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Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 7/1/2018 12:34:48

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Hello all, welcome to the Official Clan League 10 Division E Thread!

The clans in CL10 Division E are:

1) [BR] FUDEW - https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=37
	Got 5th place in Qualifier 1 with TP of 25. Abbreviation: [BR]

2) German Warlords - https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=137
	Got 6th place in Qualifier 1 with TP of 21. Abbreviation: GW

3) The Seven Kingdoms - https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=319
	Currently 5th place in Qualifier 2 with TP of 34. Abbreviation: TSK

4) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=163
	Currently 6th place in Qualifier 2 with TP of 30. Abbreviation: USSR

5) The League of Erroneous Aspirations - https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=72
	Got 5th place in Qualifier 3 with TP of 29. Abbreviation: LEA

6) {rp} The Roleplayers Guild - https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=3
	Got 6th place in Qualifier 3 with TP of 28. Abbreviation: {rp}

7) Acme Co. - https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=206
	Got 7th place in Qualifier 2 with TP of 24. Abbreviation: Acme
	From the last news I heard, all of Acme's players have moved to 101st and currently Rogue NK is not going to 
have it play in Div.E. 
Bonus information: He is looking for someone to run the clan.

Relevant Threads:
CL10 Announcements : https://www.warzone.com/Forum/294823-clan-league-10-announcements
Predictions	   : https://www.warzone.com/Forum/297427-clan-league-predictions
Div. Q1	   	   : https://www.warzone.com/Forum/301780-clan-league-10-qualifier-1-official-thread 
Div. Q2            : https://www.warzone.com/Forum/301735-clan-league-10-qualifier-2-official-thread
Div. Q3		   : https://www.warzone.com/Forum/301771-clan-league-10-qualifier-3-official-thread
CL Discord         : https://discord.gg/6zCP7vE

Division E Score sheet : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nIa4GYcUpRorCFp2O9vZnSxJ-lT629_eRL_7483u_LI/edit#gid=74945248

Current Standings:

Position     	Clan           Points  Max Points         Remark
1st		[BR]		59	94		Tournament Wins
2nd		LEA		40	77		Boots for second place
3rd		GW		43	73		CM's steering the ship
4th		USSR		38	71		3v2 on WR "may" fail
5th		{rp}		32	63		Neva Surrenda
6th		TSK		20	58		The Boot Kings

(updated on 23rd september)

Format: Instead of individual games created by CLOT or manually, this will be conducted as set of tournaments. So there are some rules substitutions and clan movement will be bit different,which is in the next post.


Tournament					Link
3v3 Biomes of America  				https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25641
1v1 Battle Islands V 				https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25709
2v2 Volcano Islands  				https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25733
1v1 Strategic Greece  				https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25751
2v2 Final Earth 				https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25816
1v1 Pangea Ultima WR  				https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25863

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Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 7/1/2018 13:01:45

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Mid-Season Registration and Substitutions

Till July 15th, there is no cost of changing lineups and no subs will be counted and once the first tournament is created, any change in lineup will cost subs.

Since it is conducted in form of tournaments and I am planning to keep 1 week for change of lineup, I request the Clan Managers to substitute players within this period. All tournaments are round-robin and takes 1-2 months to complete. So, if a substitution is really needed after start of tournament (like a player going inactive in middle) the games will be remade as individual games.

Rules relevant to this thread.

Clan Leaders are in charge of managing the substitutions and players. Pay attention to games to avoid boots, nonjoins, etc, or it could cost you valuable points

Help in ongoing games
-It is prohibited to get help or advice in a Clan League game from any player who is not playing in that game. If this happens, both parties are considered to have transgressed and be subject to potential sanction.

Clan Movement
-Every player must be in the clan they represent on each game creation date, otherwise the game will be an automatic loss. If there are players on both teams that are not in the clans they represent, the winner will be chosen at random.

-If a player is present on Clan X’s roster in a given season, and decides to leave clan X to play for another Clan Y. This player cannot play for Clan X again for another 2 seasons. The only exception to this rule is if Clan X drops out of the Clan League.

-Every clan can replace 10 slots (out of 18) over the course of the season. Clan leaders may substitute players for any reason. If player represents 3 slots, they can be partially replaced and continue to play some of the slots as well (i.e. substituted in some, but not necessarily all of their slots). If a clan has used all 10 substitutions over the season, it cannot make any further ones regardless of the circumstances.

-If a player changes clan during the transfer window any slots they occupied for their previous clan will still be applied to the player. If they have occupied N slots for their previous clan they will be allowed to play in 3-N slots for the new clan.

-Do not take control of a retired player's account to save their current games. These games should be forfeit as a penalty for retiring the player.

-In the event of a substitution, the on-going games for the retired player will not be remade. Only games which have not been created will be allotted to the substitute. Both players will use up a slot playing this tournament.

-Since it is in tournament format, I request the clan managers to make substitutions before the tournament starts. If in case of substitution after tournament starts, post it here-so that players know this and the games, created after the substitution-with player who has been subbed out will not be considered towards points and will be remade individually with player who has been subbed in.

-A player who leaves a clan should be immediately substituted, as any new games created with them will result in an automatic loss. I will be manually checking this (maybe 3-4 times a day and I recommend Clan managers to keep track of it too).

Non-joins or declining the tournament
-Players will be given a warning 3 days after a tournament is created,if they've not joined it. At 7 days a warning will be sent to the players again, and the Clan Leader.

-If they've declined the tournament, a new player can be subbed in using 1 substitution.

My personal request (this is not a rule, but a request) to all players is to not to stall lost games and not to play till elimination.

Edited 7/1/2018 13:25:44
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 7/27/2018 10:59:30

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Substitutions left clanwise before start:

GW		: 10
[BR]		: 8
TSK		: 10
USSR		: 9
LEA		: 1
{rp}		: 10

Substitutions before 15th:
LEA		: 1 (born41R out and Captain Trips in).
Substitutions left:9

Substitution after 15th:

USSR		: 1 (The Mighty Vladimir Putin in and zaky out)
Substitutions left:8

TSK		: 1 (Bayern München is the best! in and Dr.Killa out)
Substitutions left:9

Regarding delay in starting of tournaments, since it is tournament format and many players are not joining, from now on, there will be 2 weeks time for joining a tournament. If a particular player doesn't join, even after multiple mails , the tournament will start without him. In team games, it will be AI teammates and in 1v1 game, it will be a forfeit for the clan(meaning clan will lose all points while other clans gain auto-win points). There will be no substitutions made.

Also, the tournaments will be created earlier than the scheduled dates in first post, to accommodate for the delay in starts.

Edited 8/16/2018 16:03:59
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 7/29/2018 17:23:39

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
ACME has dropped out and finally the tournaments have started:

Biomes of America 3v3:

GW didn't have an option to sub and MrChaos is in holiday, so I joined their team and I will be booting in all games, to give them an AI team mate (since surrenders doesn't give AI). Bad news is that for every game involving GW, the starting turn will be 3 days minimum and sorry for this inconvenience.

Battle Islands V 1v1:

Everyone had joined this within a week.

New tournament:
Volcano Islands 2v2:

TSK has to make a substitution to fill the empty slot.
Since TSK didn't make any change to line up and old lineup (http://clan-league.westus.cloudapp.azure.com/clan?id=319) has a player that is not in the clan for this slot, they have two weeks to make a sub and join the tournament. If not, they'll be given an AI teammate.

Regarding the time limit, 2 weeks is pretty long time and if it comes down to more non-joins, there will be a competition of number of Non-joins with number of alts I have and I hope I am having enough alts to cover many non-joins ;)
The time of start of the tournament is within 2 weeks if all teams joins earlier or by 2 weeks +few hours, whenever I come active.

Once the games gets completed, I will update the sheet and comment on them.

Edited 7/29/2018 17:35:00
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 7/29/2018 17:48:45

Level 61
ACME has dropped out

hah, thought so
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 7/30/2018 20:32:22

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Yeah, there were change in management(s) and bit delay in deciding ACME playing or not.
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 7/31/2018 19:52:40

Level 61
Well, Acme merged into 101st so no chance for them having a roster for stage 2.
I am rooting for {rp} :)
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 8/2/2018 16:15:44

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Quick Update:

New Tournament:
Strategic Greece 1v1 tournament has been created.

TSK has to make a substitution to fill the empty slot.

TSK makes a substitution for Volcano Islands 2v2. Darkhorse is in.

Substitutions left for TSK: 8.

Games completed:

4 games have completed since last update. All 4 are in Battle Islands V and they're (bold denotes winner):

cane sciolto vs wurzl
cane sciolto vs Gen. NumbNuts
wurzl vs Gen. NumbNuts
peixinho vs the Bloody-Nine

USSR takes 2 wins and takes the lead. [BR] takes 1 win and is in second spot now.

GW takes 1 win and suffers 1 loss.

LEA suffers 1 loss and {rp} suffers 2 losses.

TSK hasn't finished any game so far.

@Onoma: Yes, but Irise/Cato were looking for trying out CL10, since ACME's old players were gone and new players were joining the clan.

Edited 8/16/2018 12:27:42
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 8/3/2018 13:48:44

Level 62
Good start by Cane, well done.
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 8/5/2018 06:20:48

Coronel Gavilan
Level 59
excellent result by comrade cane
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 8/5/2018 17:47:58

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64
Bravo Cane
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 8/17/2018 14:16:45

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Battle Islands V:

Seven games have finished since the last update.

Cane sciolto vs the Bloody-Nine
Because of a mistake on turn 1 by Bloody Nine by not going for turn 2 11 income and not taking a territory in turn 4, losing a card piece-he falls behind armies and gets his +3 bonus broken by Cane on turn 5 which ends the game.

peixinho vs wurzl
(wurzl boots on picks)

peixinho vs Bayern München is the best!
After starting with turn 2 8 income, Bayern goes for completing a +4 bonus turn 3 and fails to save his +3 bonus from peixinho's stack. And then with Bayern giving that 3 bonus and trying to grow in 2 bonuses, peixinho expands more and breaks the +3 bonus with big stack to end the game.

Bayern München is the best! vs Gen. NumbNuts
(Gen.NumbNuts boots on turn 1)

Bayern München is the best! vs wurzl
(wurzl boots on picks)

the Bloody-Nine vs wurzl
(wurzl boots on picks)

the Bloody-Nine vs Bayern München is the best!
After starting with a slight dis-advantage in income by turn 2, Bloody Nine manages to recover thanks to a blind counter on turn 3. Capitalising on Bayern's heavy deployment in South, Bloody goes for fast expansion and ends the game with breaking Bayern's bonuses with bigger stacks.

GW (wurzl) finishes all their games going 1-4 and currently USSR (Cane) and [BR] (peixinho) are undefeated, both going 3-0, playing each other now. TSK (Bayern) and LEA (Bloody Nine) are now both 2-2 while {rp} (Gen.Numbnuts) is still searching for the first win of the tournament.

Strategic Greece:


Due to no substitution for the empty slot in line up, the tournament has started without TSK. No games have finished at the time of the update.

Pangea Ultima:

Waiting on {rp} Napoléon to join.

Biomes of America:

2 games have finished since the last update. Because of AI's not surrendering (as taken from the template from CLOT), there is a need to eliminate the AI.

{rp} ( Has quit playing,Jepps,{rp} Kingmaker) vs GW (Janine, Ban Robisa, non-join AI)

Starting with AI team-mate, GW finds it difficult to play the game 2 vs 3 and the well expanded {rp} team ends the game with eliminating the AI.

[BR] ([BR]vontheevil,peixinho, SexMachineRJ) vs {rp} ( Has quit playing,Jepps,{rp} Kingmaker)

Due to starting in areas giving less income from start, {rp} team finds themselves constantly overpowered with a fast growing [BR] team. Even with a boot in middle, [BR] team has no issues with AI for a turn and with attacks of huge stacks, they leave {rp} with no other option but to surrender.

Volcano Islands:

The tournament has started and no games have finished at the time of update.

Final Earth:


Waiting for born41R to join or LEA to make a substitution.

Final Standings (at time of update):
Position	Clan		Points	Max Points	Remark
1st		[BR]		14	110		Going strong
2nd		USSR		9	110		Comrades ftw
3rd		LEA		6	104		Aspired start
4th		TSK		6	104		No substitution
5th		{rp}		5	96		Finally points
6th		GW		3	93		Boot boot boot


[BR] is looking strong with a 4-0 record and currently sits at the 1st spot. They go 3-0 since the last update, with 2 1v1 wins and 1 3v3 win.

USSR is doing good going 3-0 so far and currently at 2nd place. They go 1-0 since the last update with their 1v1 win.

LEA and TSK are going with 2-2 now, looking good for now, but if they really want to aim for top spot they need to be more careful; especially TSK. LEA goes 2-1 since the last update and TSK goes 2-2 since the last update.

{rp} is still looking for a win in 1v1, but finally opens their account with a 3v3 win. Currently they're at 5th place, with 1-4 record. They go 1-3 since the last update, with a 3v3 win.

GW had a non-join and now many boots. Seems they're still in holidays. They're currently at last spot, with 1-5. They lost all 4 games since last update-going 0-4 this week, with 3 of them being boots.

Other statistics and horse race can be found in

Edited 8/17/2018 14:28:25
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 9/8/2018 10:57:34

FC Bayern 
Level 69
How is the current ranking?
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 9/8/2018 11:14:48

Level 61
Yeah, spreadsheet seems to be out of date. Apparently one tournament fully finished: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=25709

Edited 9/8/2018 11:15:39
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 9/10/2018 19:06:00

FC Bayern 
Level 69
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 9/13/2018 13:45:27

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Sorry for not updating it regularly. Will make an update soon.
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 9/23/2018 01:09:19

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Biomes of America 3v3:

6 games have completed since the last update.

[BR] beats GW.

With AI on GW's team, BR has the advantage from start-as it is more or less a 2v3 battle. Even with a boot and AI's moves for two turns, BR's overwhelming advantage in armies seals the game.

USSR beats GW.

The AI on GW's team once again screws up the game and with relatively lesser income for other 2 teammates, the game goes one-sided, USSR domination.

USSR beats TSK.

Darkhorse boots on turn 2, making the somewhat balanced game(in-terms of income) into an unbalanced game. USSR gains on this and swings the game into their favor. With Bayern also booting on turn 7, USSR are forced to play till they eliminate the AI to claim victory.

LEA beats USSR.

Giving some income rich areas to LEA counterparts, USSR team finds themselves in a difficult situation after Putin taking Rainforest zone which causes the gap in income to grow faster from turn 1. With Other teammates stuck up with 2v1 situation, LEA builds their income faster and pushes for more growth, making USSR team to surrender.

LEA beats TSK.

With gaining an early advantage in income, LEA marches their way to the victory. With Darkhorse booting twice, the already low income for TSK is screwed up by AI, pushing the game towards LEA's win.

LEA beats {rp}.

Game goes balanced for early turns, with both teams trying to push the other out of their income zones. With LEA strongly pushing for bonuses and with troubled {rp} team with an AI losing those bonus lands makes the game LEA's win, with gradual increase in income for every team member. Though locked in a corner of the map, kingmaker tries to push, but fails at it.

Tournament standings:

Position	Clan		Wins	Losses		Points(max)
1st		LEA		3	0		15(25)
2nd		[BR]		2	0		10(25)
3rd		USSR		2	1		10(20)
4th		{rp}		1	2		5(15)
5th		TSK		0	2		0(15)
6th		GW		0	3		0(10)

Since the last update, LEA goes 3-0, [BR] goes 1-0, USSR goes 2-1, TSK and GW goes 0-2 and {rp} goes 0-1. LEA is seemingly planning to grasp the tournament win.

Battle Islands V:
Winner: peixinho.

Four games have finished since the last update and Congrats to peixinho for winning the tournament, by going 5-0.

[BR] beats USSR.

With both the players starting away from each other and growing up similarly in their income, Cane makes a large blockade only to get booted the next turn. If not for that blockade and the boot, this even game would have become an interesting game.

[BR] beats {rp}.

With peixinho having a slow start, Gen. Numbnuts fails to capitalize on it due to his own picks and when they both meet, due to the difference in income, the game is clearly in favor of the former, which is eventually finalized by the latter's boot.

TSK beats USSR.

Cane taking the FTB pretty much gives him the early advantage needed and eliminating Bayern from one of his starts, it is all looking good for Cane. But due to his boot, the game is a win for Bayern.

LEA beats {rp}

With both players building up income and trying to break each other's choke-points, which both succeeds-it is time for a boot for Gen.Numbnuts, making the game LEA's win.

Tournament standings:

Position	Clan		Wins	Losses		Points(max)
1st		[BR]		5	0		15(15)
2nd		LEA		3	2		9(9)
3rd		USSR		3	2		9(9)
4th		TSK		3	2		9(9)
5th		GW		1	4		3(3)
6th		{rp}		0	5		0(0)

Since the last update, [BR] goes 2-0, TSK and LEA goes 1-0, USSR goes 0-1 and {rp} goes 0-2. There is a tie for 2nd place and there is a tie-breaker tournament for solving this: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=26078 .
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 9/23/2018 01:09:38

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Volcano Islands 2v2:

9 games have completed since the last update.

[BR] beats USSR.

With [BR] going for a FTB and with USSR starting in a wastelanded area, the game is set in [BR]'s favor from start. And because of the advantage in income, even with a boot and AI teammate, Lampião steers the ship to victory with huge income.

[BR] beats TSK.

With Darkhorse booting, the game becomes favorable for [BR]-which is followed by safe play by them and forcing a 2v1 advantage, [BR] seals the game with victory.

GW beats [BR].

GW gets somewhat a safer bonus and they quickly take advantage of that completely to drive [BR] into a corner due to the income difference and getting vital territories. This ultimately gets them the win.

GW beats USSR.

Starting with a wasteland triple FTB (+5) USSR team sees themselves in a tough place, when their GW opponents plant their 2v1 assault on one and plays passive 2v1 on the other one. With constantly decreasing income, with growing income difference, GW breaks through the stacks to win the game.

GW beats {rp}

{rp} team finds themselves in a tight spot because of trouble of getting bonus for one of them, which made them lose one of their starting spot and with GW in good position and advantage with income over long term, victory finds them at turn 6.

{rp} beats TSK.

With {rp}'s Kingmaker willingly starting from a wastelanded bonus, TSK's team doesn't capitalize on this mistake only to give more positional as well as income advantage to {rp}. With both of them planning 2v1 attack on one of TSk's players, {rp} gets home with victory.

{rp} beats LEA.

With a wasteland bonus start and with a risky turn 2 11 , {rp}'s luck is greater, which is then followed by good positioning. With huge difference in income, game ends up with rp as winners.

{rp} beats USSR.

USSR tries to fight through the early disadvantage of bad positioning, but with kingmaker having a free to grow spree aiming for a very big income difference and role players hits the victory target.

LEA beats TSK.

LEA has a slow start, but with neutralizing one of their opponents in 2v1 fights, the game soon develops into West vs East fight. With LEA's control on choke-points and TSK's booting, the game finishes with LEA's victory.

Tournament standings:

Position	Clan		Wins	Losses		Points(max)
1st		GW		3	0		12(20)
2nd		{rp}		3	1		12(16)
3rd		[BR]		2	1		8(16)
4th		LEA		1	1		4(16)
5th		USSR		0	3		0(8)
6th		TSK		0	3		0(8)

Since the last update,GW goes 3-0, {rp} goes 3-1, [BR] goes 2-1. LEA goes 1-1, USSR and TSK goes 0-3. GW is looking to be aiming for the tournament win.

Strategic Greece:

Winner: TBD.

Ten games have finished since the last update and there is a tie for the first place. With TSK not making substitution for the tournament and tournament had 5 players as participants, 3 players ended up with 3-1 score-with a three-way tie.

GW beats [BR]

With Fc Bayern trying to eliminate Herick from one of the starts and trying to stop a greedy bonus attempt, game ends after turn 2 due to both goals being achieved for GW.

GW beats {rp}

With turn 1 income of 11, Jepps had to just go out and let Bayern have his way all through his core income base while not trying to look for income base of opponent. Safer bonuses, away from the fighting location ensures victory for GW through {rp} boot.

GW beats USSR

With a single turn income advantage, GW's Bayern manages to eliminate one of Moustache's starts near him and is fruitful for him to march to the victory in long term.

LEA beats GW

A small income lead in first turn and loss of a starting spot along with a double border over his only bonus in east, makes GW's Bayern to surrender.

LEA beats [BR]

LEA's Captain makes sure that he gets the income lead as well as good position by turn 1, to try and cast Boot spell for Herick. Spell worked and he wins.

LEA beats {rp}

Captain Trips loses few picks, but wins good income lead from first turn to the last turn. With good intel and income advantage, he hunts for Jepp's bonuses and gets the assured victory through the boot.

USSR beats LEA

A 3 pick +4 FTB on one side and a counter on Captain's FTB on other side makes sure that Moustache is getting his early game lead well and with nearby bonuses being wastelanded for Captain Trips, while Moustache is growing freely-the game ends up with USSR's victory.

USSR beats [BR]

With a good +3 FTB Moustache capitalizes on the early lead and tries to play defensive at spots where he meets his opponent, growing at safer starts. Herick boots and gives Moustache the win after he fails to eliminate his opponent from east.

USSR beats {rp}

Jepps boots on picks.

{rp} beats [BR]

Both Jepps and Herick gets some safer bonuses and grows evenly matched. Herick fails to break a double border, which might have given him a win, if he had not booted.

Every one gets a free win against TSK.

Tournament standings:

Position	Clan		Wins	Losses		Points(max)
1st		GW		4	1		12(12)
2nd		USSR		4	1		12(12)
3rd		LEA		4	1		12(12)
4th		{rp}		2	3		6(6)
5th		[BR]		1	4		3(3)
6th		TSK		0	5		0(0)

Since the last update, GW, USSR and LEA goes 4-1, {rp} goes 2-3, [BR] goes 1-4 and TSK goes 0-5. The tie-breaker tournament for solving the tie for the first place is https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=26079 .

Edited 9/23/2018 01:13:03
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 9/23/2018 01:09:54

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Final Earth 2v2 2v2:

6 games have completed since the last update.

[BR] beats {rp}

With 3 +2 FTB's, two of them belonging to [BR] team, they use that to gain good position over {rp} team, which along with an unplanned over-expansion by Jepps made it an one-sided game, [BR] ending up as the winners.

[BR] beats USSR

A hard counter turn 2 and a safer Africa for [BR] accompanied with few misplays from USSR team, decided that the game is [BR]'s.

USSR beats {rp}

Coronel Gavilan aims and achieves a good counter turn 2, followed by a big blockade-which demotivates Jepps and leads to a boot. With 2v1, snife had to surrender.

TSK beats LEA

With a counter to FTB and stalling growth of LEA's team, Bob does the job for Lucian to be able to take care of the game, even with 1v2 situations. With Silas's boot and too big income difference, Kero surrenders, giving TSK the victory.

TSK beats GW

With a cluster pick, with limited expansion(both in early game as well as in late game) and passive play from GW- TSK gets hold of the situation and steers the game for the win.

GW beats LEA

Getting FTB's and eliminating opponents' start nearby, LEA looks good for winning the game; but then with Silas booting the game goes to GW.

Tournament standings:

Position	Clan		Wins	Losses		Points(max)
1st		[BR]		2	0		8(20)
2nd		TSK		2	0		8(20)
3rd		USSR		1	1		4(16)
4th		GW		1	1		4(16)
5th		LEA		0	2		0(12)
6th		{rp}		0	2		0(12)

Since last update, [BR] and TSK goes 2-0, USSR and GW goes 1-1 and LEA and {rp} goes 0-2.

Pangea Ultima:

Winner: SexMachineRJ

14 games have finished since the previous update. Congrats to SexMachineRJ for winning the tournament with 5-0 score.

[BR] beats LEA

Silas tries and fails few 3v2, while Sexmachine goes for safer 4v2 attacks. Even while mistakenly going to a wastelanded bonus, Sexmachine is not punished hard by Silas, due to a failed 6v4 attack for Silas costing him a card piece and his boot in next turns.

[BR] beats USSR

alex keeps going for the 3v2 attacks, though they fail and with an aggressive Sexmachine, with growing income it doesn't take long time to lose income and go into wasteland bonus. With way bigger income lag, alex surrenders.

[BR] beats TSK

One failed 3v2 turn 2 causing no bonus and though he recovers from that, Bayern expands everywhere just to put himself at disadvantage again. Sexmachine moves carefully to punish Bayern for the unplanned expansion and forces him to surrender.

[BR] beats {rp}

There is no word called surrender in Napolean's dictionary and it is time for Sexmachine to understand this fact. A slow start and being at a disadvantageous position doesn't falter Napolean's conviction as he plays out till he gets eliminated.

[BR] beats GW

With luck on his side, getting to turn 2 12 income, Sexmachine decides to find and reduce Janine's income for sure. With a wrong play and losing the bonus, Janine surrenders.

GW beats LEA

Silas boots on picks.

GW beats USSR

Losing the bonus completing 3v2 attack, alex couldn't overcome that one turn's income difference-which followed with a double border from Janine and a failed flank attempt.

GW beats TSK

Bayern's failed 3v2 on Janine's bonus and his slow completion of bonuses, makes Janine to stop his income growth and he eventually surrenders, giving GW a win.

GW beats {rp}

Both players were hurrying towards other's income base and Janine managed to hold on to the bonuses, while too much expansion into wastelanded bonuses and humongous deployment towards a blockade, Napolean gives away his advantage; letting Janine come with big stacks and then fighting till elimination, the win finally goes to Janine.

{rp} beats LEA

Silas boots on picks.

{rp} beats USSR

Failing the bonus completing 3v2 attack on turn 2 and forgetting to play the reinforcement card for longer duration, alex finds himself in a losing position. He tries to push back Napolean from the double border with double reinforcement cards, but it is too late, as he hasn't completed as many bonuses as his opponent had.

{rp} beats TSK

Eliminating opponent from a nearby start and getting a choke-point due to opponent's failed 3v2 attack, Napolean has everything going for him in the game. Building up stack at one point and growing at other positions, both Bayern and Napolean tries to outgrow each other, in which Napolean succeeds and wins the game.

TSK beats USSR

Finally alex gets the art of successful bonus completing 3v2 attacks on turn 2, only to fail them on turn 3. Bayern lets alex have double border on him-to outgrow and claim those choke-points later. With many of those failed attempts at getting bonus and losing the starting spot, alex surrenders the game.

USSR beats LEA

Eliminating alex from one of his starts and pressurising him and then booting; Silas might have handed out a win from a good position.

Tournament standings:

Position	Clan		Wins	Losses		Points(max)
1st		[BR]		5	0		15(15)
2nd		GW		4	1		12(12)
3rd		{rp}		3	2		9(9)
4th		TSK		1	3		3(6)
5th		USSR		1	4		3(3)
6th		LEA		0	4		0(3)

[BR] goes 5-0 since the last update and wins the tournament. GW goes 4-1, {rp} goes 3-2, TSK goes 1-3, USSR goes 1-4 and LEA goes 0-4. Last game of the tournament to decide who is going to be the last is currently being played.
Clan League 10 : Division E Official Thread: 9/23/2018 01:19:15

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Since the last update, [BR] goes 13-5 with an overall excellent performance, except Strategic Greece tournament. They find themselves with 2 tournament wins and a good comfortable first position.

Since the last update LEA goes 9-8, with more than half of the losses being boots. They are able to get to 2nd place due to their MP being higher than that of GW.

Since the last update GW goes 12-5 with a great performance except for the Biomes of America tournament (AI team-mate). They find themselves at third place due to lower MP due to boots in BI V tournament.

Since the last update USSR goes 8-11, trying to keep up with LEA and GW. Have to try and win the remaining games, if they're aiming for 2nd spot.

Since the last update {rp} goes 8-10, trying to climb out of last place. They've done good in few games and have to play for the win, if they're looking to avoid the last spot.

Since the last update TSK goes 4-13, putting themselves at the last spot. Due to a number of boots and non-joins, it is inevitable, but there is still a small chance to finish at 5th place.

Current Standings:

Position     	Clan           Points  Max Points      Remark
1st		[BR]		59	94		Tournament Wins
2nd		LEA		40	77		Boots for second place
3rd		GW		43	73		CM's steering the ship
4th		USSR		38	71		3v2 on WR "may" fail
5th		{rp}		32	63		Neva Surrenda
6th		TSK		20	58		The Boot Kings

Other relevant information are to be found on https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nIa4GYcUpRorCFp2O9vZnSxJ-lT629_eRL_7483u_LI/edit#gid=74945248
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