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Disruption of Clan League: 5/24/2017 17:14:44

Beren Erchamion 
Level 64
An issue recently came up in Division B, where 2 games were created between BIA and GG on Strat ME. We resolved that we would replay one tiebreaking game between them, which would be created by the CL bot, enabling the tournament to proceed as normal.

However, another game (https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=13518338) was created by an account masquerading as the Clan League bot (https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=1448743876), which is operated by Oh (https://www.warlight.net/Profile?p=9650427823).

This completely screwed up the automated scorekeeping of the Strat ME 1v1 tournament in Division B, since BIA and GG joined the false game, and didn't join the game created by the bot. We spent time manually updating the scoresheet with the new games, since the CLOT didn't recognize it and now we have been forced to disable that tournament and perform the rest of the scorekeeping of that tournament manually.

This has caused significant extra work to run of the event, which already takes up a lot of time for both us, but especially MotD. While we understand that in this case it was intended as a joke, the fact that it impacted the running of the event means we have to take it seriously. We have said in the rules that spamming and disruption of the event could result in a ban from the league following a warning.

We will consider this to be that warning, both to Oh and the Warlight community at large. The next time someone does something like this happens which disrupts the event, we will institute a ban on those responsible.
Disruption of Clan League: 5/24/2017 17:34:34

Level 61
uh-oh for Oh

Edited 5/24/2017 17:34:43
Disruption of Clan League: 5/24/2017 17:41:05

Level 58
Sooo... we all agree that this isn't funny at all?
Disruption of Clan League: 5/24/2017 17:49:04

Level 62
If we had known what drama this would cause we would have probably kept the loss since it won't matter for our final result most likely... Despite not being our fault i would like to apologize on behalf of GG to Beren and MotD for the extra work this has given them. We are grateful for all the work you put into this and did not want to make it any harder for you guys... Keep up the good work!
Disruption of Clan League: 5/24/2017 19:16:31

Level 61
Oh, my god
Disruption of Clan League: 5/26/2017 05:48:25

Level 60

Best troll of 2017 so far
Disruption of Clan League: 5/28/2017 02:46:36

Hazel Wizard
Level 56
silly oh
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