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Don't rely on auto-commit: 5/21/2019 17:26:23

Level 63

Warzone Creator
In games with automatic booting enabled, players orders can be auto-committed if they don't press the commit button. This is a convenience feature designed to help avoid unnecessary boots.

Although it tries its best, it's not guaranteed to work. Therefore, you shouldn't rely on this feature. It's best to always commit orders yourself, or you might find yourself booted, for several reasons:

  • The server may not have received your orders either due to a spotty internet connections or due to closing the app before they were fully sent. You can confirm if the server has your orders by closing and re-opening the game and seeing if they persist.
  • Your orders may not be complete. The server will use orders even if they don't fully deploy or fully use cards that they must. This will lead to a disadvantage.
  • The server may not be able to use your orders. There are some edge cases where orders are deemed invalid and thrown out. If the orders can't be used, you'll be booted.
  • Other players could manually boot you before the auto-booter gets a chance. Auto-commit only works on the auto-booter. It does not protect you against another player directly booting you.
  • You'll use up all your banked time, if the game has banking boot times enabled.
  • It slows down the game for other players.

Now that you've read this, you've been warned! Boots can't be un-done, so you're playing with fire by relying on it.
Don't rely on auto-commit: 5/21/2019 17:30:58

Sakata Gintoki
Level 58
Is auto-commit supposed to work when a player is on Vacation? If it works, will it break the vacation ?
Don't rely on auto-commit: 5/21/2019 17:31:59

Kenny • apex 
Level 59
are people actually complaining that the feature you created isn't always saving them from not being there?
Don't rely on auto-commit: 5/21/2019 22:44:27

Level 61
Thanks for clearing the function of the "autocommit" function Fizzer, much appreciated. Although i dident rely on the feature as you suggest we shouldent I werent fully aware of how the function worked and if it failed how this happens. Thanks for taking you're time to explain this.
Don't rely on auto-commit: 5/21/2019 23:21:23

Level 60
Recently I had a game where (it was my fault, of course) I only deployed 8/22 armies and made no attacks. One of the opponents was on vacation so by the time I refreshed my game list I had "auto-committed" and I didn't recall that my orders/deployment were in that state.

That being said, once the opponent left vacation I realized I deployed 8 armies with 0 attacks. It would be helpful in my opinion as this seems utterly confusing depending on this specific situation (not high priority of course) but to notify users when an auto-commit has happened?? It's probably not necessary, like I said it was my fault here, but the vacation aspect made this game seem like "I had committed".

Don't rely on auto-commit: 5/22/2019 07:51:26

Level 60

I have used auto-commit quite alot. That ^ being one of several games. Yet to be booted while I used it, so seems plenty reliable too me. Almost feels like I am abusing it to be honest xD. (Like, maybe there should be some limitations to it*, since stalling is easy af right now. Basically, safe mini-vacations all the time)

*Max used once in a row? X times per game? X times per week?

Overall a great feature that for sure must have reduced boots by quite a lot. Still, I am surprised that none of my opponents have complained about me taking quite a few 3 day turns yet.
Don't rely on auto-commit: 5/22/2019 09:57:33

Level 58
I can't wait to try this out on 100-day-boot games
Don't rely on auto-commit: 5/23/2019 02:48:46

{101st} Syphen
Level 60
oh boy
Don't rely on auto-commit: 5/23/2019 02:49:29

Level 62
Perfectly balanced.
Don't rely on auto-commit: 5/23/2019 02:54:21

Level 56
Fun fact, Thanos's last map is quite unbalanced. Just look at the bonuses.

In a balanced map all bonuses would be the same size and worth the same.

Edited 5/23/2019 02:54:52
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