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Standard Diplo Rules: 5/12/2020 15:35:02

Level 61
After playing warlight/warzone for years, I see more and more and "standard diplo rules" term. However, this term is kind of vague. So I decided to create the ISO Warzone Standard Diplo Rules. I will keep this standard updated. I am open to suggestions.


  • One waiting turn Rule
  • You declare in turn x, commit orders with attacks in turn x+1 and attacks happen in turn x+2.
  • Safe start Rule
  • No declarations on first turn.
  • War between allies
  • You break alliance in turn x-1 and follow "One waiting turn Rule".
  • Gangbang Rule
  • Do not gangbang. Gangbang is considered 3 vs 1, 4 vs 1 or 5 vs 2 or more. Exceptions are when income of the two sides is equal or if there are big alliances in game.
  • Default Wars and Civil Wars
  • These wars cannot stop until one side is eliminated.
  • Gift Blocking
  • Gift Blocking is not allowed. Gift Blocking is when a player A, who is war with player B, gifts some territories to a player C to block player's B attacks. If player B can still attack player A this gifts are not Gift Blocking. In addition, it is not Gift Blocking when Player A gifts all his territories to another player(s)

PEs aka Public Enemies:

  • PE Rule
  • Whoever break rule is PE
  • PE status
  • Host decides who is PE or not. Host may indicate a new host or a co-host. If host is not available due to inactivity or absence highest level player becomes host or people decide by vote.
  • War against PE
  • Everybody should attack PE players. You do not have to declare on PEs. You do not have to wait a turn before attacking a PE player.
  • PE forced ceasefires
  • If a player borders a PE player all his wars stop until he has no more borders with him
  • Removal of PE status
  • If a player A is PE for violating a rule against a player B, player B can ask a payback from Player A to remove his PE status. Host may interfere making these demands reasonable. These demands could be a NAP, lands, armies, gold or anything else.


  • Public and Private Alliances
  • Alliances may be both public or private
  • Alliance Capacity
  • Alliances can have as many members as they want.
  • Alliance and PE status
  • Alliance between a PE player and other players are invalid until his PE status is resolved.
  • Assisting an Ally
  • Allies do not have to assist their allies. They have to follow War Rules if they want to do so.


  • Obey
  • Puppets must obey their masters
  • Revolution
  • Puppets can make a revolution against their master after X turns (default value of X is 10 turns). After revolution they are in war with their masters and both can attack without waiting a turn.
  • Puppet International Relations
  • Puppets cannot declare wars, have allies or sign NAPs. Their master's relations are their relations too. Their master may allow them have their own relationships.
  • Booted Puppets
  • If a puppets is booted all its lands go to their master. If any other country is in war with the master they can enter the former lands of the booted players.
  • Puppet's Land
  • Masters cannot demand territories from their puppets. Exception is the first turn of their vassalisation in case that their vassalisation is a war outcome.

NAPs aka Non Aggression Pacts:

  • Duration
  • Pacts can break at any time. You have to wait like an alliance. If there is a NAP for a specific number of turns (ex. NAPfor X turns) you cannot break this NAP until X turns have passed
  • War and NAPs
  • After signing peace after a war there is an auto unbreakable 1 turn NAP.


  • Claim Status
  • Claims are permitted.
  • Respect
  • Claims do NOT have to be respected.


  • Spam
  • Do not Spam or Flood the chat
  • Out of context
  • If you want to tell about anything out of context use ( )

Any of these rules are not valid if Game Rules say so.

Pls suggest me any new rules or corrections.

Edited 5/13/2020 08:02:30
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/12/2020 16:03:11

Level 59
Skapis ok I'll help:
BRAKE is incorrect it should be BREAK
Waiting 1 turn should be:
declare X attack X+1
declare X commit X+1 attack X+2=waiting 2 turns
Please correct giftblocking from "now allowed" to "not allowed" BIG BIG difference there.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/12/2020 16:13:38

Level 57
I strongly agree with making a standard set of easy to use rules. I won't mention what Palace said, as I agree with that as well. I find it odd to specifically allow gift-suicides, as those are mostly petty in nature. Also, I don't know if I agree with the gangbang rule, it seems a bit unnecessary.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/12/2020 17:01:47

Level 61
Waiting 1 turn is
ex. we are in turn 9, I declare war on you, In next turn, turn 10, I am committing my attack orders. So my attacks will happen in turn 11. Isn't it how standard diplos work?

thank you for your suggestions.

@Bushmaster So you think that gift-suicides shouldn't be allowed? Or that i should not mentioned them? Because some people by gift - suicide create chaos. Clarifying it may help to maintain "peace".

In most of games I play I see that gangbang rule. Personally speaking I do not use that in my games. Hmm... I will think about this.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/12/2020 19:57:02

Level 62
Too many rules makes the game dull.
Especially that PE is the stupidest thing ever. If someone turns into PE you have to stop other wars (losing momentum) and attack that one instead.
Also: host deciding about PE status? Pretty biased imo
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/12/2020 21:25:31

Level 61
@ Glam 'd Slam Islam that's how most of diplos work. I agree that this is not the ideal. This is just a guide for diplos without depth. Lots of diplos hvae no rules. they say "standard diplo rules".

I agree that PE is not always functional. but from my experience it's the best possible solution when you play with people you do not trust. In my games I rarely make people PE, I try to invite people I know. PE is an overused termed. We need a new fresh idea there but... playing free without PEs in game with people you do not know.. it's too risky.

Host deciding about PEs is the best solution. That's why if you do not like a host you can stop joining his games. If people vote it's not practical. They may be influenced by their owns strategy and their own alliances. From my experience i know many hosts who are perfect. They may fight, but they never let you think that they are cheating bending the rules.

I agree that rules may spoil a game, but since diplos are not a game faction ( I know it is a mod but only members have mods) you must set this game.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/13/2020 00:09:43

Level 57
The days of PE are over. I don't play any diplo games if they don't use the Advanced Diplo Mod. All these rules are void with the mod.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/13/2020 00:42:37

Level 58
If a country starts in a civil war it a third party should not have the ability to intervene. A fights B then C cannot join the war on B's side.

Also there should be an option to have peace between civil war parties without one of them being eliminated. Have a South/ North Korea or East and West Germany scenario.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/13/2020 00:49:37

Level 38
Thank you for posting this @skapis9999. Very helpful for a noob like me. Bookmarking this page.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/13/2020 01:30:50

Kenghis Ghan 
Level 61
You misspelled break in
PE Rule
Whoever brakes a rule is PE
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/13/2020 20:08:05

Level 60
Agreed with Glam.

Too many rules makes the game non-enjoyable .
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/13/2020 20:18:15

Level 44
The only consistent rule among all diplo games is

1. declare war before attacking

All other rules are customary and optional.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/14/2020 14:49:06

Rex Paul of Lizardino
Level 59
for the PE thing. you need universal or close to it agreement if someone is PE. Petty arguing bogs the game down.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/14/2020 14:55:49

Level 56
There is a major community issue with the attack delay. In all truth, attacks happen on the turn you order them. Simple proof of this is just to watch what turn you order an attack, then check history.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/14/2020 15:05:12

Level 60
It's been literal years since I've played a diplomacy game where your FORCED to attack a PE, or that your FORCED to stop all wars if you border. Both rules are unrealistic (especially the ladder) and can harm the game. Furthermore its unrealistic to a war in real life, example being if Russia and the US start fighting and then North Korea all of a sudden attacked Japan unprovoked. Would it be expected that Russia would all of a sudden stop the war with the US to remove NK? I dont think so...
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/14/2020 15:07:36

Level 56
I think PE is supposed to be kind of metagame. As in it is just there to stop people from cheating. If there was no PE feature, wouldn't people just attack whenever?
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/14/2020 15:08:56

Level 46
If the PE is more powerful than everyone else in the game, would they care to stop?
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/14/2020 16:06:30

Level 60
Yea, i don't think having to stop ALL wars to fight a PE player is the right wait to go, since... What if you don't even border the PE player? Do you just reply troops in random spots in the mean time?
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/14/2020 18:08:29

Level 55
Replace PE with a Buy Card Sanction/Diplo GM slot... Simply lock down the offender.
Standard Diplo Rules: 5/14/2020 21:24:34

Level 57
If a game has a trusted and honourable host, then I have an idea to replace pe: give the host tons of sanctions cards or pestilence cards or whatever you'd use. The host could then use the card once per turn for a certain amount of terms after the cheat on the player which would otherwise be pe. This way of dealing with cheating does no damage to the other players, except in the case where the cheater plays like ffa and attacks everyone. Of course, this only works if the host is fair and trustworthy, and if he/she has enough of such a card to actually punish the cheater. What do you think?
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