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Clan: Statisticians

Number of members: 28
Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferential_statistics
Tagline: Significantly better than your clan (on average)
Created: 8/6/2014

Bio: You are welcome to join if you are a statistician, data-analyst, (applied) mathematician or any other (aspiring) scientist with a broad knowledge and interest in (inferential) statistics and/or data-analysis.

We are a laid-back mildly competitive clan. You are always welcome to have a quick chat about math, statistics, data-analysis and/or rating systems with our members, preferably related to Warlight, or join us when we fight in Clan League and Clan Cup with our small but motivated roster.

For any further information or to join, contact Math Wolf through Warzone Mail or with a game. Please either include a short introduction on your link to statistics (or math) OR a reference from a current member who introduced you to our clan.

Clan Member Title
Math Wolf Doctor of Statistics
Jackie Treehorn Standard Deviate
Yeon Random Walk
Gus squared Stat Arb
Wolke2011 Null-Hypothesis
Mictlantecuhtli 92nd percentile
anz Prime Divisor
Kamakura Point Estimator
emagina Dr. of Histrionics
GOA Doctor of Marketing
Math Wolf [2] Replicate Experiment
BMT216A Assumption Violator
Nick Liquidity
Weibull Guy Weibull Guy
Name Title
bocker p-value
hedlopper X-Bar
jimmy Stochastic Error
GiorgioS Cosmic Variance
stijnjozef2 Strootbap
Pulchritude Invariant Arbiter
Master Sarah♦
Thy King MNAR
YeonAlt Random Forest