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Clan: Acme Co.

Number of members: 10
Link: https://discord.gg/ah6Bp6a
Tagline: Make Acme great again!
Created: 11/18/2015

Bio: ACME is a strategy focused clan that works closely with EU (Europa Unitum). We share:
1) the same discord server
2) the same in-game chat room
3) tournaments
4) training
with them.

We are recruiting. Join the Discord linked above in order to come speak to us!

Requirements to join:
1) Min level 30
2) Bootrate lower than 20%
3) Min 50% 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 win rate
4) Maintain good activity

Despite those requirements, we encourage anyone to apply.

Contact I'mInternationalNowFam or Mannus if you want to join.

Thank you for considering us and have a good day!

Clan Member Title
King Leonidas
🇦🇩 arnauet
The Kingdom of Britonia
Seán Masterson
I'mInternationalNowFam Leader
Mannus Leader