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New CLOT - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com: 1/12/2020 19:57:49

Level 60
Hey Warzone Community,

I'm nearing completion of the CLOT. What is a CLOT? A CLOT is a separate platform to allow any player on Warzone to create tournaments in the following formats using Fizzer's awesome extensibility APIs. The CLOT only supports 1v1/2v2/3v3 games, no FFA's or more than 2 teams per game.

First off, if you want to discuss the design/improvements or just chat about it the Discord server is here: https://discord.gg/GmMVpDs

The CLOT is a platform for any player on Warzone to create custom tournaments, and now leagues. Here's a brief description of what you can do with it.



Clan League
Clan League 12 is hosted on the clot. To follow along and see the results and data, go here - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com/leagues/51/
Clan league is also a custom league format that anyone can create. Want to have a clan war? Make use of the CLOT to allocate games and keep results for you.

Monthly Template Circuit
This type of league is a ladder for 1v1 play only, where the template is different every month. The creator gets to determine which template will be played in every month. For the public one, see - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com/leagues/22/


Group Stage Tournaments
The tournament creator will get to determine which group players go into before it starts, it can be randomized, or the players that join will be able to go where they want. Group stage tournaments are similar to the world cup, where teams are displaced into separate groups and do a round robin between them. Based on the standing in the round robin, the top 'X' teams will participate in a single elimination style tournament, with an eventual overall champion.
Example: http://wztourney.herokuapp.com/tournaments/38/

Swiss Tournaments
Read about them here here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss-system_tournament#See_also
It's a tournament style that really needs a minimum of 16 players, which is what I'm defaulting this type to. It contains way less rounds than round robin, computing a rank for each player after each round (effectively that player's record) pairing the highest ranked players after each round together. For 16 players, the swiss tournament will be 4 rounds. 32 players, 5 rounds..etc.
Example: http://wztourney.herokuapp.com/tournaments/31/

Seeded Tournaments
With this tournament style the tournament creator gets to decide the bracket before the tournament starts. Think of March Madness, 64 teams, the #1 plays the #64, #2/#63 and so on. You get to really have control here.
Example: http://wztourney.herokuapp.com/tournaments/13/

So, the point of this thread is to welcome the idea to everyone who is not familiar with it already.

What's Next?

Promotion/Relegation leagues. These are in the works and are almost completed. Host your clans next P/R league here!

Real-time Ladder: A new real time ladder will be created that you can join on the site or via the bot in the discord/clan league servers.

Game-Creation: Use the bot to create games between you and other players (with their consent of course) on a handful of known templates.

Enjoy the CLOT, and please file bugs/improvements in the discord server for now until I get a uservoice site up for more formal tracking of ideas.

Edited 2/17/2020 19:43:58
New CLOT - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com: 1/13/2020 04:58:25

Level 60
Thanks again -B. CL looks amazing so far. Wow didn't realize we could check out game states and easily see who's stalling :D.

Edited 1/13/2020 04:59:31
New CLOT - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com: 1/13/2020 06:48:32

Level 60
Nice work -B

Really awesome!
New CLOT - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com: 1/13/2020 22:45:17

Level 62
Doing Fizzer's work, as some would say. ;)

Love it!

And I guess the whole work that Fizzer put in all those years ago now pays off. CLOTs for Dummies is a very, very nice addition to WZ.
New CLOT - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com: 1/16/2020 22:31:05

Level 59
thank you -B!!

amazing work by you and fizzer
New CLOT - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com: 1/17/2020 18:05:12

Level 60
Current MTC Standings/Rankings.

Rank Player Rating
#1 Outlaws Stales78 1234
#2 Apprentice master of desaster 1228
#3 Apprentice sloppyfatginger 1147
#4 Apprentice surdiac 1142
#5 German Warlords Antidinho BVB (GER) I Boot all 1092
#6 ONE! Buns157 1059
#7 Lu Fredd Cthulhu 1016
#8 Vikinger Socratis 1013
#9 [Blitz] Farah♦ 957
#10 {101st} Dark Ninja 951
#11 Apprentice -B 931
#12 [REGL] The Red Eagles NecessaryEagle 904
#13 [REGL] The Red Eagles Alex Trevell 898
#14 Vikinger DROGA 888
#15 {Olympus} Μῶμος (Momus) 865

Don't forget, anyone can join!!!

New CLOT - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com: 1/21/2020 17:48:51

Level 60
New Real-Time Bot Ladder has been created in the CLOT discord server above. Please see the bots help for how to join. Hope to see a lot of you on there.

Edited 1/31/2020 17:02:32
New CLOT - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com: 1/31/2020 17:03:07

Level 60
Battle Islands V is the template of choice for February. Games on this template start allocating in about 4 hours.

If you aren't already a part of the ladder I encourage you to do so!

New CLOT - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com: 2/4/2020 06:36:27

Level 60
New ladders are coming this month. 2v2 bot ladder and a 3v3 one long term. Please check out the updates in the discord.
New CLOT - http://wztourney.herokuapp.com: 2/17/2020 18:04:11

Level 60
CLOT has moved to GitHub. I will be working on instructions on how to set up a local environment via the readme on the site.


Feel free to fork and send a pull-request.
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