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The Sanctions Card reduces the income of another player. When playing a Sanctions Card, you can pick any player as the target.

Sanctions can be configured to reduce their target's income to 0 or to a particular percentage of their income. The default configuration removes half of their income (50%).

Sanction cards can stack. If two sanction cards are played on the same player, they will be applied consecutively. For example, if the first 50% sanction card reduces your 20 income to 10, a second would reduce the remaining 10 to 5.

[edit] Negative sanctions

If the sanctions card is configured to reduce income by a negative percentage, it will actually increase the target's income.

Note that sanctions cards will cap your income at 10,000.

[edit] Rounding behaviour

The sanctions card rounds the amount to sanction down if the value ends in .5. This means that if someone on 5 income gets sanctioned with a 51% sanctions card, their income will be reduced by 3, since 2.51 rounds up to 3. Their final income will be 2. However, if the 5-income player gets sanctioned with a 50% sanctions card, their income will only be reduced by 2, since 2.5 rounds down to 2. Their final income will now be 3

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