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When a player clicks the Change Mods button when creating a Warzone game, they will be shown all mods that are Public and have been approved by an administrator.

If you made a mod, and want to see it approved so that the public can use it, please follow these steps:

  1. Test it thoroughly in both single player and multi-player games. Recruit other players to help test and give you feedback to ensure it works and is free of bugs.
  2. Ensure the way to use it and its affects are well documented and easy to understand, either in ModDescription and/or in the game creation UI.
  3. Open the Mod Development Console, click Open next to the mod and then click the Request Public button. This will prompt you to select the test game you made in #1.

After it's public, you should also check the "reports" section every once in a while. If reports show up here, it indicates your mod has a bug and you should work on fixing it.

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