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Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 19:34:31

Level 61
Goodbye my lover.
Goodbye my friend.
You have been the one.
You have been the one for me.

Okay so now it's my turn to say goodbye and thank you!

First of all, thank you Fizzer for the game, but honestly, the game would be pretty meeh if it wasn't for the community. So here comes my story and my special moments and thanks for the one who would like to read it, it's a short message, I promise...!

My story: I have never really played any online game in my life besides some Fifa/NHL but when I found this game i pretty much got stuck right away and I would like to thank the first group of people I started to communicate with. So thanks to 900129312940 (:D) aoc, Juan, Hermann Arminius(?), N. I remember our siege time, it was so insane, how much I was longing for those amazing 1 hours to fill games that ended on a vote 6/10 times. Oh the patience we had was beyond normal! But we also had some great games an a couple nice tournaments. Thanks for that!

A special thanks to Benoit and Pichu who required me in a RoR game to NWO. It was the start of me becoming the GOAT I got known for! Oh those Skype times, when I went out for like 1 hour and had like 2k unread messages in 3 chats about absolutely nonsense! amazing!

Then, of course, a special thanks to Styxie. oh Styxie, how can one not love you? Thanks to Plat who got me to Outlaws where I had a great couple of years with the once like Edge, Bansaimaddafukkers, Njordie and the best of them all, Carlos, oh how I love Carlos! <3 I don't think I would have stayed in the game for so long if it wasn't for you guys! You have always been there for me, both when it comes to carrying me in games, giving me advice on using condoms when sleeping around, yes mom Styxie, I use condoms now, no more STD's.

There are also many many more I like to give a special thanks to, Motd who always was kind and funny, he was the one introducing me to Georgia army cap! And I still think of him chasing a bus every time I read his name, and well thanks for all the amazing things u have done for us all. Really, it´s beyond me how much u have done for us. ofc with help from others but it´s mostly you! Thanks to Mod and buns, also great guys who sacrificed themselves and played many games with me when I was a big noob. I remember the first time I saw buns asking for a game in skype chat and me, a bit shy, said that I could play a game, I didn't expect him to respond but he invited me to a game, I think it was the first WR game I played or at least first WR game I got explained that it was WR, before that game I thought Warlight was just cheating on me. I blamed racism. I also felt proud when Beren played some games on Lebanon army cap or something with me and asked ME for feedback and he listened and tried some new things on the template, that was cool too. And yeah thanks for all CL stuffs u made, CL was what kept me in the game for so long!

Oh, its so many I like to thank. Motoki, Xeno, QS, Supreme Jeff, Farah, ps for your streams, they were great back in the days! Malakkans amazingly kind messages in the starts of every game and his amazing sportsmanship deserves a mentioning as well. Cowboy, Min for being active in chats, we had some intense talks :) Feels like FSG deserves a mentioning as well. I just like you! oh and qAAAAAb, love u, bro! <3 Damn I'm sure I've missed so many people that deserve an extra thank you for having an effect on my life, but it's difficult to remember all of you. But seriously thank you to each and everyone that I had a conversation with, the game wouldn't be so rich if it wasn't for you guys. Many mentioned, even more, forgotten.

And for all people, I somehow offended. My sincere apologies to you. Octane, Max, FT and many more. And for others as well if I offended you somehow, I've been a bit bitter last 6 months or so, probably because I've been longing for my retirement!

I wish you all a happy and healthy life! Take care of yall!
I will log in from now and now to wz and to discord as well, might even pick up a game in the future but not much more than that.

How I would like to be remembered? Like a goat!

Oh also, thank Y'all who have been trying to teach me to spell in English, I now realize it wasn't my own teachers who sucked at teaching, it is I who is to dumb to learn.

- Peace and love.
Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 19:35:49

Level 61
Oh yeah, thanks for all the clan invitations. I'm sorry for not responding to them all or declining, but this is the reason. if I was ever to join a clan again it would always be my home, Outlaws.
- downvoted post by The Furious Logan
Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 19:44:56

Level 61
So the moment is finally there; Kazoo retires. A sad day indeed. Please do promise to come back when CL div A ends and we celebrate all the GOATs one last time. For now, it's a sweet goodbye.

Join Copycat.
Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 19:54:05

Level 61
I wouldn't be I if I wouldn't come back to celebrate my amazing CL effort and to hear you all sing for me in a
choir! ;)
Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 20:05:51

Level 64
The greatest player of all time! Drama free since 93, am I right, my friend?

Do not forget us and login on discord time to time!
Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 20:17:38

Level 61
Oh Rusuf!! I forgot to mention you!! I like you! U are the reason i get layed, Roofies❤

Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 20:29:18

Dutch Desire 
Level 60
Good luck in real-life!
Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 20:56:59

Roi Joleil
Level 60
RIP The Goat Kezzo.. :(

Have much Luck an a *stronk* life :P
Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 21:04:27

Corn Man 
Level 61

Edited 9/24/2018 21:04:51
Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 23:11:34

master of desaster 
Level 66
I love you and will never be able to forget you. Maybe we'll meet again on any random dating app that comes in mind. You're the one i wouldn't be sorry about being catfished from
Retirement thread!: 9/24/2018 23:23:28

Level 63
I second the sex thing
Retirement thread!: 9/25/2018 01:02:18

Level 62
Good luck in real life Kezzo!

I remember just a single 1v1 game I've played against you and was incredible:


although we did not have much contact it is a shame to see good people like you leaving WZ.

Take care bro!

Edited 9/25/2018 14:17:31
Retirement thread!: 9/25/2018 02:09:02

[WG] Reza
Level 60
Good luck Kazzoo! Leaving on a high note as a CL winner I see.
You were a pretty fun guy to see interactions with in discord.

On a positive note you can not gloat about Liverpool being first if you are retired! (Its in the terms and conditions of retiring, go read it)
Retirement thread!: 9/25/2018 03:19:50

Rogue NK
Level 59
Adios Kezzo! I didn't know you for long but you were off the wall. Its sad that we use the word "retirement" when talking about leaving. Warzone is like a second job for too many people. :(
Retirement thread!: 9/25/2018 03:37:09

90 \(ºº)/
Level 59
See you Kezzo :). Wish you well in life. The old Kezzo during the Feldmere days was especially awesome and had a great attitude always; Hope you can live your life with that attitude :). Take care,

Retirement thread!: 9/25/2018 04:26:35

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Hope to see you back around. I know we had our moments, but it was nothing personal. You're a pretty cool dude if you ask me.

P.S. You will likely always be on my tagline now, as I may never be interested enough in this game to change it. :P
Retirement thread!: 9/25/2018 04:28:18

Level 58
Thx for the shout out. :)

It is a shame you are going. See you some time, hopefully if you don't come back to the game, you will at least be around on discord in the future so we can chat there!

Edited 9/25/2018 04:29:02
Retirement thread!: 9/25/2018 08:28:42

Level 61
Wait what this is actually happening? When I read this my knees grew feeble (good thing I was sitting in my chair) and my heart felt numb. 5 cents kezzo will be back for next CL though :>D
Retirement thread!: 9/25/2018 09:47:16

Level 63
U're leaving with a Bang!

2 times tournament winner in CL 10. Well done! I dunno if u become the overall MVP with 13-3 record but i declare u the Outlaws MVP.

I would have loved to play next CL together with u. Maybe again on RoR? Maybe to defend the FE title? But whatever u have earned your retirement. I know i don't have to tell u to enjoy life, but enjoy your life. Keep beeing yourself and i hope u keep us updated from time to time.

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