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Facts: 10/6/2020 20:29:08

Level 57
Here is a list of facts about Fizzer

1. He likes to drink ale

2. The color green reminds him of fresh new beginning

3. His favorite food is lamb chops

4. His favorite drink is alcohol

5. He is a member of the group "The Black Hooks"

6. His favorite color is black

7. He has a pet raven with a broken wing

8. He wants to be an insurance investigator when he grows up

9. He thinks the Emperor is a hard worker

10. He doesn't like it when people have lots of money

11. His favorite number is 11
Facts: 10/6/2020 22:36:24

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
12. He created Warzone
Facts: 10/6/2020 22:36:41

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Also what’s the black hooks
Facts: 10/7/2020 00:09:36

Level 57
13. He lives in Chicago
Facts: 10/7/2020 07:56:05

Level 57
Here is a list of facts about {N.W.} Hi

1.His name is Nick.
2.He is the leader of the gang.
3.He is sixteen.
4.He is black.
5.He is good-looking.
6.He is about five feet ten inches tall and weighs about one hundred and thirty pounds.
7.He has short black hair and dark eyes.
8.He has a scar on the side of his neck.
9.He has many friends in the gang.
Facts: 10/7/2020 08:02:15

Level 57
Here is a list of facts about Orannis

1. He has a "face" on his chest
2. He has leathery wings
3. The only color he seems to have is from his blood red eyes
4. He is the size of a small house in monster form
5. He is known to fly around in the darkest corners of the night
6. He only comes out at night
7. He is a very territorial creature
8. He seems to be able to communicate with some beings of darkness, but they are rare
9. He comes out when there is a full moon
10. He is a pure evil being that feeds on life force
Facts: 10/7/2020 12:47:18

Level 60
We need to let orannis out! He wants to be FREEEE!!!!
Facts: 10/7/2020 13:16:30

Level 59
He's a fact about waffle: he's European
Facts: 10/7/2020 13:18:03

Level 61
Here's a fact about Farah: he's pretty.
Facts: 10/7/2020 17:24:31

Level 57
Here is a list of facts about Liechtensteiner

1. He is a German Shepherd, and has won several awards.

2. He was a gift from the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

3. His name is Louis, but he goes by Loulou.

4. He is a member of the royal family of Liechtenstein.

5. He is the regimental dog for the National Guard of Liechtenstein.

6. Liechtenstein (except for the very large part that is also Austria) has a population of less than 33,000 people.

7. The national sport is Liechtensteiner Self Defense. It is a martial art that teaches its practitioners to fight with knives, swords, and nunchucks.
Facts: 10/7/2020 17:29:48

Level 57
Here is a list of facts about berdan131

1. The two big interests in berdan131 are gambling and carnival games.

2. Very little is known about berdan131 besides these two facts.
Facts: 10/7/2020 17:31:18

Level 57
Here is a list of facts about Farah

1. He is a man of God with no criminal intent.

2. He has genuine concerns about the safety and welfare of his congregation.

3. You do not know what his agenda is.

4. He is making you uncomfortable.

5. He is making the rest of the congregation uncomfortable.

6. Even the other religious groups in the city are uncomfortable with him.

7. Many other races fear him.

8. You believe he is a terrorist, but you have no proof.

9. He believes that you are planning to harm him and his church.

10. He is willing to make a deal with you to avoid a potentially deadly war.

Edited 10/8/2020 13:22:58
Facts: 10/7/2020 17:52:03

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Here is a list of facts about waffle

1. He loves to make lists

2. He tastes like a blueberry waffle

3. Not much else is known about him besides these 3 facts
Facts: 10/7/2020 17:55:25

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 60
I get your facts about Arkansas now
Facts: 10/7/2020 18:04:34

│ [20] │MASTER│ Rikku │ I love my wife │ • apex │
Level 61
Here is a list of facts about Kratt

1. Kratt is a very large lizard monster. He is bigger than any other known creature of his kind.

2. The creature has several nasty habits, but none more so than the horrible smell he gives off. By far the most terrible smell in existence. It's so bad that it can be detected by several miles away.

3. As a defense mechanism, the creature secretes a powerful poison from his bite, which can instantly kill most creatures. When enraged, the creature can easily destroy the largest cannons with one blow.

4. The creature is very friendly and quite happy to provide information in exchange for food.
Facts: 10/7/2020 18:07:10

Level 57
Here is a list of facts about MightySpeck

1. Her real name is Amanda
2. Her hometown is probably Los Angeles, California
3. She is most likely 21 years of age
4. She is a petite girl (slight build), weighing around 112 pounds
5. She has light brown hair and very green eyes
6. Her Zodiac sign is Virgo
7. She is into the horror genre
8. She is a Christian
9. She has a boyfriend who goes by the name of Gideon
10. She has a pet cat named Satan
Facts: 10/7/2020 18:08:51

Level 57
Here is a list of facts about Rikku

1. He can see ghosts
2. He is level headed
3. He is a serviceable fighter
4. He comes when called
5. He is dead
6. He haunts the area the inn resides in

The list continues, but these facts are the most important ones to know.
Facts: 10/7/2020 18:10:45

Level 57
Here is a list of facts about waffle

1. It is not pancakes or fried potatoes.
2. It is not a fish, fruit, or nut.
3. It comes in many colors, but white is most popular.
4. It doesn't grow on trees, but it can be found in the forests.
5. It's back resembles a hairless cat.
6. It is eaten hot or cold.
Facts: 10/7/2020 21:08:34

Level 62
Can I have some ~~propaganda~~, uh, facts I mean about China?
Facts: 10/8/2020 08:46:09

Level 57
Here is a list of facts about China

1. The population is 1.37 billion
2. The capital city is Beijing
3. The official language is Putonghua ("common speech")
4. The Internet TLD is .cn
5. Islam is the main religion
6. There are 55 administrative divisions (provinces and municipalities)
7. There's a civil service examination system in place
8. The currency is Renminbi (RMB)
9. There's a one-child policy in place
10. The basic living costs are 133% of the world average

I can keep going, but you get the idea.
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