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Clan: The Circle

Number of members: 27
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IJCFc_qkHw
Tagline: The ride NEVER ends!
Created: 1/21/2015

Bio: We're the baddest clan this side of Coney Island. We got a few simple rules, they go somethin' like this:

1. Be swagtastic

2. Be at least semi-active.

3. Respect your superiors.

4. Swear allegiance to the Great Chem in the Sky.

5. un 2sdayz erybudy in da cln gota tlk lik dis

Now, we don't to be perfect. We're far from it. Cheats, warmongers, liars, lazy fukrs, and ugly people just run rampant among us. But you treat us good, we'll try to do the same to you. Unless we benefit otherwise, of course.

But you may've heard some false-saying from some of those Heretics over in Open games, or other places. They might say we "Rig Games" or "Are Assholes" But let me assure you, we're decent folks, and nothing they say ever happened unless they deserved it. IN THE DARKNESS MONSTERS RISE

If you want to try anything against our clan, be warned that one of our members, Ninjafisher1980, is a ex-navy seal with over 300 confirmed kills and a network of friends and agents across the world just waiting to trace your IP and bring your whole world crashing down, so watch your step.

Hate us, Love us, we don't care. We're the best, we don't need no approval from a square like you. *tips fedora* Nothin' personal, kid.

Now that you've been introduced, feel free to have a look around or contact Oculus, who would be glad to fill you in on the companies our various members control, our religious pantheon, and any other questions you may have.

Clan Member Title
Ninjafisher1980 Human Calcul8or
Oculus Silent Screams
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The Rebel
JimEvans Drama Bomb
Chembaka Chemlakian Overlord
CaptainCliche Duke of NewestCastle
Line The Ultra Geometry
That Guy That Guy Who Lived
William Lannister The Unknown Fucker
A_Karstark Kars go Vroom
CouchCoach Master of Odlids
Ninefingers EightFingers
Thrawn George Foreman
Mark S Mark S
Cpl. Lovesalot The Prophesied One
Marthanóir Fíor The Grill
Doug Dimmadome Swagula
ILegitRussian ThisLegitTitle
Reinhardt Nazi Technomage
Clayton John Cena
Noogets MC Nuggets
Leif Eriksson
Princess Nuggets
Purple Phoenix
Kem Imposter
FrancoPadini III "Not a Pedophile"