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Clan: Fifth Column Confederation

Number of members: 29
Link: https://discord.gg/aMspcdN
Tagline: Growing the Next Generation of Strategic Warzoners
Created: 9/26/2013

Bio: The Fifth Column Confederation, or FCC for short, is a community of close-knit players with a desire to learn and improve their strategic game. Each player here aims to be as good as they wish to be. We play together, compete together (and sometimes against), and we in general just like to have a good time. Slinging mud at each other is a frequent occurrence, but at the end of the day, we are all just here to become better players.

Anyone may enter our public discord server, but only clan members will have full access to both the private and public sections of the server.

We won't accept everyone. We will only accept players who show a particular will to improve. We are always seeking out new players to join our clan, however, you must be particularly well suited to our culture in order to join.

Requirements Include:
-You must complete and pass our testing games.
-You must join our discord server.

Once Joined, you must:
-Remain reasonably active. A long term period of consecutive days of inactivity (>15 days) will likely get you removed if you have not mentioned to it to a director or manager beforehand*
-Not abuse the ladders
-Not abuse Warzone Policy
-Maintain a motivation and desire to improve
-Remain Active on our Discord (at least once a week if you are playing, unless you otherwise told us you will not be for a time).



Contact Xenophon or IRiseYouFall if you wish to join.

Clan Member Title
Xenophon Long Snapper
Aura Guardian Punter
Octane Fuel
FalerCZ Don't steal my color
IRiseYouFall Loves CORP
MGO Blaze
Gonzalo Flare
Malvin 0w0 anime tiddies
TableTrivia Stealth
MasterPitt Pitt Master
mmasterwar Screech
NanoMidget【𝓒𝓡𝓔𝓦】 Worst Player in Clan
Checkmqte yes
SuperGamerz Mommy (≧▽≦)
Elohim Wayne Keenoff
Redonis【𝓒𝓡𝓔𝓦】 🚨Weeb Loli 🚨
Guy Incognito "Not JJJ"
Firle Franz
Mathmagician Flaming Vorticies
TheEnigma Nightwing
Noobinator Fire
An Unnamed Player Sear
.* Zura
FCC Eff Dem Guys
Lord Terrible He's Trolly AF Man