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Clan: Across

Number of members: 7
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFt-qtbU1g0
Tagline: So many worlds, and I have not yet conquered one.
Created: 7/5/2016

Bio: Across is the utmost honorific community of warlight. We are highly respected for our contribution to the warlight community by openly expressing our appreciation to the drawn art and entertainment.

Across expressed their thanks to the Asians that have contributed to the creation of entertaining anime and manga, and the Aryans for inventing the needed technology.
Across Activities:
• Ladder practices.
• Sharing diplomacy templates.
• Contesting at the RP Clan League.
• Playing and making diplomacy games.
• Playing stratigic games and helping each other to improve.
• Participating in ladders.
• Sharing and discussing anime, anime music, manga, and many more.
• Bringing oure contribution to the public forum.
Across Rules:
• If you have family refer to them as "onee-sama/chan and onii-sama/chan".
• Act like Japanese is your first language when only knowing 2 words.
• Ka-me-ha-me-ha everybody.
• Make anyone who hates anime dead to you.
• Make sure you have horrible grammar and spelling.
• Play Pokemon Go! and get hit by a bus doing so.
• Watch hours of anime each day, every day.
-Dress Code-
• Carry around a classic anime weapon with you everywhere.
• Wear fake animal ears at school, or any other inappropriate places.
Across Recruitment:
We only accept the select few who are worthy. If you think to be worthy of being part of Across, then sent an application to The 1e Orange. Write who you are and why you think to be worthy of being part of the most honorific community of warlight.
Across Hierarchy:
1. Leaders. ________ "Leader of [department]"
2. Useful Member. __ "[Job]"
3. Active Member. __ "Active Member #[number]"
--> Useless Member getting kicked.

Clan Member Title
The Lord Active Member #9
The Mad Japanese
Rindsay Rohan Active Member #4
Tsukiyama Shuu Leader of cuck
(AOE) Manchester United Recruiter
Shini LL of the H The Victim
Kuromorimine Active Member #12