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Good Sportsmanship: 6/10/2019 02:00:27

Level 62
I and Bohun managed to get a good 2v2 Ladder run and managed to go quite undefeated for some time, and we met some amazing teams that have given some good games (Hawks and FCC, being the ones most memorable in this regard). However, there was one game, in particular, I wanted to showcase on the forums once our unbeaten run was over and so here I am today...


I found it really awesome of these guys to offer a game after I got booted on picks, I think it's very cool behavior and I find it's always great to see how some players always want to do what's right to have a good game of WarZone.

Our 2v2 Ladder run wouldn't have ever gone well if it wasn't for the good sportsmanship of John and Lieve. I always intended to make this public forum thread as a public thank you and as a memento/symbol of this cool behavior.

Good sportsmanship can never be expected and should be appreciated whenever possible.
Good Sportsmanship: 6/10/2019 02:42:06

Master Cowboy 
Level 60

Deadman offered us a game once after Pichu booted. Always gave me the impression that was the best way to go.
Good Sportsmanship: 6/10/2019 06:43:44

Level 64

I'd like to thank my former clanmate Linberson for helping me get the 2v2 Ladder Trophy #Blitzisrecruiting
Good Sportsmanship: 6/10/2019 09:11:41

Level 59

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Good Sportsmanship: 6/10/2019 09:23:42

Level 61
gg best clan
Good Sportsmanship: 6/10/2019 09:36:55

Level 63
I'd like to thank my former clanmate Linberson for helping me get the 2v2 Ladder Trophy #Blitzisrecruiting

You know I always look out for my true clanmates, not those impostors that run it now! ;)
Good Sportsmanship: 6/10/2019 15:03:11

Hazel Wizard
Level 56
Really cool that those guys agreed to that arrangement Platinum! I think it was a noble thing to do. Cheap wins can boost your rating, but they're not very fair.

And I'm sorry Cowboy =/ I'm pretty inconsistent on ladders. I'm really happy I didn't get booted in any of my recent team ladder games.
Good Sportsmanship: 6/10/2019 16:00:05

Emu Pub 
Level 65
I'd like to thank timi for never saying gg after a loss. It means the world to me.
Good Sportsmanship: 6/10/2019 19:39:03

│ [20] │MASTER│ Rikku │ I love my wife │ • apex │
Level 61
Don't boot next time idjit
Good Sportsmanship: 6/10/2019 20:15:18

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
Hats off and respect to this guys!!
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