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Clan: |GG|

Number of members: 29
Link: https://www.warlight.net/Clans/?ID=283
Tagline: |GG| Good Gamers
Created: 9/23/2013

Bio: Good Gamers is a clan consisting of very good players, both in 1v1's and team games. We take actively part in clan competitions and other Warlight community events.
Our decision processes are democratic, with members having their say alongside our co-leaders.
●If you want to contact us about anything concerning events, clan league, clan battles or whatever. Please contact: ▶ FlyingBender

●If you like to join us directly and you fit the prerequisites under. Please contact: ▶ linberson

●If you fit us but dont meet our requirements yet you are welcome to join our recruiting clan GGr (Link above) ▶ Contact linberson or Flyingbender.

●For all other complaints, please bother one of the following members:
▶ Contact: FlyingBender
You'll have to meet the following conditions:
-No alts allowed
-Active and very good player
-At least 400 ranked games
-Low Boot-rate
-Good reputation
▶ Special thanks: (Inactivity or half inactive)
● 13CHRIS37
● Aranka
● Braak
● Bzox
● Cieku
● Green Storm
● Julkorn
● [HL] Fluk Tuation
● [HL] nnn
● Latnox
● Mablung
● Mikaela
● MG
● Mosquitero
● Muten Rōshi
● Oliebol
● Ollie
● Orange
● Peixoto
● Robin Hood
● supersaiyan
● The Window Cleaner
● Volcanoob

Clan Member Title
fireice82 FiT-REXice
MIFRAN Swedish bitch
FlyingBender I ate a sheep today
Ollie Ollinator
linberson limbo dancer
Nutella Ferrero Küsschen
Ctrl Alt Delete ♦ ɌeLite ♦ semi-good in 2011
Mike |GG| Always drunk
MisterT the epic one
JV the ladiesman
Ko sloooooooowwww
K Crazy Indian
Porian parlez-vous QM?
orinocoflows the silent one
Jack attack The True Jack
EZPickens easypeeeeezie
Volcanoob Eyjafjallajökull
ADHDnl Dukaten
bzox Last seen 15 min ago
awesomeusername AwesomeRexName
Po1onius PoloNiusRex
Julkorn Das Neue Testament
The Window Cleaner
à la recherche du temps perdu
линберсон Clan Cup