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Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 17:23:26

Level 64
I have created a 2v2 CLOT. It is run on a Discord server by a bot. This ladder features multiple templates with vetoes. Teams on this ladder are randomly picked for each game. The challenge is to play with a variety of team mates and have fun! Ideally you will play with players of a similar skill level. The goal is to try to rise to the top. The higher you go, the higher the caliber of your team mate and opponents.

Eligibility Criteria
  • You need a Discord account. This account authenticates you and allows you to perform various actions on the ladder.
  • Boot Rate < 5%. I will consider players with higher boot rates on a case by case basis. Players should be reliable on this ladder as boots punish others if they are on your team. 1 boot = warning. 2nd boot = ban.
  • You must unlock all features and maps used on this ladder as well.
  • Massive delays hinder this ladder and are grounds for removal.
  • I'll pick 24 players from those who are interested. I'll add new players gradually as the ratings stabilize.
Do not sign up if you cannot commit to playing out your games in a responsible manner.

Matchmaking Algorithm
  • Every player will be matched with players of a similar skill level. All players are sorted by rating.
  • Every player can be teamed randomly with 12 players above or below them and no one else.
  • Every team can get players up to 8 positions above or below them.
  • The ladder will form 2 random teams from the player pool and create a match-up between them.
    Since everyone can play multiple games at a time, it creates match-ups until everyone has their allotted amount of games.

Rating System
This CLOT will use the standard Elo rating system with some modifications. A detailed explanation for the Elo algorithm can be found at https://metinmediamath.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/how-to-calculate-the-elo-rating-including-example/

If a team of A and B(rating = rA, rB) beat a team of C and D(rating = rC, rD), the impact on their ratings is as follows:
rA = rA + WIN(rA, quadratic mean(rC, rD)
rB = rB + WIN(rB, quadratic mean(rC, rD)
rC = rC - LOSS(rC, quadratic mean(rA, rB)
rD = rD - LOSS(rD, quadratic mean(rA, rB)

On top of this, this ladder will use the same rating concept as MDL:
  • Games will never expire in this system.
  • To provide incentives to be active, this system uses the concept of an activity bonus. It awards an activity bonus of k/8 = 4 points(k-factor = 32) for each finished game. This bonus is awarded to both the winner and the loser teams at game completion.
  • The activity bonus is capped at a max of 80 points. This ensures that if you can guarantee a certain level of activity, you will receive most of the possible activity points. It also prevents someone who is very active from getting too many activity points.
  • Every day, the total activity bonus points for every player will decay by 2%. This decay ensures that a player must remain active in order to keep their activity points. 34 days of complete inactivity(0 games finished) will halve your activity bonus [(1-0.02) ^34 ~= 0.5]
  • The displayed rating is the sum of the true Elo rating of a player and their activity bonus(similar to the seasonal ladder). The Elo rating is used to determine teams and match-ups. This ensures that players of equal skill level are more likely to be matched up. However, the ranks are computed using the displayed rating.

Handling boots
If A1, A2, B1, B2 are playing a game
A1 boots. B1, B2 both get wins, A1 gets a loss, the game doesnt have any impact on A2
A1,A2 boot. B1, B2 both get wins, A1,A2 get losses.
A1, B1 boot. There is no "winner" displayed on the ladder. However, A1, B1 get losses and A2,B2 both get wins.
A1, A2, B1 boot. There is no "winner" displayed. However, A1, A2, B1 get losses and B2 gets a win.
  • How frequently are games scheduled?
    Games are scheduled every 2 hours if a team-mate and two opponents are available. You will have to join the game as the CLOT cannot force-join you. You have 3 days to join a game before you get a loss.

  • How often can I play on the same team?
    Two players can play on the same team once every 20 days.

  • Which are the templates used on the ladder?
    This CLOT will have multiple 2v2 templates. Currently we have Final Earth and China

  • How many games can I play at a time?
    Every player can play up to 2-5 games at once. You must sign up for a minimum of 2 games though.

  • Are vacations honored?
    A player can take up to a maximum of 20 days vacation(consecutive), after which they will be permanently removed from the server. When you take a vacation, you will be auto-removed from the ladder(but can stay on the server)and can rejoin once your vacation is over.
    All games respect vacations and can be played out regardless of the 20 day limit.

  • How many games do I need to complete to stay ranked?
    You need to have completed 5 games in the last five months to stay ranked.

  • What is the boot time on these games?
    Three days.

Discord Bot commands
These commands can be issued on the #bot-commands channel.

!help 		       Shows the help message.
!rankings              View rankings on this ladder.
!add_player            ADMIN ONLY : Add new players to the ladder.
!join                  Join the ladder. Joined players will be eligible for new games
!leave                 Leave the ladder. Players who leave will not be eligible for new games.
!game_count            See/change game count. Each player can play 2-5 games at a time.
!all_templates         View all templates used on the ladder.
!recent_games          View recently finished games on the ladder.
!template_recent_games View recently finished games on a specific template.
!player_stats          View player statistics. 

tl;dr This is a 2v2 ladder with rotating team mates and multiple templates chosen at random. If interested, sign up on this thread and provide your Discord user id(mine is Deadman#7228). We'll send an invite to 24 players and expand from there.

p.s - May have bugs which will be addressed as they are discovered. Thanks to Xeno, Cowboy, linberson, Farah, Min34, Beren, krunx, Sephiroth, QB, MoD, Brenain for helping me test the bot.

Edited 3/28/2018 23:23:06
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 17:25:38

Level 61

Sign me up if im not already in!! :)
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 17:34:08

Level 62

If you somehow didnt know yet :P
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 17:47:34

Level 64
Yet another great initiative by Deadman.

I would be interested if there is an available seat.
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 18:30:52

Level 63
Amazing! Sign me up plz. LeQuébécois_Benoit#1981
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 19:09:35

Level 62
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 19:15:03

Bored of Warzone
Level 58
Sign me up too plz
Siema Ziom LoL OmG xD#7214

Edited 3/10/2018 19:16:36
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 19:34:00

Level 62
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 19:59:33

Level 62
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 20:10:47

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Cowboy #7927
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 21:32:48

Level 62

Sounds amazing, Your too good for this game deady :P
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 21:34:57

Level 67
I will play. Baer#6880

sorry - had wrong discord number originally

Edited 3/14/2018 15:57:02
Team Ladder: 3/10/2018 22:04:15

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Aura Guardian#9151

I'd love to check this out.
Team Ladder: 3/11/2018 00:20:55

Level 64
Another amazing event set up by MOTD, this should be a lot of fun.
Team Ladder: 3/11/2018 00:21:05

Level 63
Hey!, thats sound pretty well, if there is not problem i wish to join.

Thanks in advance
Team Ladder: 3/11/2018 02:22:33

master of desaster 
Level 66
Team Ladder: 3/11/2018 04:53:20

Level 60
Ooooh looks interested I would like to join my name is MrTrolldemort#2403

Also I'm not sure if this was addressed but what is the boot time for these games? If it's less than 24 hours that would be a bit too short for me
Team Ladder: 3/11/2018 11:56:15

Level 57

Sounds pretty awesome, thanks for your time you invest in making so nice clots :)

Edited 3/11/2018 12:06:19
Team Ladder: 3/11/2018 13:15:32

Level 65
Team Ladder: 3/11/2018 18:18:43

Level 64
Also I'm not sure if this was addressed but what is the boot time for these games? If it's less than 24 hours that would be a bit too short for me
All games will have the standard boot time of 3 days for now.. I may experiment with other boot times later. But I'll make sure I give a 3 day warning on the server in case I do change it.
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