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Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/1/2023 21:40:50

Level 61
I can’t promise I’ll do this every day, but I’ll give it my best shot on the days I can. DM me if your interested in taking over on days that I can’t.
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/1/2023 21:41:14

Level 61
CW Summary (S31 - Day 2):

Optimum close the small gap to Mythbusters today after an outstanding 28 wins. That is 4 wins more than their best day last season and even exceeds MB’s best day last season.

Speaking of, MB answer Opti’s challenge by tying their best day last season with 26 wins of their own. They cut it close, though, as 9 of those wins came on the last slot of the day.

A fantastic day for Knyte. 19 wins. Just like Opti, they smash their previous season’s best by 4 wins as well, after finally raising their rating enough to avoid the no games

They keep pace with Prime, who also had an above average day with 19 wins. They only had five days last season with 19 or above wins.

Harmony begin to lag behind the other 4, but that doesn’t mean they had a bad day. They scored 12 wins today, which is only 1 less than their median wins last season.

A slow start to the season for Mylo and Jack Norris. If there was a Hall of Fame, these two would be in there, but this season they start off with two losses to Mythbusters.

MB’s new recruit from CORP, Old Nick, has started the season slow with two losses to Opti players on S1v1. Definitely a great addition to their squad, as he has a positive W/L record against Opti whilst playing for CORP. No one doubts his talent, but it’s possible he feels the need to perform well and is faltering under the pressure of the spotlight.

French Brawl during the 2nd slot was stacked today. The 3 best French Brawl players in the world join it. Xeno, the reigning seasonal ladder champion on FB. Tornado, the reigning back to back FB World Tour champion. And Rufus, the best player in the world. ONE & Master had higher ratings than Opti, so the game between Tornado and Rufus commenced… which Tornado won dominantly.

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Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/2/2023 23:32:34

Level 61
CW Summary (S31 - Day 3):

Opti take lead. Toads drop to 4th. Huge participation.

36, 35, 35, 33, 26. No, that’s not the IQ of 5 random Prime members, that is the total games played today by the top 5 clans. I don’t have any stats on this, but I have never seen participation this high.

Mythbusters vs Optimum
A great start to the day for Opti. They went 12-1 on Strat 1v1 in the first 2 slots, going 6-0 against MB. That sees them leading 19 wins to 3 at the halfway point. MB keep some games in hand, though, and hit the second half hard, closing the gap to Opti, but still unable to repair the damage done earlier in the day. Opti break the tie and shoot up into first, opening a 5 win gap.
15 games between Opti and MB. 11 wins for Opti. Just 4 for MB

Knyte vs Prime
An awful day for Prime. Just 11 wins. The only day worse for them last season was the 1 slot opening day. On the other hand, Knyte post 18 wins for their second amazing day in a row. On the 3rd slot their clan rating overtook Prime after winning a 7 game showdown 5-2 on SE1W.
15 games between Knyte and Prime. 9 wins for Knyte. 6 for Prime.

13 wins for Harmony. A slightly above average day for them.

M’Hunters win 8 out of 8 to start the day, but can’t keep the pace in the second half. Still, it’s enough to extend their lead to 5 wins in the midfield battle for 6th place.

Norme, who started last season winning 16 games in a row, lost today in a coin flip SE1W game.

Old Nick and Mylo keep up their unfortunate loss streaks, but Jack Norris ends his with an impressive win on French Brawl.

Something I like to follow are players on perfect seasons. That means perfect participation with no losses. Johnny and Norme lasted 16 days last season. There are still many players that are perfect, so I will list how many from each clan.

Perfection Inspection
14 - Opti
9 - MB
4 - Knyte
3 - Harmony
3 - MH
1 - Prime (Matutake)
1 - FDC (Rocktr)
1 - Polish Eagles (Maths Empire)
1 - Special Forces (Big Bad Bex)

Top 5 Rankings
Optimum - 76
Myth Busters - 71
knyte club - 50
Prime - 45
Harmony - 38
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/2/2023 23:34:59

Level 61
very informative, thanks texx :)
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/2/2023 23:53:28

Level 60
Looks like Texx made a typo in the recap :D

Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/3/2023 18:49:38

Level 64
Nice to see you take the time.
Ill follow this :)
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/3/2023 19:11:27

Maths Empire
Level 56
Yeah, nice recap, I already follow it :D
Also good to see myself in the list of "perfect players" :D Idk, how long I will be able to keep this perfection, especially since I play only SE on CW (which involves quite a big amount of luck), but let it be as long as possible :D

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Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/3/2023 19:15:40

Level 60
I can see it now:
~Texx~ The new beat writer for The WarZone Times
Fun stuff! Following :-)

PS: I didn't notice the thread title... you already have a name for your new paper!
Clan Wars Daily Bugle
Love it.

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Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/3/2023 19:31:00

Level 55
~Texx~ The new beat writer for The WarZone Times

▶ It's more like The ClanWars Times

FiveSmith is literally the current writer of "Warzone Community Newsletter". So he would probably be the best writer for The ClanWars Times...
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/3/2023 19:31:43

Alphazomgy (Warzone's Best Marketer)
Level 60
Umi already does this in the FDC clan chat. The guy has faithfully done this, as far as I know, for several months, lol.
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/3/2023 23:43:56

Level 61
CW Summary (S31 - Day 4):

Prime bounce back! Opti washed? Harmony, awesome as ever.

268 players today. For the top 5 clans, participation dropped off a tad. 12 players less than yesterday. But the other clans actually picked up their slack. They had 12 more participants, which brings the total participants to the exact same as yesterday.

Mythbusters vs Optimum
MB - 23 wins.
Opti - 15 wins.

Opti have another amazing start to the day. Winning 9 out of 11 games on the first slot! But then… disaster. Just 6 wins from the next 22 attempts. Oooof! With such a horrific ending, they fall back into 2nd place. After a single day of a below par performance, whispers are circling… is it over for Opti? Are their glory days just a distant memory? Should these old men hang up their boots and retire? …Actually, nope! No one’s saying that. No one is underestimating these giants. The gap is still just 3 wins. The buffer they made the day before limits the damage. MB are still feeling the pressure. The most they’ve felt for a long, long time.

MB bridge the gap, but 23 wins isn’t much higher than average for them. Last season they had 6 days with more wins than this. Their rating only went up by 15 points. Still, a happy day for them. The gap in rating to Opti was 80 points, but they start day 5 with a higher rating.
MB vs Opti games:
MB win 9.
Opti win 4.

Knyte vs Prime
Knyte - 13 wins.
Prime - 21 wins.

Prime are eager. They threw 18 members at the first slot. 13 of them at SEAD. So many that 6 of them got no-games. 2 of whom couldn’t return for a later slot. Hmm… maybe they’re too eager? Nevertheless, it was a truly outstanding day for Prime. 21 wins was only topped by a single day last season when they had 23 wins on Day 5. I did some fun trash talk about them yesterday, but today they shut me up real good. Well done Froggies. Their CW rating jumped up by 60 points today.

13 wins for Knyte would be a good day for them last season, but after migrating to an uncapped clan their participation has shot up. So I think they’ll be slightly disappointed with winning 13 out of 29 games. They shouldn’t be, though. They still outperformed last season… and for the 4th day in a row! Much like Opti, their 5 win gap has cushioned the damage of the 8 point swing. They lost 14 rating points today.
Knyte vs Prime games:
Knyte win 5.
Prim win 8.

Harmony had a great day today, picking up 16 wins from 26 games. Like Prime, their day today was only topped once last season. From them that was on Day 8. They rating jumped by 44 points, putting them above 400 rating for the first time… ever, I think?

8 wins for M’Hunters, extending their lead in the midfield battle for 6th. Their rating increased by 22.

Fancy Dot clan had a bad start today winning 1 out of their first 9 games, but a late day rally stops them losing 7th to Le Furie Azzure.

Mothership lose 8 out of 8 today, dropping them from 7th to 9th.

FTW and Good News collectively hunted 5 free wins today. Check out this amazing game between their two leaders:
Brilliantly played by good news. He pulled the best scary face and got NONO to run away… and focus on his other accounts. :P

Mylo didn’t show up today.

Jack Norris tried to work with Platinum today, but they ran into Plat’s Python overlords, Alex and Gak. Python go for big stack destruction over income and double team Jack in South America.

Old Nick lost again, again to another Opti player. This time to to Jache, the #1 ranked player on the 1v1 ladder.

I kinda regret picking them out on the first edition now, but they are our protagonists this season, and every great protagonist has a setback they need to overcome. I believe in them. Anyway, no pressure mates. *shines spotlight on them*

There were 37 yesterday, now only 22 remain. It’s time for everyone’s favourite segment…
Perfection Inspection!
8 - Opti
5 - MB
3 - Knyte
3 - Harmony
1 - MH (VeraVari)
1 - Prime (Matutake)
1 - Polish Eagles (Maths Empire)

Top 5 Rankings
Myth Busters - 94
Optimum - 91
Prime - 66
knyte club - 63
Harmony - 54

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Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/3/2023 23:54:31

Samurai Jack 
Level 55
Texx, fantastic work.

I am only sorry I couldn't be as consistent with my content.
Next season, we should work together on this!

Keep up the great content and thanks for the update!
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/3/2023 23:56:50

Level 61
For sure mate. Let’s do it. I didn’t know you had something like this before. Might you have a link to it?
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/4/2023 00:06:43

Level 63

Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/4/2023 04:38:27

Level 62
fun reads, thanks, Texx
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/5/2023 00:09:06

Level 61
CW Summary (S31 - Day 5):

The Bomb Gods slayed. MB extend lead. Shocker for MH. M’Ship reversal.

283 players today. +15 from yesterday. 165 for the top 5 clans, matching the incredible participation on Day 3.

Opti start the day with a Combomb swarm. It might be their playground, but not today. They win just 3 out of 7. The swarm included Stonewall, AJ and Andreas.

Stonewall has 417 CW Combomb wins. That’s 130 more than the next guy. That next guy is…
AJ Chiller. He’s played 334 games with a 86% winrate. That’s the best of anyone with over 62 games, because…
Andreas has played 62 games with a 90% win-rate.

These Opti Bomb Gods are unmatched. They are the best ever… and they all lost. lol.
Stonewall gets a shock when his opponent, “William Griffin” from LFA, went for Asia.
AJ send his commander the wrong way and loses to “EternalQ” from Knyte.
Andreas forgets to count the reinforcement card and gets his commander sniped by “King Ace” from KEA.

Myth Busters vs Optimum
MB - 22 wins (-13 rating)
Opti - 19 wins (-40 rating)

Opti start with 3 bad slots and continuous declines in rating, winning 10 from 24 attempts. With a perfect 4th slot, winning 6 out of 6 and defeating 3 ‘Busters in the process, they manage to salvage the day, though still not enough to erase the earlier damage. Their rating drops by another 40 points. From 700 to 590 in 2 days. It really shows how bad they’ve played recently… well, for their high standards at least.

MB extend their lead by 3 wins, but if we isolate their performance, we can see that this was their worst day this season and their rating dropped by 13 points. For MB this was a good day, but they still played below average. Opti won’t keep losing, and if they miss chances like this to twist the dagger, I feel they will come to regret it later.

MB vs Opti games:
MB win 7.
Opti win 6.

Knyte vs Prime
Knyte - 17 wins (+5 rating)
Prime - 16 wins (+6 rating)

Knyte keep pace with Prime for the 5th day in a row and throw more players at slots for the second time this season. I think we can seriously think of them as challengers to Prime now. Prime, eager as ever, charge the first half of the day, with 60% of their players playing the first 2 slots. Knyte stay patient and play the later slots. Might this be an intentional strategy to avoid playing Prime?

Knyte vs Prime games:
Knyte win 3.
Prim win 7.

Harmony’s rating drops by 21 points today. Winning 11/28 games. Considering where they were 3 seasons ago, 11 wins being a below average day for them is something to be very proud of.

Midfield Battle
As the title alludes to, it really was a shocker for MH today. They went 1-11 and their undefeated player, “VERAVARI”, lost because he was too busy chasing free coin lotto tournaments instead of playing CW and forgot where the wasteland was lmao. They fall down to 7th, their 8 win lead totally evaporated. They lost 50 rating today.

LFA overtake them. 10-4 today. +47 rating.

Mothership bounce back. 0-8 yesterday. 11-2 today. Brilliant! +51 rating.

Mylo gets his first win today, slaying a Dragon on CommLD. Both he and his opponent, DH, are top 10 CommLD players and very evenly matched. DH was in Python last season. I believe this is his first season in MB.
Mylo is 70% from 173 games.
DH is 70% from 172 games.

Jack Norris teamed up with SB and beat some Knytes on S2v2

Old Nick lost again, again to another Opti player. This time to to Bonsai. That’s 5 losses now. All to Opti. All on Strat 1v1.

There were 22 yesterday, now only 10 remain. It’s time for everyone’s favourite segment…
Perfection Inspection!
3 - Opti
2 - MB
2 - Knyte
2 - Harmony
1 - Prime (Matutake)

With 10 remaining now, tomorrow we will focus on who they are and if they lose.

Top 5 Rankings
Myth Busters - 116
Optimum - 110
Prime - 83
knyte club - 79
Harmony - 65

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Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/5/2023 00:25:49

Level 65
Keep up the good work! Love the stats and analysis!
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/5/2023 05:26:36

Level 62
Might this be an intentional strategy to avoid playing Prime?

It is not, if I had to guess it's due to the different timezones distribution of the membership of the two clans. But that is speculation on my part. I do believe playing earlier slots gives Prime two advantages, 1) more participation end of season if it ends in one of the first two slots of the day(maybe even three/four since we usually catch up with the last slot) 2) avoids getting no games on the last slot and missing a day.

Love the Bugle! Well done!

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Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/5/2023 05:56:02

Level 60
Day 6
MB and OP must be either bipolar or purposely creating juicy fodder for Texx's articles because there is more swinging going on than a pack of polyamorous perverts at a playground party!

After the first 2 slots OP bats 89% going 16/18 while MB lags behind (as per usual[suspects]) with a paltry 33%WR going 2/6.

OP back in front 126/118
Prime and knyte sit at 93/80

Can MB mitigate this early damage with a strong back half or will OP "twist the dagger" as Texx put it, a little deeper into the belly of brawny beast?
Clan Wars Daily Bugle: 5/5/2023 06:10:24

Level 61
I really LOVE this daily bugle.

It is not only full of tons of information (that must really be some piece of hard work collecting all this) and enjoyable to read, too.

Keep it up!
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