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Clan: Cacaoçian Empire

Number of members: 10
Link: http://tinyurl.com/DocsCacaonianArchive
Tagline: Most Recent Bio Overhaul: 12/8/16
Created: 1/25/2016

Bio: ^Clan Constitution; read it for insurance if you break rules. You have been warned!

Welcome to Cacaoçian/Caçaonian Empire! Please note the clan bio will get contantly overhauled ;).

Managers , and time of activity (Based on GMT+0):
Cacao , active (4pm-5am)
Fan (8am-9pm)

Contact the Managers
Caçao : http://tinyurl.com/mailKakao
Fan : http://tinyurl.com/MailTalkingFan

Hierarchy of Government (top to bottom) - only the "selected" can enter these high-level ranks.

Curent Leaders :

Emperor: Cacao
King: [redundant slot, aka open lol]
Advisor : Fan
Bishop : {BM}£RÆD
Ambasador : [empty]

-See other ranks in the constitution-

The Army:

Army Commader :
Naval Commander :
Air Force Marshall :

Other Titles :

Recruiter : someone who recruits people , chosen by managers. Also given puesudo-custom titles with the word "recruiter"

-If the player has MR, a "[MR] Tag will be put on their title ^_^.
-Banned or Suspended player getting kicked :(
-Inactive for 100 days? Your getting kicked too :( (unless your a alt xixi)

Clan Member Title
Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe Emperor Diety [MR]
Fan the Apostle Fero Advisor [MR]
iiioooppp Ambassador: China
{BM}£RÆD Army Commander
Cacaoçian Empire King of Palm Isle
kazakhstan Marine General
Jefferson Davis Army General
Stonedwall Jackson Army General
Nathan Bedford Forest Navy Admiral
Le recruiter Fan's alt recruiter