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Booting people from games, policy?: 1/13/2019 23:13:24

Level 60
Hi All, Just wondering what is the un-written rule about booting people who have gone over the time limit here?
Is there a unspoken policy among players not to boot each other and wait longer? if so how much longer?

I ask cause I did boot a guy from a 5 or 6 person game that went over his time. It was a fast playing game and I had to pee. LOL. I was accused of playing for only points and told it was bad to boot him. So I guess someone please tell me how this works and what is supposed to happen. :/

TY in advance..
Booting people from games, policy?: 1/13/2019 23:28:34

Level 61
Generally you should always ask in public chat whenever or not they are still there. If there is a 5 min boot and they use 10 min thats fine and all as long as he have a good reason. But you may boot him whenever you want after the boot is possible. But often players might have to think longer or got caught up in something. Therefore you should always ask in public chat, if they dont answer after 2 min they can blame themselves. If they answer they will often take their turn, if they however dont do after 2 more min its fair to say you can boot them. In general you could wait if you want less blacklist and less player to play with you, as if you boot to excessively they would assume you are just playing the game to boot them and win points.

In youre case you was gonna be busy, so you wanted to make sure you dident get boot i guess? I dont really get why you would need to boot him then? As you would have gotten more time if he had delayed the game, before next turn advanced. And thus you would get his delay + the original boot time to do whatever you needed to do... Hope this helps, players are often understandable as long as you talk to them trough chat.
Booting people from games, policy?: 1/13/2019 23:48:34

Level 63
Boot as you wish. Live with it.

Personally I think a boot is bad, but at times I also boot people who hold up a game. But if someone goes above the timer once I wouldnt boot.

It pretty much depends on what you think a good game is about.
Booting people from games, policy?: 1/14/2019 00:13:02

Level 60
If there is autoboot, then waiting for it is polite. ( eg, 5 min boot, 8 min auto. Game is on picks)

The moment there is no autoboot, it's hard since you need to boot at some point. You can ask in public chat (i try to do this before the timer hits 0, like "1 min left" or some msg) but there is no requirement. In a public game w/ randoms, booting is fair game.

Personally, I have started to set all my autoboot = to boot time.
Booting people from games, policy?: 1/17/2019 17:27:12

Level 61
The lower the boot rate the longer I wait for someone. If there bootrate is over 40% I boot right away
Booting people from games, policy?: 1/17/2019 23:56:00

Gus squared
Level 61
Like everyone else in this thread, I think booting is bad. Especially in team games.

In a team game, say 3v3, there are 6 players in the game. If you boot a player, you have basically ended the game as it is very hard for a team to win after having a player booted.

So by booting a single player, you generally end the game for 5 players, not just the booted player. Now maybe you have to go pee -- does that justify you ruining the game for the other 5 players?

If someone is over their boot clock, I prefer that there is a discussion in public chat before booting the player. Often with the people I play regularly, we sit around 5 to 10 min past the boot clock before booting. Indeed it is best when a player's teammates do the booting.

Having said that, in FFA, I think booting goes with the territory. I prefer to not boot in FFA, but it happens regularly.

Edited 1/17/2019 23:57:21
Booting people from games, policy?: 1/18/2019 00:20:23

The Joey
Level 59
Opinions will vary.

Morally I think it depends on on context. There are times when its okay to boot, and there are times when it isn't.

But as a matter of fact the boot timer is one of the restrictions in the game. Players choose to play in games with set boot and bank times. By the rules of the game, exceeding these confines is a loss condition. If they can't play within those confines and they lose, it is strictly their fault. No different than if the time runs out in speed chess, basketball, or pictionary.
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