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Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 19:49:27

Level 64

Spreadsheet to keep track: https://goo.gl/qZkBVa
Auction: https://goo.gl/DoLmy4
SIGN UP DEADLINE: https://goo.gl/GDz9b2

tl;dr - Sign up on this thread as a player. You will play 10 games over the course of a season.

If you're signing up as a manager, read everything below so you understand how this works. If anyone has played Football Manager or fantasy football, this concept should be familiar.


  • 6 managers will form their clubs from a pool of players that will sign up here.
  • By signing up, you agree to play for any team that drafts you. All you need to do is state in this thread that you are interested in joining. Entry is based on how reliable we think you will be.
  • Indicate your strengths and anything else that you think will make you get picked. A player will not play more than 10 games in this league(over the course of a season).


  • No alts.
  • All games will be 3 day boot time. 2 Vacations permitted(max of 20 days).
  • No re-creation of games due to boots. Reliability is something managers should consider when bidding for players.
  • If a player cheats/stalls, they are banned for one season. All of the player's points in the current season are halved as well.
  • Managers must play for their teams as well(1 or 2 tournaments). Their price will be determined by the league(see Auction section for more details). There will be a transfer window at the start of each season where a manager can sign free agents or trade with other managers(includes start of season 2). Once the transfer window closes, every club will have one week to submit a roster for the different game formats.


  • Every club must have a minimum of 8 players(7 players + 1 manager).
  • There are a total of (1x6 + 2x1 + 3x1) = 11 slots per club. Every club can field only 3 players in 2 slots(10 games each). The other 5 players must play a minimum of 1 slot.
  • If a club runs out of money, it must trade players to ensure it has enough money to cover player salaries for the upcoming season.


  • What is the league format?
    The league will comprise of six 1v1s, one 2v2 and one 3v3 Round Robin tournaments.
    Each 1v1 will be worth 3 points, each 2v2 4 points and each 3v3 5 points. The club with the maximum total points at the end of the season wins the championship!!
  • Which templates will be played?
    Being primarily focused on the Manager aspect, templates will change every season, making it harder for the manager to pick players, or forcing them to look for good overall players instead of template specialists. See https://www.warzone.com/Forum/285429-manager-league-season-2?Offset=5 for templates used in Season 2.
  • How will managers be chosen?
    We are primarily looking for very active players who are on Warlight at least once a day. You don't necessarily need to be the best player. If there are more than 6 people interested, we'll see what to do. If you are interested, please post on this thread stating why you would make a good manager.

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Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 19:49:34

Level 64

  • The currency used in this league shall be Nohhams!
  • Every club will be given a fixed amount(400 Nohhams).
  • Every player has a starting worth(between 0-100 Nohhams). Once all the sign-ups occur, we will work with a few folks to estimate base price of all the players. If you think you are a good judge of players, send us a PM.
  • There will be an auction where all clubs can bid for the players starting from the min price. For more details see the section "Auction"


  • To ensure a stable economy, all clubs must pay the following salary to every player at the start of each season
    • 30% of their base price for players playing 2 tournaments.
    • 15% of their base price for players playing 1 tournaments.

    For ex - A has a base price of 100 Nohhams. A's salary is 30 Nohhams(if A plays 2 tourneys) or 15 Nohhams(if A plays 1 tourney). So if you buy A for 150 nohhams, you are essentially putting up 150+ 30(or 15) Nohhams in this season. In the next season, you only pay a salary of 30% of A's price (at the start of next season), since you own A's registration.)


  • Buying a player, only gives a club the rights to the player for 2 seasons. After this duration, the player is released back into the free agent pool and the club receives 100% of player's current price(at the end of the 2 seasons). Managers also have the option to re-sign a player(conditional to the player's consent) by paying a nominal re-signing fee(flat rate or % TBD). If the player refuses to re-sign, they will be released in the free agent pool and an auction will be held. The same manager could re-sign the player in the auction, but they might end up paying a higher price.
  • If a player is not performing up to the standards of the club, they may opt to release him into the pool earlier (i.e, at the end of season 2). In this case the club receives 90% of the player's current price(at the end of season 2)
  • For ex - A is worth 100 Nohhams, B is worth 100 Nohhams at the start of season 2.
    At the end of season 2, say A is worth 130 Nohhams, and B is worth 90 Nohhams. A fetches (90% of 130 = 117 Nohhams). B fetches (90% of 90 = 81 Nohhams)
    At the end of season 3, say A is worth 130 Nohhams, and B is worth 90 Nohhams. A fetches 130 Nohhams. B fetches 90 Nohhams
  • Two clubs may negotiate on the price of a player during any trade. The league must approve a transfer for it to go through. This is to ensure there is no foul play. Deals can with a pure money exchange or a player+money exchange. Trades are only possible within transfer windows.
  • Any player in the free agent pool who is not purchased by a club, will have his base price re-evaluated for the next window.
  • At the start of every transfer window, there will be an auction for every player in the free agent pool starting at his min price.


  • Every player will have a base price. They will also have a minimum price. No player can be bought for a value below this min amount.
  • All players will be divided into about 7 tiers. Tier 1 will have the best players
  • Groups will be created by randomly drawing a player out of each tier. Thus, each group will have a player from tier 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.
    For ex - If we have a total of 70 players (hypothetically), There will be 7 tiers, with roughly 10 players each. There will be 10 groups, each containing 7 players(one from each tier).
  • The auction will have as many rounds as (number of groups + 1). After the first three rounds, we will have a special round. In this 4th round, we will reveal the price of every manager and they will have to buy them self. They will pay half their price if they plan to play only one tourney. This gives them ample time to plan their budget in the subsequent rounds as they form their perfect team. Every round will be held over chat/mail(not RT)
  • In every round, we cover one group. All managers have to submit the following
    • The max number of players they want to sign from this group.
    • Their priority in which they want to sign players in that group. One may want to sign a tier 2 player ahead of a tier 1 player!
      For ex- Say a group has 8 players. A manager only wants at max 3 players. If they win the bid for their highest priority player, they get them. This continues until the manager wins bids for the max number of players specified. Any further winning bids of that manager are not considered.
    • A bid for each player in the group.
      Say if X and Y are managers who bid for player P.
      If X bids 60
      If Y bids 65
      Y will win this bid and the price for the player P will be 65 Nohhams.
  • The manager with the highest bid for a player wins that player as long as they have not exceeded their max player count in that group and this player is amongst his highest priority picks.
  • A manager can avoid bidding for a player altogether if they are not interested in the player.
  • After every round, the results are declared to every manager and the winning transactions(and club) are made public for all the players in that round. This way, after a round, every manager knows what their finances are, and if they should be more aggressive or passive in the next round(based on what they got in the previous round). For ex- after round 5, you have missed out on all the Tier 1 players so far, it is probably time for you to be super aggressive about pursuing the tier 1 player in the next round.
  • New players in the next season are distributed via a draft. Last team in the league gets 1st pick and has to pay market value for the player)

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Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 19:49:37

Level 64

  • A club gets income for every game it participates in, based on the following system:
    - 1v1 : Winner - 3 Nohhams, Loser - 0.5 Nohhams
    - 2v2 : Winner - 4 Nohhams, Loser - 1 Nohhams
    - 3v3 : Winner - 5 Nohhams, Loser - 1.5 Nohhams
  • The losing team only gets the income if ALL players on that team complete the game and avoid any boots. This aims to promote reliability in the league, and even losing teams can bring in some income for clubs!
  • Total winnings from games in season 1: (3x6 + 4x1 + 5x1) x 15 games per tourney (= 405 from wins) + (0.5x6+ 1x1 + 1.5x1) x 15 games per tourney( = 82.5 from losses) = 487.5 Nohhams.
  • Max winnings per club from wins in season 1: (3x6 + 4x1 + 5x1) x 5 games per tourney = 135 nohhams
  • One player can generate a max of 5 * 5 (for 5 3v3 wins) + 4 * 5(for 5 2v2 wins) = 45 Nohhams. So if you have a player worth 100 Nohhams on your roster, and you're paying them 30 Nohhams as salary, they better win 66% of the points on offer! Else, you are not making a good return on your investment. This system will obviously rate a team player slightly more than a 1v1 player.
  • Every club is also given a flat income at the end of each season( to cover operational costs for the upcoming season and bid for new players entering the league). This value will be decided at the end of the season.

Player Value

    Players' value will fluctuate at the end of every season based on their performances!
    The algorithm used to determine player prices at the end of each season is still being designed.

Edited 11/14/2017 05:25:39
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 19:49:40

Level 64
  • Platinum
  • Kenny • apex
  • krunx
  • Brénainn
  • #Master [QB]
  • Min34

Edited 11/16/2017 04:26:12
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 19:49:43

Level 64
  • Master of the Dead
  • Xenophon
  • {101st} Master Sarah♦
  • master of desaster
  • Njord
  • Buns157
  • [WG] Reza
  • Tito
  • Cowboy
  • Octane
  • Edge
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Kezzo
  • Blister
  • Master Jz
  • Star of the East
  • Cloud Strife
  • malakkan
  • Waddles
  • TianO
  • Fizzer
  • Cluster
  • Rufus Shinra
  • Master Moto - モトキ
  • awesomeusername
  • John John Johnson
  • Lew
  • Apollo
  • Facetroll
  • max™
  • Bonsai
  • Beren • apex
  • Quicksilver
  • SloppyFatFinger
  • ChrisCMU
  • Pardon99
  • Timinator • apex
  • hereIgo
  • rakleader
  • timon92
  • Soldier of Orange
  • MaikMcJuggle
  • Krzysztof
  • Hunta
  • Skapis9999
  • Gulius Jäsar
  • Batman
  • Dimitris_Wingo
  • MisterT
  • Master Turtle
  • FortKnoxville
  • Hasdrubal
  • Huizinga
  • Brénainn

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Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 19:49:46

Level 64
  • 3v3 - Biomes of America
  • 2v2 - Szeuropa
  • 1v1 - MA Battle Islands V
  • 1v1 - Guiroma
  • 1v1 - French Brawl
  • 1v1 - Strat ME WR
  • 1v1 - Master Mania
  • 1v1 - Unicorn Island

Edited 11/14/2017 05:28:53
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 19:49:49

Level 64
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 19:57:58

[WG] Reza
Level 60
Sign me up, sounds like fun!

Hopefully it lasts
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:02:20

Not Tito
Level 58
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:07:31

#Master [QB] 
Level 62
Motd forced me to join so I am in :(
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:13:02

Star of the East
Level 59
I will join.
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:14:16

Level 61
That's a ton of work you're putting in there MotD (and your helpers, if you have any).

How many games at once are the RRs?

Max winnings per club from wins in season 1: (3x4 + 4x1 + 5x1) x 5 games per tourney = 125 nohhams

Should be 105.
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:16:06

Master Cowboy 
Level 60

Edited 11/12/2017 05:52:52
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:21:04

Level 64
I'm in as player

Edited 11/12/2017 03:42:35
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:22:56

Level 64
How many games at once are the RRs?
2 at a time. We'll try to space out the tournament start dates(3-4 days each).

Should be 105.
Fixed. These numbers are still being discussed and may be subject to change.

Edited 11/11/2017 20:23:12
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:27:50

Level 63
Sounds good. Please sign me up as a player.
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:29:56

Level 61
in! :)
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:51:00

Level 57
if anyone needs a cheap player u can ask me
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 20:55:12

Kaster Moopa 
Level 61
Im in, player not manager, thanks motd, great idea! :-)
Manager League Season 2: 11/11/2017 21:37:27

Level 64
That sounds exciting. Would be happy to join as a player.
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