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Warzone allows players to organize tournaments of three different types: single-elimination tournaments, double-elimination tournaments and round-robin tournaments.

In any tournament mode, the tournaments can be created as individual tournaments or team tournaments. In a team tournament, all teams will be made up of the same number of players and the teams will stay the same for the entire tournament.

Single-elimination and double-elimination tournaments allow their creators to set coin prizes for the top players/teams, but this is not an option in round-robin mode.

A tournament can be open or invite-only. An open tournament will be listed on the 'Open Tournaments' page, which can be found under the tournaments tab under the 'Multiplayer' tab. Anybody can join these tournaments unless they are blacklisted by the creator of the tournament or don't meet the open seat prerequisites. In invite-only tournaments you must be invited to be able to join. Furthermore, the tournament creator may choose to prevent forwarding invites. In this case only the creator can invite others to the tournament. Otherwise, anybody who has already been invited to the tournament can invite others.

When you are invited to a tournament you will be notified under the 'My Games' sub-tab under the 'Multiplayer' tab, and sent an email (if enabled). You can accept or decline any tournament. If you decline you can still join the tournament later, provided it hasn't begun yet.

The vote to end feature is not available in tournament games; one player or team must win every game.

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