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sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 08:29:02

Level 52
I have a sneaky suspicion that 2 different players are actually one real person running two players which I believe is against the rules. One player said he is leaving his troops to another player. The other player said he is making moves for that player that "left". How could you possibly do this?
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 08:46:20

Level 62
I have been told by a reliable source (Fizzer) that it isn't technically against the rule to have more than 1 account and play with both accounts at the same time. The exception to this is in coin games and when your 2 accounts aren't playing on the same team.

He also told me you should write in "message to host" before a game starts that the same player will have 2 accounts playing at the same time on the same team. The thing is, most if not all people that play 2 or more accounts at the same time aren't saying it in the "message to host".

You can take over the account of a friend if he gives you his password/email and you use 2 different browsers (Chrome, Google, Explorer, etc.) to run the different accounts. You can also have more than 1 account if you have more than 1 email.

Some people are against alts but most people who have alts put them to good use (being in multiple clans, testing some strategies without being a bully to your teammates, etc.). You can report a guy that multi-accounts only if he uses it in a sneaky way like in FFAs, different teams and/or coin games.

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sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 10:31:56

Math Wolf 
Level 63
What LeQuébécois said + it's also not allowed to have 2 or more accounts active in the ladders in different "teams" (so no 2 or more accounts in 1v1 ladder or RT ladder at the same time, 2 accounts in 2v2 only in the same team, up to 3 accounts in 3v3 only in the same team).
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 13:41:31

Level 58
Half a year ago i had a small conversation with Fizzer about the coin stuff and he said at that point that it was strictly forbidden to play coin games on multiple accounts. So as I can tell from that is that it shouldn´t even be allowed if the accounts haven´t been in the same games which was the case for me.

proof of what i just said.

If Fizzer has changed his stance since then i really should contact him again in that mail thread i have with him an send a link to this thread to confirm with all things i just heard in here.
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 13:54:00

Level 60
LoL, nope Wakanari the rules are still the same. And you got lucky with Fizzer there. Many public cases of all accounts getting a ban. I think you read it a bit too fast, because LeQuébécois said that it is not allowed too :)

@Sir, report any suspected multi-accounting :)

Edited 8/6/2016 13:54:51
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 14:01:45

[NL] Sander
Level 59
I'm guessing this is about the diplo-game you made another threat about?

If so, as I stated there, giving your lands away to someone else doesn't mean you're multi-accounting, a player can just have good relations with another in a game and decide that if they're out they want that player to have their lands.
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 14:20:14

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
^^^ why would you admit that?
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 14:26:57

Level 58
oh yea, think i read over the word "and" in the sentence
The exception to this is in coin games and when your 2 accounts aren't playing on the same team

But still I've seen many more use alt accounts in free coin tournaments when i'm pretty sure they also have used coins on their main accounts and this is just from the accounts i know about since i probably don't know all the accounts from all the players.

Okay i know those tournament are Free but it's still considered to go for real money so shouldn't this be against the rules as well?
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 18:05:45

Level 44
wakanarai, yes it should, the tos state that you aren't allowd to use multiple accounts in a way that will give you an advantage in coin games.
if you enter into a tournament with multiple accounts there is a chance you will end up playing yourself, and give yourself a free win, which will give you an advantage in coin games, thus, not allowed.
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 18:19:26

Level 60
^Not quite what Wakanarai is asking about.

He is asking whether you can play with an alt in a free tournament, while the main (coin) account is not playing.
NO, you can not. You should not play coin games on more then one account. Doing so can get you banned. Thus even in RT torunyes with coins and free entry. DO NOT FILL THEM WITH ALTS. Even if the alts are byes! While you are doing morally nothing wrong, it is by definition cheating. If reported, you do risk a permanent ban.

Basically, only play coin games on one account. No exceptions. Don't matter if they are not playing in the same games or tournaments.

Edited 8/6/2016 18:22:36
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 18:20:44

Level 58
I haven't seen anyone play in coin tournament with 2 accounts unless it's 2v2 coin tournaments where they are just playing with 2 accounts (not even sure about that). I was more talking about one day playing a RT coin tournament on the main and the day after playing one on the alt.
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 18:23:58

Level 60
5. Your Account

B. No Transfer
Only one Account is allowed per person for playing coin games. Multiple Accounts, as well as the setting up and operation of multiple Accounts, are prohibited if playing with coins. Your Account is not transferable. Under no circumstances shall You allow or permit any other person or third party, including without limitation any person under the legal age to participate in a game in Your applicable Jurisdiction, and in no event any person under the age of thirteen (13) years, to use or re-use Your Account or Your Identifiers in such a way that may breach the standards or laws in any Jurisdiction where You are located and/or are a resident, or where such other person is located and/or is a resident. Any person found to have violated this section may be reported to the relevant authorities.


PS. My fav. part of ToS

7. Termination
A. Warlight's Right to Termination
Warlight reserves the right to terminate Your Account, limit or prohibit your participation in any game or game for without any reason.

Edited 8/6/2016 18:28:01
sneaky suspicion: 8/6/2016 19:41:42

Level 58
That's just standard. Warlight has a right to deny service for any reason as long as they're not discriminating against a protected class.
sneaky suspicion: 8/7/2016 00:25:34

Level 40
I think he's referencing the grammar
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