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Some map designers include a Cities distribution or a Warlords Distribution manually by picking the territory in each bonus themselves. For most games, this is preferred since the map designer typically knows best where to place these.

However, Warzone also allows you to utilize a Random Warlords Distribution or Random Cities Distribution for any map. This determines the distribution randomly when the game is started. This has a few advantages:

  • They allow each game to have a slightly different start, ensuring variety in strategies.
  • In a fog game, players will not know where the cities or start points will be.
  • These are available even if the map designer does not explicitly create a warlords or cities distribution.

These distributions are designed for maps where bonuses do not overlap. If a map designer overlaps bonuses, these distributions may produce unexpected results.

This will generally mean that Superbonuses will have one territory for each minor bonus, plus an additional territory; included in distribution for warlords, and excluded in distribution for cities.

The random distributions will not include a starting location in any bonus that is worth 0 armies per turn or negative armies per turn. In Strategic 1v1 settings, this is why Korea, Japan, Hawaii and Alaska are not eligible for picking.

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