Custom Card Package 2

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Mod name Custom Card Package 2
Creator DanWL
Made public on 2023-09-01
Category Experimental
Tags #Diplomacy
Runs on Warzone version 5.22+
Source code GitHub

This mod adds more custom cards to the game. To view which cards you have and play any, see Game > Mod: Custom Card Package 2.


[edit] Cards

All these cards can:

  • Have a customizable number of pieces to split the card into
  • Have a fixed amount of pieces awarded per turn
  • Have initial starting pieces given to all players
  • Be bought (using gold)
  • Have pieces awarded regardless of having any successful attacks

[edit] Double Tap

Allows you to make a second attack/transfer from a territory that you already issued an attack/transfer from. The attack must have failed for the card to take affect.

[edit] Immobilize

Prevents all army movement (including airlifts) to and from a territory that is next to or is one of yours.

The duration of the card is customisable.

[edit] Reconnaissance+

Reconnaissance Cards with customizable range. Note that Reconnaissance Cards must be enabled in the game settings to use this card. You should set the card weight to 0 or minimum pieces earned per turn to 0 to prevent normal Reconnaissance Card pieces from being earned. Currently this card lasts 1 turn, rather than the amount set by the Reconnaissance Card.

[edit] Recycle

Sets the number armies on a territory to be the amount that was on it on the first turn and changes the owner to neutral. The armies that used to be on the territory get added to your income. Can only be played on one of your own territories.

It is optional to have recycling Commanders to cause elimination.

[edit] Rushed Blockade

Like normal Blockade Cards but happen during the attacks phase.

[edit] Trap

Like Blockade Cards except the territory become neutral when an enemy captures it.

It is optional to have trapping Commanders to cause elimination.

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