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Clan: New World Order

Number of members: 20
Tagline: Success is nice, but friendly company is better :)
Created: 12/6/2015

Bio: The core group of members played in clan cup on a regular basis, as of now the guild is being reformed and building up from scratch again but keeping it's roots.
Here we focus on improving tactics and strategy for both newer and older players. The most important part is to have fun while doing so :)
Once in a while games are hosted that either use custom scenarios for strategy or are entirely for amusement and don't focus on winning.

Current clan head: Boontjekoen
For applications send a PM.


Tutorial material for players can be found here. It is mostly YouTube Videos on specific topics related to WL.


Clan Member Title
Requiem for a dream Morpheus
cj13 lucky number 13 :)
Ravenholm Not a crow
boontjekoen Elder
bigbear R
SnorreX Mustache?
Juntao R
Sparks R
bs R
FourSkin R
Acuna42 Matata
Doldolyi R
Jon C R
Sir Malaka R
Jack R
simmons 2.0 Update: 2.1
Gaspian R
Benny Simi Bebben
DeVine Wine
yeeeeeee and my name is alex hihi