion slots".

Edited 8/30/2020 21:32:41
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 21:32:47

Beep Beep I'm A Jeep 
Level 64
Norman, you know I'd like to see you doing well, I was just trying to be realistic. Idk about lack of presence in discord servers, I am more thinking about lack of presence in other competitive events from the guys in your lineup
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/30/2020 21:41:12

Level 42
hot take: M'Hunters > Outlaws
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/31/2020 18:52:34

Level 61
1. Lynx
2. ONE
3. Sninja
4. MH
5. FCC
6. WG
7. Outlaws

1. GG
2. Masters
3. Blitz
4. Hawks
5. 101st
6. Stats
7. BIA
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/31/2020 18:57:51

Level 62
Norman if you were a girl you'd be the perfect cheerleader, a pretty voice but absolutely nothing to offer on the line-up. Instead of pom poms it's Division B scorecards from last season! Hurray!

Le Mars has competition at last!
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/31/2020 19:01:44

Level 61
Division A:

Division B:

Division C
French Community
Polish Eagles

Division D
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/31/2020 19:46:43

Level 58
it's Division B scorecards from last season! Hurray!

I thought the message was obvious that our team has beaten FCC before despite the average Warzoner consensus. M'Hunters prime audience are hardcore real time open game players so we have a history of getting ranked low by the multiday crowd.

Edited 8/31/2020 19:50:56
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/31/2020 20:14:07

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
time to proof them wrong. All of them
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/31/2020 20:28:20

Level 60
What are your predictions LF?
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/31/2020 21:59:35

Level 61
division A:

1. ONE! - they truly became the one clan to rule them all. There's just so many star players on this line-up; top 4 of the MTL at the moment consists of Buns157, malakkan, and tornado (and Rufus). Beren and Muli are ONE's veterans remembering the XS days, Neal holds two ladder trophies (RT and 2v2, with Adreso), and Pardon holds all five. Haven't had a clan this good in A since MASTER's demise.

2. Lynx - strong presence on MTL (AI 6th, krunx 7th, alexclusive 13th) and overally it's mostly the players that hit 2nd in previous season. Wini, jimmy, Hades... KKND is an interesting addition to the roster.

3. SNinja - it's just the same stars every season - Almosttricky, rakleader, max, Hergul. How strong SNinja is, depends on them. Meldarion betrays MASTER and and joins this roster, making it really solid.

4. Outlaws - idk they very often finish third but now they might be always finishing fourth

5. Fifth Column Confederation - so I'm not completely sure how do they compare to the A mainstays such as Outlaws and SNinja, but I think the way their best players (such as Xenophon) are used to absolute maximum on the line-up means they will fight hard for not relegating.

6. WG - seems that Summer actually is playing nowadays. In addition to the stars such as Super Smoove and GuestNWHSzY (9th on MTL), and the additon of Phobos (Mister Glass of VIW fame) this makes their line-up really solid and I think they can stay in A yet another season.

7. M'Hunters - I indeed don't know M'H players as much as people on the Discords but I don't really see them competing on MTL or on ladders so much. To be fair, Ollie, blobblob, DrApe, and AJ Chiller have strong team and solo performances in division B last season, with DrApe going 6-0 in two tournaments; it's just MH never got higher than fifth in division A, and the competition is much stronger now, than before.

division B

1. MASTER Clan - it reminds me of Clan League 7 really. At that point MASTER was one of the strongest clans on WZ, but they were still in division B, two seasons after relegating from A over absence of some of their star players. This season sees Deadman, Rufus, and Timinator playing for the first time since several seasons, and summing that with the best of Apprentice's last season's line-up (especially Min34) we get a team that will probably dominate the division.

2. GG - their main stars are obviously linberson, JV and bzox (the true GG veterans), and maybe RynoFury. Jake has a nice 1v1 ladder peak too; I think those players are enough for them to distance the rest of the division.

3. 101st - Ju and pumpkinhead going to FC is some bad news for them; on the other hand, there are still likes of Otterycat, Half Moon, criba87, ACL Tears which went 4-2 in at least one tournament each in previous

4. Blitz - if Farah, Jefferspin, Banana have enough motivation, they can pull out a very good performance. Most of their players aren't known at all to me, though.

5. Statisticians - As always, their performance will probably be extremely inconsistent, with Math Wolf, Jackie, and Yeon gaining vast majority of clan's points, and everyone else - if solo - doing pretty badly.

6. HAWKS - their performance in previous season was very middling, with let's fight being their clear MVP. I think they might have a hard time staying in this division.

7. Brothers In Arms - easy to pick as the relegatee, as once again they promote to B over pretty much lack of a strong force in C previous season... I expect tartan1314, Botanator, Smokedpears, and rlhull6 (veteran BIA players) to do ok, but I think they are overally not on the level of the best B players.

division C

1. Lu Fredd - in division D they went 6-0 or 5-1 in nearly every tournament, over the favorites FC, and I don't see them getting worse somehow. Players such as Johnnygoodboy and NoName2.1 raught 4th place on 1v1 ladder; also NoName2.1 and KaitoS hold 2v2 ladder trophy. Not to mention surprise appearance of ZeroBlindDragon, the man that made Lynx great.

2. French Community - no change from previous season as well, I think that the French have a badass line-up with players such as Zev, Wazz, Ze, Legui, Phaeril, responsible for FC's 5-1 and 6-0 tournament results in D.

3. CORP - the strong return of Ven and Tjoex in this season will turn the tide for them. Surprised to see neither terry cloth, nor berdan not playing any tournaments (and instead including players such as orionaux).

4. VIW - their performance last season was definitely not up to par, even with Chazz, ilpeggiore (change your username back already!) and lineal being probably their best players, they could do 2-4/3-3 in B at best. Let's see how they do now.

5. Polish Eagles - obviously I have faith in the line-up I assembled myself. :) Players such as Menda, Yellow, and Dziku were going 5-1 in their tournaments in division D, so I think they should gain a lot of points for the clan.

6. Discovery - me ranking them sixth isn't an insult; Israel won a tournament in previous season, PapaMars is a rising star, TableTrivia just two seasons ago played for FCC.

7. Hydra - Sebus Maximus (idk why is he not in PE already:) will be the main star for them, and hopefully Benjamin and Legend of the Phoenix (returning from Apprentice as I see) will win some points for them. But there's no Varangian Guard, REGL, or Celtica to farm points off so I'm afraid that makes Hydra the worst in the division.

division D

1. Two Steps From Hell - Stan Smolders is currently high on MTL, Orannis has a 1v1 ladder peak around 1800, but other players are pretty much an enigma. I'll give them benefit of doubt and put first.

2. Celtica - they actually did 3-3 in several tournaments in division C (I'm looking at Padre and RecMart), which by this division's standards is... pretty good.

3. The Last Alliance - the only clan that survived from previous season's division D, as Vikings collapsed (again!), FUDEW died again, and German Warlords was unable to send a line-up correctly. Pumpkins previous season did a 4-2, but I again know nothing of strength of other players (I know those that went 0-6, 1-5, 2-4 in CL12).

4. New World Order - again I don't really know these players; they were in NWO in Benoit's time, but they never played in CL as there simply were lots of better players in the clan (they all found their homes in Outlaws, Lu Fredd, M'H, and Statisticians now). So I guess they are... not good?

5. The Boiz Army - total unknown to me, but the few players that have some ladder stats, they have relly bad stats.

6. USSR - legendarily bad in previous CL seasons.
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 8/31/2020 23:44:47

Master Meldarion 
Level 63
Div A: ONE!, Lynx, SNinja, FCC, WG, Outlaws, MH
Div B: Masters, GG, Blitz, Hawks, Stats, 101st, BIA
Div C: Lu Fredd, FC, VIW, PE, CORP, Discovery, Hydra
Div D: TSFH, TLA, NWO, Celtica, TBA, USSR
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 9/1/2020 02:22:35

Level 62
Alright division B predictions, C and D will follow over the next few days. A is higher up in the thread.

A League of Their Own

1. Master Clan, this lineup is absurdly good and would be serious contenders in division A. The only disappointing thing is that some of their weakest slots lineup with the strongest overall tournaments so the overall PC might be closer to 90% than 100%.

The Muddy Middle

2. GG, some of the teams are of questionable strength, but a more engaged JV, addition of Jake, and not playing in A will lead to much better results than a season ago. I like them to edge out the other clans I think I fighting for the promotion spot.

3. 101st, lineup looks rock solid and I could definitely see them promoting. Similar to GG, I question whether some of the teams are strong enough, but the 1v1s look very nice. Margin between 2nd and 3rd in these predictions is razor thin.

4. Blitz, thin lineup that certainly has the star power to get 2nd here. IDK how engaged Jeff and Farah are at this points in their careers, and Mars and Bechaa will have to step up in this division. Has the most downside of the Muddy Middle, as one player having a bad season or boot fest could tank them.

5. Stats, if Yeon playing is legit and not a clever misdirect than there's no reason the statisticians can't have the big three carry them again, maybe all the way to 2nd. Biggest question mark for me is the player named Name currently in 2 slots. Profile says QM of 909 and win rate of 79% which could mean well anything.

6. Hawks, do I think Hawks could promote? Nah. Do I think Hawks has a particularly good chance of not-relegating in this division? Nah. Do they belong in this category instead of the next one. Absolutely. This lineup is filled with solid B players, but is lacking star power outside of Let's Fight. I think that and a few weak slots will sink them relative to the rest of the Muddy Middle.

For Sure Relegating

7. BIA, this is not a competitive B lineup. They will lose nearly all their games in every tournament.
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 9/1/2020 06:49:09

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64

hope you right ! that some serious faith in our 2vs2 teams.

@ Onoma94

I can't until lvl 66 :(

Internal tournament wise, Chazz, Lineal, Andre an Chicken are all better than me ..... :(

I'm stuck for the second season in B league of our Pro/Rel league. I feel better now that the world knows.
Clan League 13 Prediction Thread: 9/1/2020 08:45:00

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
Masters 1st.
Do I need to give an explanation?

GG, 101st, Hawks, Blitz battle for 2nd.
I dont know.. I cant really divide this group. I could imagine every of them 2nd and all of them in the midfield.
GG is a clan from A, fine. I have not really watched at Div A yet (I am a noob). What I got to know that they had some joining issues last season. I hope they do not this season. That could kill a candidate for promotion even if its now only B.
101st last season they had 1 point lead to Hawks. Time to change :). I see i get the identical games on ror and Volcanonas last season. I am looking forward. Though 101st lost players to FC that made a big part last season. There might be new players that are able to chatch it up. I cant say if they really can. Lena is a good addition to the lineup. Though this season is a tougher Div B i think.
Blitz. I only can compare them with the CL11 team. Sure, yet there is no visible Murtle. Thats good. mod is no part of their lineup anymore. QB is no part of their lineup. Where is Moto playing? Not in Blitz, or? Jefferspin, Banana, Tito, pip are the constants + Farah and Bechaa as new additions. Can you be better than mod, qb and moto in CL10?
Hawks. Ye, thats us. 15 players on 18 slots. We go with the strategy "no-burn-out" this season. 3 slots was a pain last season. Let's see how it works. We have not less stars then last season*

Statisticians 6th
Jackie, MW and Yeon are their top players. Yeon was last seen 2 weeks ago, when I checked last... I dont know what Yeon promised to MW, to put him on 3 slots. But I have currently doubts that he really comes back. I am awaiting substitution in the coming weeks tbh.

BIA 7th
will have a tough time i guess. Some players are there that I appreciate. RobertE Lee, rhull, tartan. But I doubt they are able to get enough points. But I am here to be proofen wrong.

*EDIT: We have not less "stars" than last season. Indeed, we have got some additional power. This I also told to Farah, but yet Farah did not update the alt section.

Edited 9/1/2020 10:12:38
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