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Save the Real-Time Ladder!: 5/15/2020 22:37:27

Level 60
This has been a topic of interest to me for over a year now, when I realized that I could probably win a trophy there with a 1000 rating because there is sometimes only one player ranked.

At this point, it’s not even deserving of a trophy. We need to have a community-wide discussion on what to do in order to make this ladder exciting again, and how to differentiate it from QM. I would like to start that discussion here and now.

The Real-Time Ladder was the least popular ladder even before QM existed. This is because it is hard to tell when it is a good time to join the ladder, or how you can avoid playing a certain opponent by timing the ladder right.

Here’s my solution. I’m not saying this is the best idea or what Fizzer should implement, I just think it’s a good place to start brainstorming ideas.

First, reset all ratings as a one time event, and every month the k value (or whatever controls rating elasticity) resets. You can keep your trophy for #1, but the real competition is who can control the ladder the longest. You would get points for your place (exponentially more for higher places) and the longer you are at the top or near the top of the ladder the more points you get, points could be calculated and distributed every hour. These points can reset every so often (or not), we don’t want to make another seasonal ladder. Livestream marathons by an official Warzone twitch account or a partnered twitch account with Warzone (Cowboy, ps, etc) could be met with a points multiplier (50% more points for that timeframe.

I wanna hear what others think. I do think that an idea rewarding time at the top of the leaderboard is a good one, since there’s already a mechanic where you are removed from the leaderboard after a certain time. I think a rating decay function would be interesting too.
Save the Real-Time Ladder!: 5/15/2020 22:42:52

Level 61
are you on Discord?

Brenain has a RT ladder with ratings/ranking on his Clot, and you can join games via a number of Discord channels.

People are starting to play that - it has about 10 players or so, and it's growing.

Sorry, but Fizzer hasn't shown any interest in making any changes to RTL so very doubtful that anything will change. Maybe instead Brenain's RT ladder will get popular enough that latter down the road it gets integrated into Warlight?
Save the Real-Time Ladder!: 5/16/2020 00:05:37

Beren Erchamion 
Level 64
The RTL has been dead for years. You haven't been able to get a trophy on it for years. I'm not sure what you're on about. If anything, the question should be why is this dead ladder occupying valuable space on the Community page?
Save the Real-Time Ladder!: 5/16/2020 03:12:29

Level 60
Because we *should* have a Real-Time Ladder, Beren. I agree, there’s no reason to leave a dead ladder there, so let’s fix it.

I didn’t know that trophies were removed, whatever, I wasn’t gonna win one. Doesn’t change the point of the post.

How could it be a bad thing to have official, community based interaction? How could it be a bad thing for Fizzer to revitalize the RTL, something that could be used by members who fund the website?

How many people complain about crap templates on QM? Doesn’t Fizzer literally have you figure out what templates to use for Seasonal?

I understand that if there’s not a lot of community support for RTL then it’s pointless, but I would like to hear what others think, as I think it has lots of potential
Save the Real-Time Ladder!: 5/16/2020 08:25:52

Level 60
Real Time Ladder Has A Problem a Small One But It Kills alot of the chance it has and it isn't Even the ladders fault

Its Because Real Time Ladder is Real Time and people might not enough time to finish when they enter said ladder and if you cant finish games in a certain time why bother?

i personally don't Play real time much i can't Say i Played Real Time Ladder because i wouldn't have to Time To Finish The Games Unless We Planed This ahead of time
Save the Real-Time Ladder!: 5/16/2020 10:09:02

master of desaster 
Level 66
The rt ladder died because fizzer pushed his diversity agenda with templates like commander or french ld. Nobody wanted to play these so why play the ladder at all? By now there is quickmatch or Bs rt ladder which are much better
Save the Real-Time Ladder!: 5/16/2020 10:23:17

Level 60
The rt ladder died because

1. Long waiting times between games. It only checked parings every 5 min.
2. Random templates. Most players disliked 1 or more template
3. Few players over time as interest slowed in the ladder decreed. The ladder was also 'level' gated and hard to find for new players.

I think QM, addressed all of 1,2,3. I don't want the RTL back, or at least not in the way it was. I would be much more interested in something like a seasonal RTL, where ratings and template was changed. (In fact, why not make it the seasonal template?) It would also be key to have something like the QM parings, so you don't have to wait.

With that being said, there is a working RTL from -B, and I would rather Fizzer spend his time on other things.
Save the Real-Time Ladder!: 5/16/2020 14:43:35

Level 61
+1 to everyone who mentioned -B's RTL. It's growing pretty quickly, has a wide range of good templates, has great players, and is easily accesible.

You can join from most warzone discord servers, including the main server, the CL server, and -B's server (https://discord.gg/xAFVZ2n).

Or join via the CLOT online (https://wztourney.herokuapp.com/leagues/109/)

More information can be found here (https://www.warzone.com/Forum/400821-new-clot-httpwztourneyherokuappcom) and any questions you ask on the discord server will be answered.
Save the Real-Time Ladder!: 5/18/2020 11:56:27

Level 62
If the Multi-Day Ladder wont get space on the community page, it's doubtful the new RTL will.

However, I believe its Fizzers best interest to harvest a ladder that makes real time games a competitive arena. Quickmatch isn't nearly as intense as a ladder game, it's more casual.

It's pointless having the current real time ladder there, when there is a a community alternative which seems solid.

Long-term, this custom ladder growth of players will be stunted as its relying on passing of word of mouth and discord. This targets a considerable amount of people but it won't ever target its full potential of target players. However, it's a welcomed solution for now that will hopefully someday be integrated by our Lord and saviour fizzer.
Save the Real-Time Ladder!: 5/20/2020 16:59:04

Level 59
Yeah, Bs RTL works great and is growing, as many said above.

Why to use Bs Ladder.

1. It has options to veto templates which you aren't too keen about.I

2. It creates a game with another player (if another player has joined it) right away, instead of 5 minutes.

3. A good selection of templates, rather than the WZ official RTL.

4. But commands make it easy to join and leave the ladder on Discord, as well as view rankings and much more.
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