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Clan: Mongols

Number of members: 21
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqHUmWFOegI
Tagline: We're Ikhanic .
Created: 10/7/2013

Bio: What are we?
We are the Mongols, we are a fun and active, RP/Strategic clan who enjoy making and playing a range of many different scenarios! Those who think they have the skill it takes are more then welcome to message -


Khagan (Highest)
Pro Khagan
Rider (Lowest)
Peasant (Inactive), Temporary status - Everyone who hasn't logged in for a long time (Can vary!)
What do the ranks mean?
Ranks can be earned by doing things the Khagan or Pro Khagans view as worthy such as being active within the clan, making clan games and recruitment. Beware should you show conduct that is seen as unacceptable you can be demoted! Everyone who joins will begin as a Rider which is a simple member. The next level up is a Lancer who is a member who has distinguished themselves. Above that lies the Khan who is the representative or figurehead of a band. Next is the Pro Khagan who serve to help keep order for the Khagan. Lastly the Khagan is the supreme ruler who stands over all!
Requirements to join:
Be active
Maximum 15% Bootrate.
Atleast 75 games played
Be nice and play fair.
Please don't go inactive for a too long time without a reason.
Know a decent amount of information about our namesake.
Praise our glorious Khan.
Note: We are currently reorganizing. We aren't going to start a new clan, we're trying to bring this clan to life

Clan Member Title
volkan Peasant
Snuggle Rider
Genghis Khagan
Flammaeric Retired
Ayush Mishra Peasant
twist Rider
Hamste Lancer
Wertmon505 Peasant
Khorvala Peasant
Hamilcar Barca Rider
Pepto Bismol Rider
Temüjin Peasant
ShauniePoos Rider
Pol Pot Peasant
BlitzTaifun / DragonScales Retired
HMcCrary Peasant
Ryan8202 Peasant
Haukka Lancer
Gmonaaay Peasant
Mongolian Kyger Pro-Khagan
Ithel ap Geraint Peasant