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Clan: Vikinger

Number of members: 68
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbgvgk50e94
Tagline: Victory or Valhöll
Created: 10/7/2015

Bio: ᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲᚪᚫᛉᚨᛒᛣᛤᚳᛢᛞᛖᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲᚪᚫᛉᚨᛒᛣᛤᚳᛢᛞᛖᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱ

Vikinger is a community based clan with emphasis on strategic gameplay. All members are encouraged to participate in clan events: Tournaments, P/R League as well as the various ladders available.

Please note: 30 days of inactivity will result in removal (unless otherwise agreed). The option to rejoin will remain.


Chat - https://discord.gg/tWCGmPn


A coward dies every day,
the courageous dies only once.
-Anonymous, The Saga of the Volsungs


— PR-League (internal):

P/R League Champion - ⚔


★ Court Of Gothar (Managers)

Hierarchy (Titles, based 1v1-Ladder rating):

— Hersir (2100+)
— Ulfhednar (2000+)
— Berserker (1900+)
— JomsViking (1800+)
— Himthiki (1700+)
— Skeppare (1600+)
— ChosenAxeman (1500+)
— Thegn (1400+)
— Drang (0-1400)

Hall of the Chosen Slain:
max™, -B, Koopa Troopa, Kayn, Brutus, HunterDW, Lineal2012, mtt, d-ceo, beerisfood, Rudii, Bhj6PL, pakokn, HunKnight

Clan Member Title
Doewolf ★ Himthiki
sevius Himthiki
John Drang
Automatix Hersir
Big Al Drang
dayo Drang
TheBelgian ★ ChosenAxeman
Jon Keaton Drang
Woden ★ Berserker
V@nD@mm€ ★ Drang
VGP Drang
ChanceMuffin Drang
Griss ★ Himthiki
Muten Rōshi Berserker
zillion Drang
bjrrn29 ChosenAxeman
Steve Skeppare
Socratis ChosenAxeman
Sourdough ChosenAxeman
Bieton Drang
Crooksly Skeppare
Die_Mongolen Himthiki
DH ★ Berserker ⚔
AncientBelgian ★ Drang
Scandalnavia Drang
Aimee Drang
💕(●'◡'●) Drang
ipg Drang
AngryDuckling Ulfhednar
Zeke13 Drang
Egdad Drang
FreeZeN Drang
scottd Drang
wolf Drang
IMMORTAL ★ Himthiki
samuel29 Drang
۞Chicken۞ ★ Ulfhednar
Corne Geven Drang
Bobby McCorkhead Drang
anibal Drang
Peacebringer Drang
MARK Drang
Alexarki Drang
Aegon Sand Drang
Elgorond Halistar Drang
Ragnarsson Drang
ShowKnight Drang
ant Drang
kozojc Drang
AquaHolic Hersir
Beowulf Drang
Mikey Drang
Sir Lag-a-Lot Drang
Esi Drang
Ancient Drang
AlexanderTheGreat Drang
Tiger Drang
axemachine Drang
Purpura Ignis (紫火) Drang
andy Drang
Axel Drang
ModernBelgian Clan Offspring
JaiSh123 Drang
Völsung ★ Berserker
BlackDeath Drang
V@nB@n Clan Pet