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The orders list is located in the top-right corner of the game, under a heading of "orders." It may be collapsed, in which case it can be accessed by the small red button with a << label.

The orders list serves a few purposes depending on the state of the game. When playing your turn, it shows the orders that you have entered so far. When watching the previous turn play out, it shows the orders of the previous turn. When viewing history, it shows the orders that occurred on that turn in history.

[edit] Hover

Many orders that appear within the orders list have additional information that is revealed by hovering over the orders.

For example, by hovering over an attack order, you can see:

  1. The number of armies attacked with
  2. The number of attacking armies that were killed
  3. The number of defending armies that were killed
  4. The offense luck value
  5. The defense luck value
  6. How many armies were originally sent
  7. The attack mode (attack only, transfer only, or attack/transfer)
  8. Whether or not the order could have attacked teammates

Some of this information is available without the hover. For example, the number of armies that were killed can be seen by watching the animation. Further, the luck values can be calculated by doing the math on the number of armies killed. However, some information presented here is only available via the hover, such as the number of armies that were originally sent and the attack mode.

[edit] Multi-Select

The orders list allows you to select multiple orders at a time. When building your turn, this is useful to delete or visualize many orders at once, and it can also make moving orders around easier.

To do this, simply hold the Control key down and click on multiple orders. You'll notice they all become highlighted, both in the orders list and on the map. This makes it easy to visualize them all at once on the map.

If you want to select many orders in a row, select the top order and hold Shift when clicking the lower order.

While multiple orders are selected, you can delete them all with the X, or move them up/down as a group.

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