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Here's a list of terms you will often encounter when playing Warzone. There is large overlap with the general chat-language, but there are some Warzone-specific words as well.

  • 16% – The luck is set at 16%. It can be any percentage, but 16% is popular because the often-used 4 vs 2 attack will have a 100% chance of winning, however, a 3 vs 2 attack will have a 80% chance of winning. Often in game or tournament name.
  • ATM – Short for At The Moment
  • Diplomacy – A game with private chat enabled, to encourage truces and treaties between players that are not teamed together from the start.
  • FFA – Free for all, i.e. without teams.
  • FTB – First Turn Bonus; a type of strategy.
  • GG, gg – Good game, often said at the end of a game to compliment other players with their strategy, fair-play and/or manners.
  • LDLocal deployments. Often in the game/tournament name.
  • MA - Multi Attack
  • NC – No cards. Often in game or tournament name.
  • SR - Straight Round
  • WR - Weighted Random
  • VTE – Vote to End. Often used in diplomacy games.
  • Strategic, Strat – A game with settings equal to or largely like the Strategic 1v1 template. Often in game or tournament titles.
  • autoRandom (automatic) distribution of territories upon starting a game. Often in game or tournament titles.
  • gl – Good luck
  • hf – Have fun
  • hree, jere, here, ghere – I am aware I exceeded the boot timer. I was away, but I am here now. I promise I will hurry now in committing my turn, please don't boot me.
  • random – Random distribution of territories upon starting a game. Often in game or tournament titles.
  • mirror – Mirror picks, when someone ask to copy exactly his picks.
  • PE - Public enemy. PEs are usually involved in diplomacy games.


[edit] Templates & Maps

  • ME - Medium Earth
  • MME - Modified Medium Earth
  • FB - French Brawl
  • RDR - Red Dead Redemption
  • RoR - Rise of Rome

[edit] Medium Earth

  • ant - Antarctica
  • aus - Australia
  • CA - Central America
  • SA - South America
  • WA - West Africa
  • EA - East Africa
  • Indo - Indonesia
  • SEA - South East Asia
  • EC - East China
  • WC - West China
  • scan - Scandinavia
  • WR - West Russia
  • CR - Central Russia

[edit] Troll's Europe

  • SLK - Slovakia
  • WCR - Western Central Russia
  • aus - Austria
  • switz - Switzerland
  • Ben/bene - Benelux
  • GB,england - Britain
  • Ice - Iceland
  • Ire - Ireland

[edit] Rise of Rome

Here is a list of common terms (mostly abbreviations for megabonuses) that will come up often when playing on the Rise of Rome map.

  • Illy: the megabonus Illyricum, located near the center of the map
  • Mace: the megabonus Magna Macedonia, located just south of illy
  • gb: the megabonus Magna Britannia
  • Asia: the megabonus Magna Asia (usually; in some cases it may refer to the actual +4 bonus Asia located at the northwest of that megabonus)
  • Colchis: a +2-bonus located in the far northeast.
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