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Version Date Changes
Pre-alpha 0 18 July, 2008
  • Basic game-play available.
Pre-alpha 1 29 July, 2008
  • WarLight can now send e-mails. You can have it notify you when it's your turn or when you get invited to a game.
Pre-alpha 2 4 June, 2008
  • It is now possible to view a game you're not in.
Pre-alpha 3 13 June, 2008
  • The deployment slider is now available, which makes it significantly easier to deploy large number of armies.
Pre-alpha 4 20 June, 2008
  • Multi-attack is now available, which allows your armies to move long distances in a single turn.
Pre-alpha 5 29 June, 2008
  • You can now use Fog in your games, which allows you to obscure which territories are not visible.
Alpha 0 24 August, 2008
  • Team-play is now available! See the help page for full details.
  • You can now link games to other WarLight players. See the Settings panel to get a URL to your game.
  • You can now click on a player's color (in the bottom-right corner) to more easily see all territories they control.
Alpha 1 13 September, 2008
  • Refresh times tweaked to be faster.
  • Chat functionality is now available! The Chat button will flash when new messages are waiting.
  • New map added for testing: Earth V2 by Grundie.
  • An email is now sent when a fog game ends, informing players they can go back and watch the finished game.
Alpha 2 14 October, 2008
  • The "My Games" page has been overhauled.
  • Thumbnails are now available! They appear in the Create Game wizard and on the new My Games page.
  • You can now nudge players from the lobby. If you nudge a player who hasn't created their account yet, they will be re-sent the sign-up link.
  • You can now boot players who are slow to take their turn. This duration can be set by the game creator for their game.
Alpha 3 22 October, 2008
  • You can now pick where you want to start in games by using the Manual Distribution feature.
  • Multi-attack mode has changed. Now, armies can attack as much as they want but they can only transfer once per turn.
  • Game creators can now elect to start neutral territories at 0.
Alpha 4 7 November, 2008
  • Game creators can elect to create their game based off a preexisting template.
  • When a player gets booted, eliminated, or when their surrender is accepted, an entry will now be displayed in the orders list informing everyone of this event.
  • When a player is booted or when their surrender is accepted, their territories will now change to the neutral color to ensure everyone knows they are no longer active.
Alpha 5 10 December, 2008
  • WarLight now supports cards! The reinforcement card is available for use.
  • The vote-to-boot time and direct-boot time can now be set independently.
Alpha 6 25 December, 2008
  • The Spy Card is now available. This lets you see your opponents territories through the fog.
  • The Reinforcement Card can now be configured to be progressive; that is, start out giving fewer armies and give more as the game goes on.
  • Your-turn notification emails are now set to a 15-minute delay (you will receive them if you don't take your turn within 15 minutes.) If you liked the instant notifications, you may set it back via the Settings page.
  • In manual distribution games, you can now go back and view the map as it was at distribution time. Do to this, click "First turn" button (<<<) in the history controls.
  • Two new distribution modes were added to all maps: Random Warlords and Random Cities.
  • Game creators can now override the value of bonuses if they feel they are overpowered or underpowered for their game.
Alpha 7 5 January, 2009
  • The Abandon Card is now available.
  • Game creators can now specify how many pieces-of-card that players get each turn.
Alpha 8 18 January, 2009
  • Re-do functionality has been enhanced. You can now elect to start your turn over from a blank slate or to load your previously issued orders and make modifications to them.
  • Additionally, the turn will not advance while you are re-doing your orders. You can now take your time.
  • You can now discard cards that you don't wish to play.
  • You can now reset your password if you forget it.
  • Game creators can now delete their games that haven't started yet from the Lobby screen.
  • You can now see who has accepted a player's surrender.
Beta 0 14 January, 2009
  • The sequence that orders are executed is now cycles. For example, instead of going ABC ABC ABC, it goes ABC CBA ABC CBA.
  • Attacks or transfers that don't get executed no longer take up a spot. For example, if you issue a "transfer only" to a spot you do not control, your next order will happen immediately instead of having other player's orders execute first.
  • Player profiles are available.
  • Ranked games are available.
  • Menu system and web-page refreshed.
  • Game creators can now override the offense and defense kill percentages.
Beta 1 3 March, 2009
  • Open games are available!
  • General invites are now available.
  • The look and feel of the lobby has been revisited.
Beta 2 16 April, 2009
  • Tournaments are now available!
  • A forum is now available under the Home tab.
  • The "Active Games" filter no longer shows games you declined. You may find them under "All Games".
  • Players can now hide the results of their ranked games from their profile page if they wish to keep this information private.
  • Open seats are no longer advertised on the My Games page after 24 hours.
  • Two maps were renamed: "Classic" became "Small Earth" and "Dodecohedron Madness" became "Buckyball Madness".
Beta 3 30 April, 2009
  • Double-elimination tournaments are now available!
  • When a player changes their name, it will show their old name on the User Profile so their friends can still identify them.
  • Players can now change their name only once every 20 days.
  • Cards played by your teammate now say 'Teammate Played' over them.
  • Full changelog
Beta 4 19 May, 2009
  • Sounds were added. They can be toggled off in the top-right corner.
  • Added a new sort option for My Games: "How long it's been my turn."
  • Help balloons were added for new users that help them learn how to play.
  • Full changelog
Beta 5 2 June, 2009
Beta 6 14 June, 2009
  • Sign-ups are now open. Anybody can create an account through the website.
  • Added more flexibility in controlling how cards are distributed: weights and minimums.
  • Added three new cards: Order Priority, Order Delay, and Airlift.
  • Full changelog
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