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A Warzone turn goes through several phases. The two most familiar phases are the deploy phase and the attack/transfer phase as these are the two phases that players directly walk through when playing the game. However, there are more phases for handling cards and special events.

[edit] Details

Every Warzone order is restricted to a single phase. For example, army deployments can only happen during the deploy phase and attack/transfer orders can only happen during the attack/transfer phase.

The sequence of the phases is fixed. This is why an attack can never happen before a deployment - the deploy phase happens before the attack/transfer phase.

It's possible for different types of orders to share the same phase. For example, both the Order Delay Card and attack/transfer orders happen during the attack/transfer phase. This means that it's possible to have attacks both before and after an Order Delay Card.

Most of the time, players don't need to understand the intricate details of the phases because the orders list ensures that you can't submit things out of sequence. However, when using many different types of cards, it can be useful to know which happen where.

[edit] Phases

This is a complete list of phases, in the order that they happen:

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