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Clan: Apprentice

Number of members: 23
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9sFd3Ennhs
Tagline: What are you waiting for?
Created: 4/15/2016

Bio: Apprentice is an awesome place to play WZ and we benefit from being the father clan to Masters, so we always have a great source of new players wanting to join our ranks. If you don’t think you’re good enough for us, please apply to Masters.

If you are willing to learn and have a good understanding of WarLight, please set up a game or talk to {{NeRo}} but if you have to then talk to Min34/-B/sloppyfatginger.

We communicate over Discord and leave alt's to other people so yeah, those are the rules.


Clan Member Title
sloppyfatginger I feel the need
{{NeRo}} YNWA
Ender Adds no value
Meldarion You can b my wingman
MaikMcJuggle Magic Juggles
Min34 18 days
Koopa Troopa Silky Smooth
PhucilliJerry Juicy Phil
Master Moto - モトキ Big Tomato
Legend of the Phoenix Caw Caw
Cowboy Reverse Cowgirl
mslasm BeadyEyesFlappyHead
Midazolam Scrooge
-B @-,-'--
mtt has no CAPS LOCK
Marcus Aurelius Caesar
Seggel Derek on speed
surdiac Moules frites
ShuHWang Shh U Wang
Chotta Bheem Gulab Jamun
DuDie72 27 DD
Cowbody Wannabe Gay
Master The need for speed