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Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 15:50:41

Level 61
I will be leaving all leagues and tournaments on WL. I will try and stop by occasionally for a RT tourney but who knows. So before anyone says "See you in a week", I've already said I might be around sometimes!

i can't resist to do a list of my achievement, sorry for that:

list :
-#1st place in ladder 1v1, with ladder record of 2375, for a total of 6th time in different run (counting alts as well, 3 with my main, 3 with alts).
-#1st place in ladder 2v2, with the great Beelzebù, with ladder record of 2283 points.
-#1st place in both ladder at same time.
- won 2 [20]A tourney, a 3v3 and 2v2.
- 2nd place overall rank of 4th [20] A
- won 3 Clan Legaue with WM, making a major contribution for win :-)
- go into final 8 of Szew's champion league, then we abandoned the idea.
- won a tourney of Proving Ground when i sit an account of a friend.
- won the internal 2v2 (WM only)
- won more then 20 livestreamed tournament.
- won a series of challenge based of best of 7 (1v1 with all different template) against a pool of top player
- won 2 legendary challenge, beating Gui and Szew.
- won 3 Tourney of clan league
- won more then 80 tourney
- won the 2v2 WPA open - grand slam (an old dunga's idea)

Also I want to post some of my favorite games:













I think i can say, in the moment i am leaving, i was the best player :-)
And the faster player too. One time i played a 5v5 with 5 account with autoboot 3 min ...

Goodbye all, I hate each and every one of you the most.

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Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 15:54:24

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 15:59:26

Level 58
Since the content of this thread seems like a funny joke does this mean also your anouncement of leaving isn't real? Also stuff reminds me to much about Gnuffone's goodbye thread here.

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Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 15:59:31

Level 60
Oh, damn :< Bye Jeff. Your smexy voice will not be forgotten.
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 16:03:05

Level 58
see ya jefferspin! :)
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 16:03:21

Level 63
I can't resist to do post the first roll of toilet paper, sorry for that

-1st place in ladder 2v2, with the infamous #QB, with ladder record of 2283 points: without taking in consideration the boot on motocross (his bad), and the loss delay in games against brisk/dreuj and mirror/ineffabe (qi/piggy stalled the game against us before our delay) ,I can reveal some other secret about their ladder rating , like when we played against flyngbender/uranus and jeff used the account of Flyngbender that he had the password to watch their picks and counterpick them in a ridicolous game of 5 turns....i have to say that i was agree with him, eliminate the ignorant uranus was fantastic but he have betrayed the trust of his friend flyngbender only to have high rating....

...or when the JSA's new elite players, the formidable 101st clan that pretend to be elite/semi elite with his top ladder team composed by dom/unreality realizing that delay games for months and win against jurassic/conquistador by lucky boot (game was over for 101 st) wasn't enought to take first place, they implored their master Jefferspin on Skype for an Exchange: they would have let us win the game against them that we were losing , and we would have let them be Champions(#1) at least for one day.....too many strange order by opponents (they break their bonuses etc etc)and also jeff has made moves unplanned,when I asked him the reason for these moves, he said that someone hacked his account and that he would speak with fizzer,but he did not seem worried...... about ten minutes after he had already reported to me the response of fizzer :fizzer can not or do not want to do anything.I was surprised by the response of fizzer but especially by his speed in giving it,I would like to talk with fizzer about his "fake"response but was not necessery,I have turned a blind eye and let it go. Truth that has come to light only when jefferspin put our team on vacation..... that's why now unreality the slave defend his master Jeff....protect the secret!

-#8th place in ladder 1v1, with ladder record of 2375, for a total of 6th time in different run (counting alts as well, 3 with my main, 3 with alts).

6 top race in 1v1 ladder !!!
first race -ridicolous rating of 2070/2080 , your old friend alhazi let him have the first place for one day (hazing)

second race -2190 rating , 3 games delayed , and once again alhazi was babysitting ​​him, giving yhim like 70 free points

and now the most interesting race! the third and last race correlated with alts races!!

Jeff joined the ladder before with his alt the not-Jeff; This alt has immediately attracted the attention of many players including myself (skilled player with very bad english that play real time all his games....Jefferspin?...maybe but this was not enought yet to be sure)...

with not-Jeff , Jeff made the classic "dirty race" typycal of him,: play the fastest possible, delay defeats with the purpose of achieving a very high rating ,but he could not surrender, even though he had already filed the first position with very high rating.....
the real mission was to play and lose against his main account!!....thats why he continued to delay against Khalid and the Others....and he put his alt in vacation to gain time and to avoid the risk of being eliminated...

At this point is started the race with his main account : the exact copy of the previous race, but this time it was going a lot worse, too many losses (marc, mercy,falco, tartan, krizchu),all the slots were already occupied by defeats....than he decided to surrender , but only the game with marc (he would not have lost a lot of rating, marc rating was very high)...he dropped from 5 games at time in 2 games at time , to do not add other games, than he back from vacation with his not-Jeff and in the same exactly moment he add 5 game at time in both accounts ....the plan had succeeded, he would finally be able to play against his alt!! at this point it was obvious , Not-Jeff = Jefferspin.

I have predicted the victory of jefferspin against his alt in the [20] forum, i was sure another shit game of 5-6 turns with jeff that counterpick his opponent.....like against flyng and uranus.....(he also bragged for his counter against his alt in chat...ahaha)

....and what happened?? gg tony correct prediction!

Not-Jeff after being beated by jeff return to play with 2 games at time....

This is the story of the saddest page of warlight, a "race" that would have never let jeff enter in top 5 ladder has become the best resume ever.....Im not surprised that jeff have never won a season in seasonal ladder , 20 games for all and no chance to delay....

Jeff you will be missed like the best....the best cheater ever!!

.. and the first roll of toilet paper is gone, i have some Others, but i think for now this is enought

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Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 16:04:16

Level 64
RIP Jefferspoon :'(

The greatest WarLight player that ever was or will be.
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 16:07:59

Level 60
Who's gonna be our supreme leader now?
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 16:11:13

Level 59
Lol, Jeff you're hilarious there hahahahaha. I fucking love this thread.

Goodbye man, see you arround!
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 16:31:24

Level 63
See you in a week
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 16:38:16

Level 60
poor gnuff
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 16:43:51

♆♆♆ RedBloodyKiller ♆♆♆
Level 59
yeah yeah an other bastard leaving this game ok good bye no one gonna miss ou any way ahahahah
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 16:54:03

Level 55
why are u leaving the world best game ever?
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 17:13:32

Level 61
Noooooooooooooo who will we take the piss out of now?!

Aww bye Jeff, we'll miss ya.

Any chance you can leave us your beard so we have something to remember you by?
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 17:41:49

Level 60
Bye Jeffrey. Best of luck
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 17:41:51

Level 61
When Semicedevines tries to understand the joke
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 17:53:08

Level 60
kids, this is serious thread, please go play with dolls elsewhere
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 18:07:43

Level 58
Gnuff got the living piss took out of him, lol. best retirement thread ever, and I will miss you =), cool guy.
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 18:17:29

Level 59
Hey Jefferspin, I just heard that you were so devastated after Relite beat WM 14-3 that you just couldn't believe it was true! So you made up a fantasy that I had hacked into szeweningen's account to see what moves you guys made. I hate to break it to you, but that 14-3 result had no cheating involved (at least Relite didn't cheat).

As an act of revenge for this imaginary hack, you infiltrated Relite/GG with an alt of yours. You also abused FlyingBender's, your supposed friend's, trust and started spying on us and our games with Bender's account, as you had his login data. You probably also downloaded the strategy guide that was only meant for GG. Well, I hope you got much out of it, you little thief, and that it helped you gain a standing in 20A that is above the mediocrity where you actually belong.

In case this thread was not created solely for self-promotion, I wish you good riddance!
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 18:27:39

Level 57
Seeya Jefferspin, enjoy life.
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 18:30:21

Master Jz 
Level 62
masta of trolling

You called?

Thanks everyone!
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 18:30:44

Wally Balls 
Level 59
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 18:36:07

Level 37
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 18:39:56

Level 54
What is this cancer?
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 21:15:40

master of desaster 
Level 65
Zephyrum, what did jeff achieve that is not recognized? He said he did certain things. It is all true. I am saying he juiced some of his stats/accomplishments in an effort to use his stats to make the argument that he is the best. This is also true.

Everything jefferspin has done in the last year was for one goal: Seek recognition from the forum.

By juicing his stats, it makes it harder to really evaluate his true skill level. This is unfortunate, because, as I have long told him in private, he is one of the best 5-10 players ever. But by juicing his stats, he has become the Barry Bonds of WL.

Jefferspin you are a machiavellian master mind and I am your biggest fan. Your commitment to something which was important to you impresses me, I hope you find a more noble goal. Numbers are boring, gossip and intruige will capture the minds of the forum. Of all the things you did, those listed by beelz not those listed by you will ensure that you are remembered long after youre gone.

A true legend.
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 21:43:20

Timinator • apex 
Level 65
You sucked anyway Jeff.
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 21:46:12

Cloud Strife
Level 60
Bye, Juffone.
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 21:47:56

Level 66
Dont, worry jeff, haters gonna hate (you).

Everybody else too :/

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Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 21:49:40

Cata Cauda
Level 59
See you in a week.
Goodbye Warlight: 6/10/2016 21:54:25

Level 60
LOL, I get it now xD

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