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Clan: The Seven Kingdoms

Number of members: 79
Link: https://www.warzone.com/Clans/?ID=319
Tagline: We rule the game of thrones.
Created: 3/16/2017

Bio: Welcome m'lord or lady, to The Seven Kingdoms clan page. We are a clan that is formed by a common love: roleplaying. Here we mostly RP in the ASOIAF/GoT universe, but we are not so narrow-minded as to ignore other roleplaying opportunities. Clan games are a way for the clan to interact, recruit members, and a way to earn higher ranks in the kingdom.

We are currently under the rule of Dr. Killa/The Doc.

This is a clan made for two reasons: 1. To ensure and protect the enjoyment of this game for all players, so that they may relax, enjoy, and build lasting friendships. 2. To enhance the game through advance templates and new maps, always striving to aim higher.

You'll notice that we don't utilize the forums on this site. That's because our Clan is primarily united on a Discord Server, where games are planned and friendships are made. Come check us out sometime.

If you are a clan that wants to organize a tournament or inter-clan game, contact the King.
If you have any issues with any of our members contact the King.

If you are interested in joining the clan, contact anyone from the clan.

Clan Member Title
GeniusJKlopp Levy
korelajacky Knight
{N.W.} Bomber Sworn Sword
SKit Peasant
SpectreStatus *RETIRED* Hedge Kn.
P90Rush Knight
Stannis Baratheon Lord Paramount
Prince Nyunyu Hedge Knight
Hazooni Lord Paramount
V A P O R W A V E Sworn Sword
Garrett C McArthur *RETIRED* Squire
Jaime Lannister Squire
Ricky Norris Sworn Sword
Dr. Killa The King
bob Squire
{N.W.} mick1299 Noble
OnlyThePie Knight
pkandrei Levy
Valia Bloodbourne (Retired) *RETIRED* Knight
Kingslyz Peasant
Flux Squire
Jokester *RETIRED* H. Knight
AgentOfChaos Levy
Stefan Hedge Knight
Svartsot Levy
Silce *RETIRED* Hedge Kn.
Dorex Time Squire
CommandanteJJJ Knight
Vorian Sworn Sword
Revolver__Ocelot Squire
Alex Hedge Knight
Woolworths *RETIRED* Squire
Sam Yanuck Noble
Ardal Peasant
khal drogo [was TSK ~ Rhaegar] Levy
Syntheon Noble
Twisted Twin Noble
TywinLannister Knight
Jaxson Crouch Peasant
Aphrodite Squire
Gaming Snake
Mentalist Squire
Oby Wan Martell Squire
Maedhros Rigelion Squire
ZiDeathSanta Hedge Knight
Rhaenys Knight
Jayden Knight
Nick! (Retired) Lord
Tristion Saiara *RETIRED* Levy
Dmoore30702 Peasant
Lucian Squire
Nikephoros Phocas (was J. Quicksliver) Noble
Icolaerys Levy
Darkhorse Lord
Nexus Squire
jon Lord Paramount
Gokce Ilbaba Squire
[WL] Habsburg Australia!! Man-at-Arms
Riskiskool Levy
Mannerheim Hedge Knight
Lord Tenebrus Peasant
Slim Shady Man-at-Arms
Wise Knight
るーく Knight
Fortitudo Knight
Beric Dondarrion Peasant
[TSK] Arry Mercedene (semi-retired) *RETIRED* Hedge Kn.
Gaja [Oye Como Va] Knight
Wimlay Hedge Knight
ARADPLAUG Hedge Knight
Miles Squire
Napoleon Daggerparte Levy
The Outsider Peasant
Genesis Levy
Danwilson Squire
Cú Chulainn Squire
Erich von Manstein Squire
GrandMasterPhoenix Knight