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The perfect Murder: 1/9/2016 23:11:04

Luna {TJC}
Level 56
You could stab someone with an icicle.

Take them out to the desert.

Poison the ice in the punch bowl at prom.

The list goes on, but how would you 100% get away with it?

Darth Darth Binks
So how'd do it..

1) Perfectly murder someone you know

2) Perfectly murder a set target

3) A repeatable way of mass murder. (let's say you have to kill 100 people over how many years you want)
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 00:05:22

Level 49
Crash a plane into the World Trade Center.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 00:06:26

Level 49
Too far ? I'm sorry,
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 00:26:05

[AOE] JaiBharat909
Level 56
Too far ?

If you have to ask...yes.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 00:29:25

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
It's not perfect, because the culprits have been found out.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 01:27:53

Level 55
eat them
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 02:26:32

Thomas 633
Level 56
Give them your car for a weekend. Mysteriously, something fails, and they are tragically killed. Suspicion falls upon you, but there is no proof.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 03:12:25

Catus Cauda
Level 53
eat them

Thats actually a very good way.
A few other ways to hide a corpse:
1. Burn it.
2. throw it into ocean
3. Throw it into a swamp or somewhere else where you cant see.

Generally speaking, the less you know your victim the better.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 04:03:42

Empire of Kilos
Level 32
Step one, Drug Friend.

Step two, Go to Somolia.

Step three, presuming you haven't been killed by Somoli Pirates, kill your target.

Step four, return to your Country.

Tada! Expensive, yet effective!
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 05:43:50

Level 56
Drive-bys, it's how shit works. All you need is a fast car, squad, and an automatic weapon.

Edited 1/10/2016 05:44:08
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 05:51:12

Level 60
The Perfect Murder?

Easy' you just find a way to make it legal!

Death Sentences are commonly used in the world, to eliminate targets that the (sovereign nation) deems necessary to remove.

This easily satisfies 1,2 and 3.
You will get blamed correctly for the murder, but due to being in control no punishment will be done towards you!

You have to obtain the status of leader or a very high rank official.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 05:56:12

Level 54
Ummm try this instead.

At random, find someone to target. You may kill them on sight or slowly develop a plan to kill them.

Make sure you do not bring and electronic device with you if you are currently heading over to spy on our kill your victim. Gps/alibi

It doesn't really matter how you kill them. A suggestion personal would be crafting your own knife or obtaining a handmade one from a friend. Blunt tools are typically better simply because guns tend to be more traceable.

After killing them, minimize fingerprints. Now, you can go 2 separate ways (again) you can hide their body or just don't gaf. Doesn't matter. You might feel safer if you hide the cadaver.

Regarding developing a plot to kill your RANDOM TARGET, it's s good idea to simply wait for them to have an unlocked door with themselves inside. Happens very often if you just wait for your right moments.

Other tips - DO NOT BLEED. Cut out the teeth of the victim. Bring lots of bleach in the event you do bleed or something else. Good idea to develop makeshift shoes that can't be traced. And if by any means you DO have to buy things from the store, use cash.

If you get caught or are pinned as suspect :

Immediately obtain lawyer.

Remain silent at all times.

Lie detectors are bogus and can be broken. You can simply manipulate emotions in. . Discrete ways.

More likely than not, the police will have a rough time pining you as a suspect because you're related in no way to the victim, any evidence will be minimal.

Other tips!

If they get a fingerprint, bear in mind that there are such things as identical fingerprints and very similar, as it is for snowflakes.

You can reflect upon the Zodiac Killer as a perfect execution of this random assault method.

Oh but i wouldn't recommend trying to create some indecipherable code though.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 06:03:19

Level 56
You should dub yourself The New Republic Shanker

Also we are all now on the Watchlist. Good going everyone.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 06:03:32

Diplomatic Immunity 
Level 54
That is slightly disturbing Genghis...
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 06:12:03

Level 56
What if you invent a time-machine and go back in time when technology wasn't that advanced.

Problem solved.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 06:13:52

Level 54
Ummm that's pretty bogus.

Considering in 1975-2000 there was a 90% rate of homicide cases being solved, but in the contemporary we have 65% solution rate.

This is likely due to more random murders, criminals becoming more intellectual about being untraceable, among other things.

Any further concerns about my tried and true random homicide method?
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 06:17:11

Level 54
Notice the increase in gang violence and activity from 1975 to the present as an explanation for the increased random murder rate,just one example.

One thing to consider : in conducting yout random murder, you might accidentally frame an innocent person.

If you are framed, contact lawyer and shut up. This usually happens if you're related to victim, you're known to be hostile around victim, or if you're uncomfortable when being asked questions about victim during a lie detector.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 10:44:07

Level 18
the perfect murder: poison someone with TTX, it is completely undetectable during a post mortem, and is found in pufferfish.
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 11:19:54

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
Step 1: Buy several sets of Chemistry Books

Step 2: Cook up a batch of highly poisonous substances

Step 3: Assume a false identity

Step 4: Buy a convenience store and put the poison in all substances

Step 5: Sell the Poisoned Products

Step 6: Sell the convenience store as quickly as possible

Step 7: Defect to Sudan
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 11:24:59

C.Z Codreanu.
Level 43
fill a ship to the max capacity, then sink it
(may be hard.Another way is to send dumb people with cardboard boats on a river )
The perfect Murder: 1/10/2016 13:04:32

[Wolf] Relmcheatham
Level 56
Step 1: Plot a social downfall of my enemy over 2 years

Step 2: Slowly erode away their public reputation slowly over a long period of time

Step 3: Wait for one small mistake on their part, then twist it ever so slightly till it gets out of hand

Step 4: Plant evidence to further him away from all of his friends and family (E.I. plant evidence he is cheating on his wife where she will find it)

Step 5: Once he has no close friends,and you are somewhat still his friend, wait. Study his writing style and writing quirks.

Step 6: Write a believable suicide note.

Step 7: invite him on a hunting trip (or something where you will be alone) and then kill him, take his keys, put his body in the car (take his house key off the ring first), light a fire on the inside and watch the sparks burn him.

Step 8: Take the house key to his house, and then plant the suicide note.

Step 9: Laugh like the sick fuck you are!

Their are flaws, but for the sake of time I left the fixes out you sick bastards.
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