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random debates thread: 5/16/2020 08:16:53

Level 54
i think this is the thread description?
anyway, this is the random debates thread! debate whatever you want, float random ideas, etc.
***** rules of debates thread *****
1. debates are about sharing information about your beliefs with others and processing fairly the information you recive in return.
what debates are not about is converting anyone to your own beliefs (religious, political or otherwise)
2. no personal attacks/attacks of groups of people. they don't help your point; neither do they help the debate as a whole. there's just no
need to get nasty in debate
3. so long as comments abide by these rules, they should be treated as valid and worthy of consideration. also (just a pet peive of mine)
don't just deny an argument. explain why and form a counter argument to explain why it may not be correct.
****** end of rules *******
tbh i don't really know what will happen if you break these. i guess just don't. anyway, yeah i hope this clears the clan chat a bit, as that was our previous debate thread
random debates thread: 5/16/2020 09:50:19

Level 56
Your Clan Chat is For Your Clan Only Tho? The Thread is visible to everyone in the game
random debates thread: 5/16/2020 14:57:19

Level 55
Yes, I think you posted in the wrong place
random debates thread: 5/16/2020 18:49:36

Level 58
"what debates are not about is converting anyone to your own beliefs"

don't tell me waht to do!
random debates thread: 5/18/2020 14:55:31

Level 8
You can't debate how cute Jungkook is from BTS!

(He's the guy in my profile pic)
random debates thread: 5/19/2020 05:04:24

Level 58
I agree with everything in the description except the conversion bit. The point of a debate is to try convince people of a viewpoint.
random debates thread: 5/20/2020 21:18:28

Level 55
random debates thread: 5/21/2020 01:01:12

Cata Cauda
Level 59
What is the point of sharing your opinion if it isn't for converting people to your beliefs?
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